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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by Dorae, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. Dorae

    Dorae New Member

    Forms that I need to fill out before being hired won't open up. I get something saying the page is not available. Can someone tell me how to get the forms and how to send them back? Thank You. I've logged in and I've sent two e-mails to WAH.
  2. Ali

    Ali New Member

    I had this problem. All you can do is email them and hope they get back to you quickly. It took several weeks for me to get a reply.

    I'm still not officially an employee yet, but I have corresponded with West this week about my final paperwork.

    Just keep bugging them, eventually they will reply.
  3. ColoradoMom

    ColoradoMom New Member

    Hi Dorae,

    I had the same issue and somewhere in one of the forums someone said to open the forms with Internet Explorer vs Mozilla. When I tried that, all of the forms opened.
  4. joeboxer337

    joeboxer337 New Member

    You must use Internet Explorer 6.0...no mozilla!!!

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