Want to Build a Successful Home Business? Think Long-term!

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  1. A8ch

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    We live in a world where advances in technology have made great strides in helping the population to bridge the gap between time and space. Things like instant credit, instant access and instant gratification have become the norm.

    This makes it more convenient for you to navigate various important aspects of your life. But when you attach the same expectations to other aspirations, it can set you up for disappointment and failure.

    For example:

    You want to start a home/online business. Depending on the niche, you could get started
    for as little as a few hundred dollars. Securing a domain name and setting up a website
    with credit card processing capability is a breeze these days. If you go the affiliate route,
    your start-up costs are even less, and you don't have the expense of stocking inventory.
    All you have to do is concentrate on promoting the offer. Simple, fast and convenient.

    Here's the problem:

    Because it's so easy to start from scratch and establish a web presence, there may be
    the tendency to jump the gun, take shortcuts, and not pay as close attention to laying
    the proper foundation for your business, to ensure its growth and longevity. So when
    you run into unexpected road blocks down the road, you have no contingency plan
    in place to deal with them.

    Failure to prepare is to prepare for failure.

    The digital tools available today are simply to assist you in executing strategy and managing your business operations more efficiently. They are not substitutes for good, old-fashioned, sensible planning.

    Otherwise, it'll be as if you were going on a trip without a destination in mind or a map to guide your way. Your business would be like a disabled ship that is tossed about on the high seas, at the total mercy of the winds and currents.

    A long-term strategy and business plan would be the equivalent of having a compass and sails for your ship. You'll be able to adjust your sails to take advantage of the winds and currents, and follow the direction you have plotted on the compass to reach your destination.

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  2. Vishal P. Rao

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    Well said Hermas. But I guess when things are so easily and instantly available in the present generation, it's pretty easy to expect the same from your business.
  3. PeterMFL

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    I totally agree! People jump into a Business with a mind-set that their going to be making thousands of dollars a week by doing nothing.... They have plan and don't even know where to start so they aimlessly go around asking their friends to join them without any preparation with introducing their Business or anything...

    So for the newbies. Plan! Learn! Prepare! Succeed! ;)
  4. Anders J

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    Having only one business to build and it is your very own is the best thing to do.

    Personally I have had mine for more than a year online and it will continue to grow all the time. The more you put in the the more you put out and the business can expand and produce income for years to come. If you do the job correctly it will work for you 24/7 365 days a year all on auto pilot though you do have to maintain it. The biggest benefit is the freedom that comes with it. Be carefull of what business model you choose as the ones that take more time pays the best.
  5. elizabeta

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    yes i agrie.only one business is the best choice.in past i had too many.so i earn nothing and lose a lot.but now i had only one long term business.
    and that is financial freedom .

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