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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by dharnie, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. dharnie

    dharnie New Member

    wealth international does not come up in search here.

    Any one know about this 28 yr guy claiming to be millionaire from his online money making program?
  2. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    He doesn't say he made his smoney online. He very well could have inherited 1 million dollars. Its likely the information isn't new... but the packaging is okay...

    Its designed to appeal to people who like cocky confidence- this guy could very well be an actor...

    Anyhow, it appears to be an educational kit that is designed to upsell coaching services.
  3. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    I think this program may be a repackaging of Bruce Berman's "Aggressive Wealth" program... for a lot of reasons...

    -both seem to emphasize teaching ebay strategies

    -both use a walk-on pitchman and websites seem to have the same origin and designer.

    -both offer the cds and book with free coaching. With Berman's offer you can keep the CDs package and pay $100.

    I think Wealth International is the same program or perhaps a simplified version of it. The purpose of both is to sell coaching. Coaching is a valuable commodity... if the coach is inline with what YOU want to achieve.

    It seems to be a general pitch for coaching to make money on the internet, etc... The money is made off the coaching, really.

    I looked into Bruce Berman (who I think may be behind this, but cannot be sure) and here's a link to a google search with different views of his products and sevices.
    Click Here

    Expect to be upsold at every turn with Wealth International. Nothing wrong with that... nature of these things.
  4. blintas

    blintas New Member


    I have reviewed Bruce's material, and it is really nothing new. Everyone already knows about Affiliate programs using Google Ads, and that is basically what he tells you. ClickBank + GoogleAds = His Program (just like the other 100,000 programs out there).

    Don't waste your money on his material.

  5. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Great Point, Barry.

    Some folks have made some money by packaging informationa in an attractive way... and there is nothing wrong with that. The cost of adwords is rising and the environment on the net is changing daily.

    Its really important to understand that making your own BRAND is the best thing to do as an internet marketer. You can promote other products but its important to show people that YOU have integrity and values and that they should BUY from YOU.

    I feel, because I feel this way, that people are tired of the hype and pictures of boats and sports cars in the income op field. They want and crave something REAL. Be a real person, share your story. Make a video that says something about the kind of person you are.

    The tools are there for anybody too have success in an online business... but its vital to have a strategy and vision for how to present oneself and what one wishes to achieve.

    I love to teach and I promote training and personal development programs. I just dig this stuff. Find a product that you can make some good income with, use it and become a real believer, and market it in suchy a way that people say:

    "this guy or girl is somebody I want to do business with"

    It takes some though to establish a brand online, but its a flexible process. I blog extensively about my online marketing experiences and that is a big part of my brand...I tell it like it is... at least for me.
  6. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Wealth International was apparently featured in "Pulse on America" - a paid programming thing that runs on Discovery Channel. It seems that this progam has been marketed to TV impulse buyers.

    I encountered it in the context of a "review" site that makes comments on a lot of income opportunities out there and directs the viewer to the "absolute best" one... Wealth International.

    Am I the only person who is laughing at this thing?

    Anyway. "Pulse on America" was used to promote Prosperity AUtomated System before it was shut down in October. That whole PAS fiasco really hurt the whole industry... but PAS did demonstrate that having company employees follow up and close sales was a viable model. I am using this business model myself and I am liking it.
  7. sumbadra

    sumbadra New Member

    I received a package of material--some written, some on cds--which indicate that I'd incur a financial obligation if I kept them, since they were apparently the first part of a series. If I chose to send them back, I'd have to first call for "authorization." I never looked at the contents, and had not asked to be sent anything in this manner, so I simply wrote on the package "refused by patron--return to sender." Last month, Wealth International charged $3.50 to my credit card; this month, $3.95. I authorized neither of these charges, so I feel that this is an act of dishonesy on their part.
  8. WealthInt

    WealthInt New Member

    As someone who has worked with the owner of Wealth International, Daniel Wagner, and designed the packaging, I am glad you think the packaging is nice. Also, it is not the same information that is included with Bruce Berman, although we did use the same company to design the flash section of the site, which is why they are similar.

    Daniel D Wagner is sincere in his efforts to deliver a quality product. He is very transparent as is our company. We are located in Sandy Utah. We are doing our best to find the best mentors and teachers of internet marketing and real estate investiment available. If you have complaints or any suggestions, please forward them.

