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Discussion in 'Web Design and Hosting' started by nk430, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. nk430

    nk430 New Member

    I have been far and wide across the internet in search for Website Templates. I've purchased site subscriptions and received thousands of templates.

    Here's a tip. If you want to design a website, but don't want to spend any money for a website template just do a google search for "free website templates". The search results have thousands of free templates, that with just a bit of customization; will make your site look beautiful.

    When it comes to buying a professional template, make sure that the design that you are going to purchase can be easily customized and that you have the necessary programs to edit the template. Most high quality templates come in .psd format which requires photoshop, a fairly expensive program with millions of features.

  2. gary99

    gary99 New Member

    Definitely. Free is good to start with. My website came from a free template. Google is your friend.
  3. who67

    who67 New Member

    Great advice.

    I use templates all the time in my web building.
  4. lax

    lax New Member

    I agree with you all, free templates are a great way to start building your website. You need to be careful about using the pre installed graphics though, they can be recognized by people of they are too common.

    So my advice would be to always create your own graphics if you are going to use any.

    Thats all...

  5. netjobs

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  6. LifeofEgypt

    LifeofEgypt New Member

    Wow, this was right on time. Website design is a weakness of mine and i really needed the tips.

    I have this website that i made a few years ago(Life of using Frontpage and it now ranks in the top 10 for certain keyphrases(creating affiliate wealth). It is UGLY AS HELL. I am considering doing a overhaul.
  7. cyberchick

    cyberchick New Member

    I too do a google search when I look for templates. But my very first website I built I did on with one of their templates. It still need adjusting to be better converting, but I'm really happy with my effort anyway. It was fun to do and got my appetite raised for more. [​IMG]
  8. gregriv69

    gregriv69 New Member

  9. cyberchick

    cyberchick New Member

    Even though you can get free templates which is great you mustn't forget that you still need to pay for hosting and upload by FTP. So my advice is to get a domain name with for $9/year and then use their free templates to build a site. You get a free 5 page website included with every domain you buy.
    The only draw back is that those sites do have some ads at the top.
    If you don't like that idea, you can upgrade and pay around $50/year to have a ad free website. So around $60/year all up ain't bad in my eyes and the templates are pretty neat as well.
  10. egweimai

    egweimai New Member

    free is good, but i would recoment editing it so it doesnt seem that you are just another person using that template. Edit and customise it so you stand out a bit!
  11. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    I don't much like templates... because it makes branding very difficult. AN ugly page which screams UNIQUE is what I like and in fact sudies have shown that some ugly sites outperform beautiful ones.

    Templates are a stepping stone and as soon as possible I would recommend that your Branded site (ie. the one people come to because they LIKE YOU!) have a unique look.

    For adsense templates are okay. I have branded my site so it burns into people's eyeballs. Its not very forgettable... and thats exactly what I want. hard to do with a generic template.

    I'm a network marketer, so thats why branding is so important to me.
  12. icesar

    icesar New Member

    Zero Dollar Marketer, you're not joking around - your page is hideous! [​IMG] Looks like it's working though, so whatever floats your boat.

    Seriously though, that's a great point. Coming from a design perspective, I always look for pretty first, but pretty can be more forgettable than ugly.
  13. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Hideous isn't really my objective... but Purple Cow is. I may have it looking like a cereal box at some point. We shall see.
  14. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    Quoting: malibumentorAN ugly page which screams UNIQUE is what I like and in fact sudies have shown that some ugly sites outperform beautiful ones.


    The say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Your site intentionally breaks many of the generally accepted rules of esthetic Web design, and that is the first thing that distinguishes you.

    I compare that to what I would call "The Rich Jerk Technique" where you take the opposite approach to what is commonly accepted as normal and make it work for you. It's a great strategy.

    But I suspect that the real reason your site may outperform some of the more attractive ones, is that the copywriting is actually quite compelling, and it doesn't contain the level of hype we usually associate with marketing sites.

    So you are really a "sheep in wolf's clothing" rather than the other way around.

    Good for you!

  15. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    hey, I'm flattered. I work hard at copywriting so its good to receive some validation. If there is any part that doesn't ring true or seems weird I would always appreciate feedback.

    I find the best feedback is always from marketers who are "down-in-the-trenches" themselves. Internet marketing is, IMO, something that is very different than what it appears to be on the surface... which leads to a generally "shallow" approach, when in fact a deeper, richer approach can create a magnetic effect and a legitimate BRAND.
  16. cgracia

    cgracia New Member

    I have found that for my drupal site, is the best place to find free web templates. Hope that helps!
  17. moneymakerblogs

    moneymakerblogs New Member

    Templates are a good starting point. If you can use them to learn how to create your own then you're in a much better position. This is especially true if you plan to have more than one website. Also, you don't want your website looking like a million others out there that used the same template, so take some time to see how the template works and then mod it to suit your preferences and needs.

    I found has a few very good looking and clean templates.
  18. cupbucket

    cupbucket New Member

    Nice 1 thanks!

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