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  1. wealthymarketer

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    I have joined Wealthy Marketer, I just wanted to let everyone know this program rocks. I have never seen anything that has so many features as this. The Compensation plan is unreal. The chance to earn $900 per sale, plus two other pay levels, and I don't have to pass up sales.

    Has anyone else joined Wealthy Marketer? If so, I want to hear what you think about it.
  2. Nayla

    Nayla New Member


    Could you please let me know how much does the program cost?

    Thank you and congrats!

  3. TopMentor

    TopMentor New Member

    I couldn't agree with you more Kenneth.

    Wealthy Marketer is taking the internet by storm. I have a Passport to Wealth Top Earner as well as EDC Gold members joining my team!

    Great Success to you Kenneth with Wealthy Marketer!


    Brian McCoy
    McCoy Marketing Group
  4. BeAChampion

    BeAChampion Member

    Quoting: NaylaCould you please let me know how much does the program cost?
    Wealthy Marketer costs $1497 and it is rocking...

    Best compensation plan I've ever seen.

    Alex Hunter recently made some changes to the affiliate sales

    Brian, what do you think of the changes to the W.M. site?

    To the Top of it All!

    Tim McGaffin
    Laffin McGaffin Inc.
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  5. asebf

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    Brain, I am confused - How is the 5 day free test ride free when I have to do an up front $297 bucks?

    Did I get routed to the wrong page?

  6. asebf

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    12 Sep 2007 02:28 - Attached on merging:
    Wealthy Marketer questions

    I am trying to find ANY validation that anyone is have real success with this program - boy it appears all good - but appearance can be deceiving.

    Coming from the mortgage business I have seen how loan officers can may a file look fantastic - but it is done with whiteout and fraud. Just trying to be careful since I am very new at this.

    I need real proof - not hype - not pictures of PayPal account balances - which of course could have easily have been made by someone making deposits of 900 on several days in a row - to show "sales" - Where is the paypal accounts showing the 1 & 200 dollar deals etc.

    Is anyone in net marketing on the up and up? I know 90+% of the loan officers and lenders in the mortgage business are certainly questionable at best - Been working with all the crooks in that business for over 10 years.

    Just looking for someone straight to speak with and provide some evidence and not pure hype. I am seeing lots of people saying what they are "going" to do - where are those who are doing it?
  7. goldchamber

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    well I do not know of that program in general but it is very possible to make alot of money being an internet marketer. If it helps I am a person who is currently "doing it" and I am making a couple thousand a month from my campaigns using the wealthy affiliate program. I started in june and all the training, tools, and support you get from not just the creators of the site but all of the active members in the forum is great. It's hard to listen to the creator of a program you have never heard of tell you it's going to make you money when you have never even met the guy. But to be part of an active forum kinda like this one with people asking questions and others answering them accompanied buy success and failure stories is motivating. Alot or people say they are "going to" do this and "going to" do that only because many haven't found something that actually gives them the skills and resources needed to make things happen. I went through months of scams and crap only to do my research on the wealthy affiliate program and never look at anything again. Hopefully this helps in some way, if I hear about the program you are talking about I will let you know
  8. BeAChampion

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    Quoting: asebfI am trying to find ANY validation that anyone is have real success with this program


    I just had 2 sales in les than 4 hours with Wealthy Marketer and myself and Brian McCoy are hosting conference calls every Tues. Thurs. night for our team

    Just click on my Wealthy Marketer link in the signature below and
    you can go to my Contact page to get me e-mail and I'll tell you the times and the number for the conference call.

    Of course I'm going to say this, but I joined Wealthy Marketer because it is the best compensation plan I've ever seen.

    I truly believe that when you help people get what they want,
    you will get what you want.

    I make it the highest priority to make sure you are successful and this means one-on-one help.
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  9. BeAChampion

    BeAChampion Member

    Quoting: asebfBrain, I am confused - How is the 5 day free test ride free when I have to do an up front $297 bucks?


    The test drive just lets you take a look at the site and some of its features to get more of a feel.

  10. BeAChampion

    BeAChampion Member

    This week one of my team members made 5 personal sales in part to my training and since you get $200 everytime one of your team members makes a sale, that means I made $1000 for doing nothing!

    Now when my team members' members' makes sales I'll get an additional $100 everytime.

    That's the main reason why I chose to join Wealthy Marketer, because the compensation pays on 3 tiers deep.

    So you get $900 for every personal sale and then like I explained above, you get another $200 and $100 everytime your members on your 2nd and 3rd tiers make sales.

    That's whay I'm making sure all of my team members are properly trained so I can continue to get those bonus $200 and $100 payments every time.
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