    Daniel also owns REII, Real Estate Investing Institute, which has been in business for over 5 years, and is a member in good standing of the Utah Better Business Bureau. Please contact me or anyone in our company to ask any questions or give any feedback about our products and services.

    As for refunding the shipping charges, go ahead and call customer service again. They will help you sort out any problems.

    Janel Floyd
    Graphic Designer
    Wealth International
  9. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Its interesting that this forum is on P. 1 of Google for Wealth Int.

    Its interesting that there seems to be little if any kind of branding of the company in the search engines.

    It is interesting that there seems to be little if any Branding fo Daniel Wagner in the search engines.

    It is interesting that it took over 6 months for a (contract) employee of the company to notice that the product was being discussed and comment about it.

    It is also interesting that Wealth International says they can teach how to make money online... but have totally neglected to do the kinds of activities that build legitimate brands online.

    This forum thread seems to be the only information about this company aside from their squeeze pages that is available on the net.

    Wagner doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere in the reii site.

    perhaps I am being too hard. As a diligent internet self-brander I a more than a little perplexed why some "big shot" like Wagner didn't do anything to brand his wealth international product in the search engines.
  10. Sparkydonald

    Sparkydonald New Member

    do you think that the sales cds are for real or scammers??
  11. vegasspagirl

    vegasspagirl New Member

    I just got this crap in my mail....thought I was getting a CD to show me the ins and outs of Google or eBay.....what I got is this package that, just as I thought when I saw it in my mailbox, is nothing but gobble-d-gook about upselling to get a coach/mentor....just like x-treme wealth/NRU...it's all connected to the Mormon church folks....Salt Lake and the state of Utah in general are the new Silicon Valley of the 21st century....clickbank...doubleclick...lots of warehouses full of stuff (they say) to help you bring in multiple streams of income from your home computer.....each and every time I have sat in on one of these seminars...they got my money (this makes twice now) and I got nothing but a bunch of audio CD's designed to entice you to SPEND MORE MONEY for a coach/mentor or something......the latest is NRU...it claims to make you super rich by helping you get into real estate with NO MONEY of your own...they set up these so called classes to teach you this stuff but nobody I know who has paid them $16K to get into this thing has ever got a house of their own or as an investment...the coaches never seem to have the answer of how to make the next step...I have a friend who's going through this right now w/them and she has yet to benefit from any of it...but they are benefitting plenty...it's' the new pyramid game of the 21st century...I am waiting for 20/20 or NBC to do an expose' on them..... so ok smart guy...I called to cancel and get an authorization # today when I got this junk and all I got was a recorded message that played over and over....I called my cc company and complained to them also....so have someone call me and give me an authorization # to send this stuff back. Keep the $1.95, I don't care but if they charge me again....it's war...!!!
  12. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    An employee of Wealth International called me and we spoke about
    business for about an hour.

    She was very nice and I think that the people who run this company
    have a track record with REAL Estate Investing.

    If you want to buy a product on that subject from them, it might
    be good.

    Its not a Scam
  13. markd

    markd New Member

    I have the same complaint as vegasspagirl. I ordered a free CD and now I have a bill for $129.00 that will be charged on my credit card automatically if I don't call and cancel. Well like vegasspagirl I called to cancel and all you get is a recording that drones on and on. I went to there web site for an email address. No address, just the same phone number to listen to the same recording. The only way to keep them from stealing my money is to cancel my credit card before they charge it.
  14. eagle33

    eagle33 New Member

    [​IMG] well, i have been charged $129.95 then one day later 9.95 for this material...it was way too much to get thru for me- 12 cd's to listen too, so i returned it w/in the 30 day time period..

    so far, no response from the company.. i did get an operator at 18007242794 who gave me an "RI #" to return w/the package..i paid $10 for signature confirmation receipt to them @

    Real Success Institute
    185 So. Mountain Way Drive
    Orem, Utah 84058

    (this confirmation receipt took about 9 days from New York State i might add!)

    i will keep trying to speak w/them for my refund, and if all else fails, anyone in the good old USA should contact their state's Attorney General's office and complete a consumer complaint...

