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    In this Web 2.0 phase, the most Enjoyable way to make money is thorught web 2.0 blogging.

    yes, one can buy a site for $9 from www.namecheap.com (my favorite)

    and install wordpress and have the social bokkmarking buttons or atleast the www.sharethis.com button, then write whatever you know best and give away free content.

    slowly if your content is good, it will be viral and you will get more traffic and you can monetise it with contextual adverstising like Adsense or Kontera or even Widgetbucks..

    also you can promote quality affiliate products related to the topic you choose to write

    another cool way is :
    yes yes, importantly people focus too much on ebay.com
    but there are plenty of sites with solid traffic where you set up a virtual store and sell products from wholesalers,
    for me the best wholesale list providers are
    www.worldwidebrands.com ( cool )
    so one can make some solid income by dropshipping.
    thanks more later
  2. xeonkar007

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    these are the 2 cool ( best for me ) sites which provide real money making tips on the internet

    1. www.doshdosh.com

    2. www.income.com

    (no affiliate links : truth only )
    hope it helps...
    take care
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    Well as long as we're talking about making money, you might want to read one of my post's titled "Winning With Your Unique Opportunities." Oh and by the way, yes blogging can be a great way to create a multiple stream of income. But you have to do it the right way.

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