Website to sell downloadable eBooks.

Discussion in 'Web Design and Hosting' started by totojerry, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. totojerry

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    Hi to all,

    Can any one help me to build a website to sell downloadable eBooks please ? Clear tutorials are welcome.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. mountainmom5

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    There are a variety of ways to do that... some of us use websites and others use blogs, but you will want to learn about SEO ... otherwise you can build the most beautiful website in the world but won't get traffic. [​IMG]
  3. yahia

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    Do you want it to be a membership site? I have some of those and I think I can help.

    First you need to upload your ebooks either to your hosting (if it allows the large volume of file transfer) or to a file sharing site like hotfile and rapidshare. Get the download link to each one and save them in a text file.

    Then you need to build the membership site. An easy way to do it is to build a wordpress blog (on your own domain), and install a membership plug in like s2members.

    From within wordpress create a page for each category of ebooks, and list them there with a link to download each one.

    Start and pm me if you stuck.
  4. Just2EZ

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    yahia: Start and pm me if you stuck.
    Now that is the kind of advice I like to hear, and for people to follow.
    "Just get started" and "Call if you get stuck".

    Plus you addressed a thought I was pondering about a WP members only section.
    Guess I'll go get started!
  5. yahia

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  6. LianneP

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    The Droid Library.. I wanna sign up

    Hey guys, New member here. I was wondering if any of you had any experience with a site called The Droid Library for eBooks for my Android tablet. Tempted to join =) Thoughts?

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