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Discussion in '1StepSystem' started by weblogged, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. weblogged

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    I have read all of the early posts and that's when this business appeared promising. I am sure some people have and are making money, however, there is something to watch out for.
    I joined under someone who totally took over and had me sign up on various programs to promote and conduct business even though the 1step site already provides that. Even though the site advertises a 30 day money back guarantee, the sponsor refused to pay back the $500 commission even after 1step refunded the $97. I decided this wasn't for me due to the high cost of advertising and now I cannot get my money back. I am sick to think I was so stupid. All I can say is buyer beware. Good luck to those of you who are honest and ethical, but unfortunately it is easy to get hooked up with somone who is trying to scam people on the net.
  2. clendon

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    Sorry to hear about your problems with 1StepSystem. I personally have found the program to handled above the table so to speak.

    However, before joining any program on the Internet you should do your due dilligence. Understand all you can before taking the plunge. For example, look at the web site signature at the bottom of the postings on this site. Click on them to see what is being promoted. If it is a 1Step splash page with no name or contact - that should be a clue. If they are promoting anything other than 1StepSystem it should be buyer beware. What kind of support would you expect from someone who is not even promoting the program.

    If I am asked where I am advertising I will tell - but I won't push. If it happens to be a program that I am affiliated with - then I will say so.

    Again, I am sorry about your negative experience. I have some issues with the program but otherwise find it to be an excellent program.

    The Piedmont Group
  3. abfav

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    how exactly does one do real due diligence using the web? Any web search has lots of negative posts from people and of course every company has testimonials from "J. Smith of Ft. Worth, TX", along with press releases which are not legitimate reviews. Are there any objective reviews of the 1 step system? Thanks
  4. clendon

    clendon New Member


    It is difficult to do as there is a lot of mis-information out there. This is what I try to do.

    First - is there a product. And I mean a real product, not some phony ebook or such. Most of the MLM's that claim they have a product is just an attempt to make it sound legitimate. The Fed's will shut them down pretty fast. For 1Step the product is excellent, not great, but a worthy product.

    Second - What is the compensation plan. If your income is based on someone in a downline situation - move on. You want to get paid when you produce, not when someone else does. In a downline, you spend all your time trying to keep your matrix filled. The 1StepSystem they use the 2up system which doesn't rely on a matrix of any kind. I would venture to say that many people in the 1Step program don't understand how a 2up compensation plan works.

    Third - ignore testimonials - many of the people I know who are running programs write their own. Testimonials are just fillers to make the site look more important. Having said that, I have to say the testimonials on 1Step are real as I personally know a couple of them - one is my sponsor.

    Fourth - press releases again are filler. If you want to check them out, go to the media site and search for the release. If it is non-existant - again, move on. The program is probably a scam.

    Fifth - DO NOT join any program in pre-launch. You want to see what the program is all about and how it performs - you certainly cannot do that in a pre-launch situation - it's a gimmick. With 1Step it doesn't make any difference whether you are first or number 3500. With the 2up compensation plan, when you sponsor someone, you get their first two sales - nothing more.

    Sixth - check out how long the program has been in business. You should give it at least six months of history. I think 1Step is approaching it's first anniversary.

    Always check the negatives in the forums but take them with a grain of salt. Many of those people who put down a program do it because they are promoting something else.

    Finally - Is the cost to get in comfortable with you. If the program goes under can you move on. I was once in an HYIP program where people were taking out 2nd mortgages to get in - naturally the program is history.

    I guess the final comment is, look at all aspects of the program and see if you can be comfortable with it. The cliche that If it sounds to good to be true it probably is.

    The Piedmont Group
  5. 1stepman

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    Weblogged, it's unfortunate that you are going through this. There are rotten apples in every bunch. According to the terms and conditions of the 1StepSystem:

    [Link removed - Admin]

    #21. All Qualified Associates (QA's) must honor and adhere to 1SS's 30-Day Corporate refund policy. We understand that our refund policy is generous and unique in our industry but it is critical for us as a company and marketing team to maintain integrity in the marketplace in order to secure longevity. Any QA that wishes to not refund a new Associate will be suspended until corporate receives notification of refund completed. It's a simple policy and we trust you'll understand our position.

    Weblogged, all you need to do is notify corporate, and they will help you to get your money back. They take this kind of behavior very seriously, as Rod and Chris, the founders, are extremely ethical.

    Allow me to introduce myself. My name is David Track. Those of you who are members of the 1StepSystem might recognize my name in the back office as the top earner for the company. I have held this position since a month after the company first began, in January of 2005. Believe me, I have definitely had to refund money before. This is just the cost of doing business. Although it hurts to do so after you've spent countless hours mentoring and coaching, it is the responsibility of the sponsor to refund the monies as promised if requested within the 30 day period, and also the right thing to do.

