Want More Sales? Stop Asking For Them!

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by Cenay, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. Cenay

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    Yes, I realize this flies in the face of what your upline has been drilling into your head for weeks (months/years), but it's true. It also has the additional benefit of increasing trust with your potential customers, reducing stress, and making direct sales more fun. Oh, and you get to keep your friends. Sweet!

    Let me explain.

    When you started in network marketing, you were probably told something along these lines... "It's not sales, you're just sharing the products" (Yeah, right). Or perhaps you were told... "It's like recommending a movie or restaurant" (Does the movie industry pay you to recommend their products? How about the local restaurant?) Or my personal favorite..."Everyone wants these products, they just don't know it yet!" (Again, yeah...right).

    So, you are all fired up about your new home based business... you bought business cards and read all the product literature. You spent the extra money because your upline told you it was a good idea, and you bought motivational tapes/CDs/DVDs. You are fired up and READY! You made your list, just like your upline said, and you have checked phone numbers for your 3rd grade teacher, the lawn-guy who did your yard 3 years ago and the mail man. You pick up the phone and make the first call. You decided to start easy so you called your best friend, invite them to lunch. Just after the drinks were served, you start in on this really great product. They listen with rapt attention. You are, afterall, someone they trust. All throughout lunch, you extol the virtues of this amazing (fill in the blank) product. Then comes the time to close them. You say "Oh, I love these products so much, I decided to sell them". You just started down the path of the NFL club (No Friends Left). You blew it, because you let them believe you were recommending a product just because you liked it. Now, every thing you said is suspect. You lied to them (by omission, but they will view it as a lie just the same).

    If you had been a little more transparent with them, told them up front, they still might not buy, but at least they won't avoid you. Let me give you a better idea.

    Don't ask for the sale, ask for a referral.

    You could try something like ... "I am now promoting XYZ Diet Pills, because I finally found something that works for me"... pause, give them a minute to absorb that. They might be secretly trying to think of a way to bail on you before lunch is served. Then hit them with your best shot... "Do you know anyone who might be interested in losing weight?" Pause again. Give their brains a chance to catch up. You didn't just ask them to buy something. They won't have to turn you down. They can exhale. And when they resume chewing the bread stick, they might actually try to think of someone who would be interested. And if they are, they will tell you so. No pressure.

    Best part? (Aside from the referral) You still have a friend. You didn't lie to them, you didn't pressure them and you gave them a way to help you (they are your friend after all) without committing to anything more strenuous than the name of someone they know who was venting to them just last week about how hard it is to lose weight.

    So, if you want more sales, stop asking for them. Ask for referrals instead. A referral also gives you more leverage when you are speaking with that prospect on the phone. "Hey Jill, Jane here... I was talking to Deb yesterday, and she mentioned you wanted to lose some weight and recommended I call you. Have you lost the weight you wanted to, or are you still looking for a solution?"

    It's a powerful concept. Give it try.
  2. gojade

    gojade New Member

    Amen! Who do you get your coaching from??? It sounds like something I've learned too[​IMG]
  3. Cenay

    Cenay New Member

    Gosh, I read and listen to a LOT of info, daily. Perhaps Kim Klaver? I just know she was speaking to my soul.
  4. gojade

    gojade New Member

    Ooooh, Kim Klaver is awesome! My coach just sent me a new book by her and I'm really enjoying it!
    I also listen to alot of Jim Rohn and Tom Schrieder...priceless info!!
  5. Cenay

    Cenay New Member

    Which book by Kim?

    I just got "If My Product Is So Great, Why Can't I Sell It?" and "The Truth...what it really takes to make it in network marketing", and "Rules for the New New MLM'er".

    All three are great!
  6. Cenay

    Cenay New Member

    BTW - you can get an emailed RSS feed of my blog posts at MLM: Behind The Curtain [Link removed - admin]..if you are interested...
  7. gojade

    gojade New Member

    It's called "Friends, Lies, and Network Marketing". He sent it to me on the computer, and I'm not sure if you can get it in hard copy or not[​IMG]

    I really like it though...she gives great ideas on how to network without losing your friends[​IMG]
  8. campers

    campers New Member

    Thanks for the link to that book Cenay, I will definately be trying that approach and looking up some more of Kim Klaver material.

    Another approach to use is to ask a friend if they can do you a favour and try out the products for a new business you're starting. Ask them to give you their honest opinion on the products and the business idea. This gives you an opportunity to tell them what it about and what makes the products unique without coming across as selling. The referral approach would work in conjunction with this too.

  9. mikepressnell

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    Quoting: gojade
    It's called "Friends, Lies, and Network Marketing". He sent it to me on the computer, and I'm not sure if you can get it in hard copy or not

    Hey, thanks for the infromation. I just now downloaded the book but I haven't had time to read it yet.

    The first post of this topic was awesome.

    May I add that if you can get hooked up with a good sponsor, mentor, trainer, etc. instead of just a recruiter, your chances of success skyrocket.

    Mike Pressnell
  10. Cenay

    Cenay New Member

    Thank you Mike
  11. Cenay

    Cenay New Member

    Okay, for those who are interested enough in the eBook by Kim, go to ChangeThis and then search for Kim Klaver or the title. It's an awesome read and was what inspired me to write the article in the first post.

    Hope I didn't upset the board, I guess I accidentally posted a link. Whoops.

  12. mikepressnell

    mikepressnell New Member

    No Proble, Cenay,

    I've been known to make mistakes, too.

  13. kcl222

    kcl222 New Member

    I definitely avoid selling to friends and family. There are hundreds of millions of other customers out there, so I focus on them.
    I love this mode of selling! Getting and using referrals is an elegant efficient away of getting lots of sales.
  14. PMHayes

    PMHayes New Member

    Cenay, that is a true word of wisdom. My old mentor told me once, "people love to buy, but no one likes to be sold." This rings true in what you posted. You not only kept a friend, you gave them the chance to "buy," and not be sold. If you were presenting an opportunity you might ask "do you know anyone who might be looking for a way to make some extra money?" Same thing, gets them off the defensive, and gives them the opportuntiy to "Buy." So, now you have your friend, associate, whatever thinking to themselves, "hey, i might like to try xyz product, or xyx business.
  15. Zurvita

    Zurvita New Member


    I really like the transition from a hard sell and pressuring someone to putting the ball in their court by asking for a referral. It really is a great way to go about it, if you want to market in this style. I prefer different marketing methods myself, but for those who want to utilize their warm market, more power to them. And if they are going to go with the warm market, why not do it in a fair manner as you described in your post. I am proud to be a network marketer because it all takes courage in my book!

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