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  2. nrf78

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    It's a scam, I wasted the money on it. Found out that his "report" contains more programs to buy. No refund either.
  3. ebay_addict

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    Thanks for the information. I was also wondering if it was a scam!
  4. shezz

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    I have purchased the waterhouse report, true it does give you links for other things to purchase which of course he has affiliates for. He does also give you step by step instructions on one of his business ventures though which is not bad.
  5. shezz

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    nrf the waterhouse report is a clickbank product so you should be able to get a refund on it
  6. boyd

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    You should avoid dealing with Neil Waterhouse, he cannot be trusted.

    1. He did not start ComputerLand Brookvale as he says.

    2. He did start Cam1 Computer Wholesale but had to sell it because he was going broke.

    3. He liquidated one of his businesses in an effort to avoid paying the Australian government hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes.

    He is basically a liar.....
  7. otiose

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    I bought this a year or two ago.

    Basically, you're paying for information.

    To call it a scam is a bit harsh. I never felt scammed.

    Check the following with him, to see if it still applies:

    He was offering personal tuition ( for a very reasonable cost, I thought) for however long it takes, to guide you through all the steps to set up a site and have it generate $x a month.

    And until it reaches that figure he stays with you with help and guidance.

    Did I do it with him? No.

    Why not? I was too busy with other things.

    Would I have otherwise done it? Yes, I would. It was a very cost-effective deal.

    But, as I said, you need to check with him to see if that personal-tuition offer is still available.

  8. LauraLicata

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    If nothing else he's got a powerful name. I taught one of the original Waterhouse's awhile ago!


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