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Discussion in 'ASD - Ad Surf Daily' started by hutch1c, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. hutch1c

    hutch1c New Member

    I went to "My Sites" and plugged in the website but it still says status: waiting. How do I confirm it?
  2. freebird658

    freebird658 Member

    I noticed they changed that a few days ago. I guess they want to approve the websites themselves before they put them into rotation. It does make it a little frustrating to have to wait for them to approve our sites, but at least it will keep out the rule breakers who tries to ruin everyones surfing experience. I've got a site that has been "waiting" for 2 days now to be approved.[​IMG] I sure hope they aren't using the same people who's running the support ticket system as the one's who approves the websites, or we may NEVER get approved![​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. hiseikon

    hiseikon New Member

    I have the same question . . .

    I did not have a problem confirming my websites before, but now I added a 5 new sites and I noticed the same problem.

    However, this morning I did notice that one of my sites was miraculously enabled and viewed 26 times. The other 4 sites are still 'waiting'.
  4. hiseikon

    hiseikon New Member

    Thank you Freebird . . .

    It does make sense for them to confirm the websites . . .
  5. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member

    ASD is confirming the websites manually now to ensure the sites are appropriate. It does take some waiting time but it ensures some quality assurance to the Ads on the rotator.
  6. freebird658

    freebird658 Member

    Looks like they need help approving websites now too! My site is STILL waiting..going on 5 days now. You would think that they would have the people in place to do the job needed BEFORE they make a change like this..not vice versa!
  7. paxkine

    paxkine New Member

    yep been 8 days here
  8. AdCashSurfer

    AdCashSurfer New Member

    paxkine: yep been 8 days here

    Me too! (and it is NOT a turn water into gasoline site, FYI) [​IMG]

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