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Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by sophie, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. sophie

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    I want to start working from home and have some queries!! I would like to know what working from home is like for you? Would love to know what the daily routine is like, adjusting to a lifestyle with maybe less social interaction with undisciplined working days? Would be great to know examples for when I get started!


  2. mountainmom5

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    That is why I am addicted the forum here, I think is, for the social aspect. lol

    For the person that loves working with the computer and loves learning and researching new things it is fairly easy to adjust although it is really good to have set hours where you 'work' the at home stuff.

    For me, if I am not careful, I can spend a few hours in a flying hurry - just browsing the net, snooping around on here, facebooking etc, and before I know it, my precious few hours are up and I have not done what I planned to do at all... for me, what makes me money is adding a post to my blogs, writing articles, and things like that - and yes, it is work... or for me it is... [​IMG]
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    For me affiliate marketing would be the best.i am doing it now. and I've made my first sale last night. I'm so happy with that. Now I want to work 2 times harder than before. [​IMG]
  4. cherie27

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    For me, i have a full time job, i only do my home business after work.

    You will need to be disciplined for a few hours a day to do.
  5. happywife

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    Hi Sophie,

    Welcome to the group! [​IMG]

    What you do on a day to day basis will depend a lot on where you are in the process of 'working at home.' In the early days, you spend time researching the different options available to determine what type of online work you'd like to do.

    Once you have that narrowed down and choose your 'path' you then have to stay focused and stay on target. As MM5 mentioned, it is very easy to get distracted and then spend time that isn't going to be profitable for your business. There are a lot of 'time wasters.'

    When I decided to build my first niche website business and earn money through affiliate marketing, I pretty much tuned out just about everything else online for about 6 months. I just followed SBI's Action Guide step by step.

    Once I got the basics done (brainstorming, choosing a niche, making a keyword list, and setting up my site structure plan), I would just get started each day writing a few pages around particular keywords/phrases.

    I tried to add a couple of pages to my chocolate-candy-mall.com site every day. That was my main goal for the day.

    As you progress there are other little tasks you need to start doing regularly too.

    These days, my daily routine is a little different, but not too much, I suppose. [​IMG] I check my email, respond to anything pressing, process any orders I need to, answer questions submitted to my sites, and yes - add a page or two to one of my sites. I TRY to wait until I've done that before I pop into the forums, but I'm not always that good. [​IMG]

    What's really nice is that once you have yourself established online, you can "not work" and everything still keeps running like clockwork for you so your schedule is very flexible. I love that.

    Well, that's a little glimpse into my day to day experiences. Hope it helps you as you get started.


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