VMU ..I feel so toe headed

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by strictlytrading, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. strictlytrading

    strictlytrading New Member

    I feel so toe headed VMU... I swear this thing is making me feel like an idiot. Is it just me or has anyone else feel like you cant find anything in the ORACLE. I try to use the JUMP but it keeps telling me. It doesnt exist. Use Search it might as well tell me I am crazy

    Can one give me a bit of advice?? I would really appreciate it.

    I can find just about anything I want with any other search engines but.... Show me this Oracle and I obviosly can't find my big toe.
  2. kemepling

    kemepling New Member

    I can't find anything in oracle either! I just hate keeping the customer waiting on the line while I fumble around looking for what I need. My advise is, is while you are in a call, call a PAL and ask for what you need. In between shifts, log back in to your training area and access Oracle again. I have done this, and its helped quite a bit. Other than that, how are your calls going for you? thanks!
  3. strictlytrading

    strictlytrading New Member

    fortunately for the customer I havent completed training yet. But I am grateful to see i am not the only one (I didnt expect to be) that has the issue.

    I see there are many that have looked at this topic and havent said anything. We could all use a little reassurance. Most your nightmares and your fixes/finds. Might as well share [​IMG]
  4. inkindulgence

    inkindulgence New Member

    How far along are you in training? I remember when I first started my v*u training and it had me play a game to find things in the oracle, I didn't find anything and got so frustrated that it was not nearly as easy as the training made it look! But then as I got further and further in the training it helps you know where to go to find what you are looking for, not just the jump field. I began to get a lot more comfortable then. The training seemed kind of backwards to me, like they threw all of these acronyms and terms at me without even telling me what they meant until the last few lessons. But maybe thats their way of having us learn through frustration! (which can be a great teacher by the way). Good luck [​IMG]
  5. strictlytrading

    strictlytrading New Member

    I have been taking my time going thru it all. Your right! I do feel like they do some things backwards in the training. I suppose so you feel like you learn something when you come across the answer.
    1st make you feel like an idiot
    2nd see something you saw before
    3rd. oh duh. now I get it.

    I have 3 more lesson before the test area.

    Thanks for replying. Its nice to get others war stories (lol)
  6. school44

    school44 New Member

    It will get easier. I completed training about 2 weeks ago. I am just beginning my second week of work. I still have trouble finding things in Or*cle if I don't know exactly where I'm going, but the good news is that you use some parts so often, you just remember how to get there. The other thing I have figured out is that the jump feature is VERY case sensitive. The jump word must be exact to bring anything up. I generally just use the search and hunt through the list that comes up for the answer I need. But, I agree with kemepling, call a P*L if you are in a shift and then utilize the training materials to do searches and familiarize yourself during your downtime. They have been extremely helpful and patient any time I have called.

    You'll do great! The test is more just general knowledge anyway. The webinar is where you will practice using Or*acle and Sei*el. Then a PAL is there doing all of it and talking you through each step. So don't worry about the test it was 10-15 min. - tops. It'll be over before you know it and you'll be surprised how much you remember. Just take your time and use your notes if you need to.
  7. strictlytrading

    strictlytrading New Member

    WELL .. I did it. I passed. haha
    By accident I forwarded to the test page. You know where it says do not pass here until ready.. well.. I did. So I told myself, might as well go for it. I knew I had 2 tries so if I screwed it up I could be careful the next time.

    Not what I was expecting. I believe they make sure you really read and pay attention to the little stuff.

    Any how just wanted to let you know.. Thanks for reading..

  8. xnatene

    xnatene New Member

    that happened to me...and i failed... [​IMG]
    your right i still have one try...i just hope pass and continue working...
    i am afraid..
  9. xnatene

    xnatene New Member

    took test this morning and i passed [​IMG]

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