    A marketer's reputation is all they really have on the net, and negative word can spread quickly. If you want to make it big in internet marketing, you have to do the right thing. I truly believe that if you put out the good stuff, it will come back 10 fold!

    David Track
  6. clendon

    clendon New Member

    There should be very little reason for someone to request a refund if they know what they are getting up front. You go to the 1Step page and there is no discussion about the compensation plan; there is no discussion about the product; there is not any information telling people to click on the pile of money if they want to join. There is also a statement on the call that the company will spend up to $750 to get members for you if you can't do it on your own. That statement is not true and I consider it to be false advertising. They don't spend any money - they just mark you as a qualified associate.

    Most people will pass on a program if their only access to information is a telephone call.

    The member pages are in transition at this time and the site looks great. The 1Step admin needs to put the same level of professionalism into their home page.


    You are absolutely correct when you say you need Internet Marketing expertise to be successful in any program. To get someone to join a program you have to get them to your website - that's marketing!

    The Piedmont Group
  7. clendon

    clendon New Member

    After posting the above - I have noticed an update from admin which states that they are revamping their web site. It will have about 29 pages. Looking forward to the update.

    The Piedmont Group
  8. 1stepman

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    I was just speaking with Rod Stinson, and he informed me of some very exciting changes and additions to the backoffice that they'll be making in the coming weeks. After only 1 year and 2 months in business, the 1StepSystem is going through another growth phase, and I can feel the momentum!

    Those of you who are members of the 1StepSystem, are in at the right time and the right place. Stay tuned for some exciting things to come, and get ready for the ride!

    David Track
  9. Adadict

    Adadict New Member

    Before making any sales I took a break from the I Step System around a year ago and have recently reactivated to find they now offer a 30 day guarantee which states that if the sponsor cannot or will not find any sign ups for their contact after 30 days 1 Step will guarantee to get them qualified. My question is this: Why should anyone spend money advertising trying to get qualified even if assisted by their sponsor if all they need to do is wait until 30 days are up then claim they could not recruit anyone or had no help and request 1 Step qualifies them. Incidentally the sale and future viral sales then very conveniently go to 1 Step. It seems perhaps not satisfied with the money they are making from the monthly affiliations 1 Step have now found a way to make even more.
  10. clendon

    clendon New Member


    One correction to your comments - !step does not receive any sales money when they qualify someone - they just change their account to a Qualified Associate. There are no sales.

    I have been critical of the guarantee in the past but appear to be in the minority. I just think it is too lenient - it doesn't require the member to do anything. If a member is struggling I think the guarantee should be no more than one sale - the member should at least be able to produce one on their own.

    The other problem is that any time during this 30 day period, the member can request a refund. So you advertise for them and they either take the guarantee or the refund.

    I take it as part of the business however. I still work with my team and advertise for them to get them in profit as soon as possible. You never know when a slow starter may catch on fire.

    The Piedmont Group
  11. 1stepman

    1stepman New Member

    Adadict & clendon,

    I just wanted to clarify a few things...
    When the 1StepSystem first launched on January 14th 2006, they were in a "Pre-Launch" mode. During this pre-launch period, anyone who joined, instantly became a qualified associate (QA). Prelaunch ended March 19th 2006, and they officially launched March 20th.

    When the 1Step launched, they became a 2UP system. By this time, I already had about 200 people under me, but was not going to earn anything on anyone they brought in. And, the 30 day money back guarantee was effective from day 1... and people took advantage of that... waiting until the very last day to cancel, after I had spent countless hours helping them to succeed with one-on-one phone calls, my forum, weekly training calls, etc...

    And once it went to a 2UP, the cancellations increased... since the majority of people couldn't duplicate what I was doing... even with training. That's why I developed my sales center. This way, I can drive the traffic for everyone, as well as teach you how, and then have a sales team follow-up on your prospects. I can mentor everyone, rather then just my downline.

    Many of the leaders of 1Step were concerned about the 30 day money back policy, and we shared our concerns with Rod. At one time, Rod took a vote with all the members, to find out whether or not the system should remain a 2UP, or go to a 1UP. I wouldn't be surprised if that changes soon.

    As for the change to "30 days and you're qualified", I at first shared your concerns, but I no longer do... and I'll tell you why. If somebody joins and they're hungry... I mean they are ready to light the world on fire and make some quick money, they don't want to sit around for 30 days twiddling their thumbs. They might try and hold onto a couple of guaranteed sales (people they knew and already had lined up) who are good marketers at bay, but they will still try to generate business asap. In fact, many WILL bring in their qualifying sales, ready to go. Then there are those who never succeed in anything, because they never follow-thru with the basics... 30 days or not. I can see this by the numbers of those who bring in the sales now, verses prior to the 30 day QA Guarantee.