    good luck to all !!
    (seems like another scam to me)...my last one..
    also, i cant get back in touch w/them, but i will be persistent...
  15. gabs24

    gabs24 New Member

    [​IMG] Hello, everyone. I just registered. I came to this site looking for the Wealth International website. I too have had some bad luck with this company. I sent for the package, thinking it was an actual job opportunity, all I got was a box full of CDs that I couldn't even load onto my computer. I was not interested at all in a wealth package. So I called to cancel, got an return authorization number, and asked specifically if my account was going to be cancelled as soon as they received the returned package. They said my account had already been cancelled per my request. I asked again specifically if I was going to be charged again. The customer service rep said no, just put it in the mail. She did not give me a time limit as to when I needed to mail the package back. I kept forgetting to mail it for a couple of weeks, thinking that wouldn't be a problem. A week after I mailed it, I get a charge for $129.99 to my debit card. Now my house payment that I recently mailed is going to bounce. I tried to call to resolve this issue, and customer service will not answer my call. I swear I have been listening to the phone ring for at least 25 minutes. I have no idea how to get my money back.
  16. DLEE

    DLEE New Member

    I also have been hit with a transaction to my debit card for $129.99 this past Saturday morning. The scam started with an agreed upon transaction of $1.95 to my debit card about a month earlier, without any knowledge of this larger amount to follow. Saturday morning I went to my bank and had that debit card cancelled. My wife and I both have listened to the lengthy recording at 18007242794, in attempting to get this resolved but we never get thru to a person for a discussion. We have no interest in installing any of the numerous CD's they sent and the documentation that came with the cd's indicates we are to call and obtain a registration # before shipping the cd's back for a refund. I can only suggest to others: DON'T FALL INTO THE SAME TRAP, STARTING WITH SPENDING $1.95.

    Frustrated in San Antonio,

  17. tromriel

    tromriel New Member

    I ordered this crap as well on a banner ad that indicated that it was all free. At no time did it ask me for banking information or debit card information. I received the stuff and really hadn't had a chance to look at it due to family stuff. Later I was looking at my online banking account and noticed a charge for $129.99 from a Wealth International. I had no idea what this was and called my bank. I called the number listed for Wealth International and they wouldn't give me any straight answers at all about how they got into my bank account. They just stated that as soon as I returned the items that I would get my money back. I did that the next day. I then called my bank again and started a fraud investigation. 2 days later Wealth International charged me another $29.95!! I was furious!! I called them again and threatened a lawsuit. My bank faxed the fraud investigation form to Wealth International and 3 days later I was called and told that I would be getting my money refunded. Another 3 days later my online bank statement showed that this money was put back in my account.

    By the way I did some investigation on this company and it has nothing to do with the Mormon church. This was started by individuals.

    I've warned many people about staying away from this company.
  18. nozip

    nozip New Member

    I had just checked my bank stmt, today and found a charge for 129.99 from that Wealth International. I called my bank (they are open 7 days a week) and told them about this charge. They gave me the same number 800-994-4594. I stayed on the line for 1 1/2 hr. got the same recording. Started checking the web and came across this board. Wow, I was shocked at what is going on. I have never even signed up for any $1.95 package for anything. I have no idea how they got my bank card numbers or anything. The bank said that maybe because it is still pending they might not put it through, but after reading the post here, it confirms to me that it is a scam. Has anyone got their mony back or got through to anyone?
  19. myarbrough

    myarbrough New Member

    I'm also having trouble getting wealth int. to refund my money. I've been charged the 129.99 twice as well as the 29.95. I have called a dozen times,and returned the package as instructed.It has been 3 weeks and they claim have not received it, and request the usps to track it, which they cannnot. I'v thought about cancelling my card but if they should refund it how would it get credited back?
  20. tbr

    tbr New Member

    I got caught is this flim flam. I, after numerous tries, was able to finally get ahold of someone to give me a return #. I was told that 3-5 business days my 129.95 + 29.95 would be put back into my checking account. After 10 days, (I required a signature on my return) I finally got someone on the phone to find out why the $$ had not been returned. NO ANSWER WHY. Just did I know that there was a $15 restocking fee? I did not know anything about it. But they could put the $$ back into my account immediately minus the $15. I refused and told them to put it ALL back after all, I had given them and extra 5 business days. They told me finally that all money had been returned. I have checked my account and nothing is showing as yet. If not tomorrow, I will seek legal action.

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