    However, what it has done is lessened the attrition. If someone is struggling and wants a refund within their 30 days, you now have a card in your back pocket... reminding them that if they can't get any sales within 30 days, they will automatically become qualified. There are also those who feel confident with that safety net that if they can't bring in 2 sales within 30 days, they'll be qualified anyway. Either way, I believe that if you are going to offer a 30 day money back guarantee, then this is the best way to keep those who would typically be cancelling, from doing so.

    David Track
  12. 27am_dot_com

    27am_dot_com New Member

    >> the sponsor refused to pay back the
    >> $500 commission even after 1step refunded
    >> the $97. I decided this wasn't for me due
    >> to the high cost of advertising and now I
    >> cannot get my money back. I am sick to
    >> think I was so stupid.

    Wow! That has nothing to do with 1 Step System though. They refunded their payment promptly. The affiliate is apparently a very sleazy character (or didn't receive your request).

    You can contact 1SS to have them push this affiliate or just file a complaint with the Better Business Buerau. Look into your options. You ARE entitled to a refund.

    >> hooked up with somone who is trying to scam people on the net.

    Unfortunately, that's all too true.

    >> I have some issues with the program but otherwise find it to be an excellent program.

    The issues expressed by the original poster have nothing to do with a "program" but instead a company. And it's the affiliate's company in particular (not 1 Step System).

    >> Are there any objective reviews of the 1 step system? Thanks

    Here is my look at it:

    [Link removed - Admin]

    Hope that helps.

    >> $750 to get members for you if
    >> you can't do it on your own. That
    >> statement is not true and I consider
    >> it to be false advertising. They
    >> don't spend any money - they just
    >> mark you as a qualified associate.

    They ensured (as this is not long relevant because they have moved away from the 2-up plan) that all associates could get qualified. Why would they "spend money" to do it? Of course they would just change the ranking... but the guarantee/the promise to the associate still certainly applies.
  13. 27am_dot_com

    27am_dot_com New Member

    >> I mean they are ready to light the world on fire and make some >> quick money, they don't want to sit around for 30 days

    I absolutely agree with David. I wasn't going to sit around and wait just so that I could save $100 in advertising (while losing several thousand in opportunity).

    I got in gear and created $4000 in 17 Days. Maybe I could have sat back, waited and therefore would have had $5000 ... but it would have been in 47 days (ie: took me 17 days to generate $4000 beyond my first 2 sales, if I had waited instead, then I would have received the commission for those first 2 sales but it would have been a FULL MONTH later).

    Besides, the majority who approach business with a "I'd rather save a couple of bucks even if it means missing out on a lot of opportunity" type mindset never really get anywhere. Those are the affiliates who never would have passed up 2 sales either way as they never would take any legitimate, productive, income generating action.

    That all being said, as of May 1st 2007... no such thing as the 2-up with 1 Step System. It's not just a high qualify info product with the ability to earn $500 per sale. And I like it that way.
  14. hect1771

    hect1771 New Member

    From what I understand about all these 1up or 2step programs is that the lure is to make hundreds and even thousands of dollars in a short period of time. Unfortunately most people successful in these programs have a sales background experience. It's a bit more challenging to move a product that's costly.
  15. netguy

    netguy New Member

    Most marketers left the 1stepsystem around May 2007
    and moved on to greener pastures.

  16. 27am_dot_com

    27am_dot_com New Member

    >> Most marketers left the 1stepsystem around May 2007
    >> and moved on to greener pastures.

    May 1st, 1SS became a regular straight commission affiliate program. It is NOT a 1 up or 2up...

    Did most "marketers" stop promoting 1SS? I don't know if the actual marketers did but certainly the vast majority of opportunists quickly jumped shipped when the 2-up model was closed down.

    Others (such as myself) see the value in their info product and the value in the affiliate program and still make thousands with 1SS (with it just being on autopilot).
  17. dreed

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    When I tried the 1step system I was completly new to marketing. Needless to say I quickly losy $500 and have not really had the desire to go fo rit again. I have since learned you do not need to spend a ton of money to make money. I am however happy for the people who are doing well with it.
  18. ReggieS

    ReggieS New Member

    I think a lot of times people just need a the system and the system in turn feeds whatever program you are in.

    I've heard of the program mentioned here and am not sure if they have a system in place that is duplicatable.

    Just my two cents.

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