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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by crasher, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. crasher

    crasher New Member

    Hiya, I went through the application process on october 19th and to this day have heard nothing from them,I have even emailed several time with no response.

    My question is... is there anything i can do to speed up the process or did i possibly miss something? Im also a male.. seems like mostly women do this. Starting to wonder if they prefer women over men.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. ShawnFL

    ShawnFL New Member

    I just finished training and at the end you have to do a webinar with others that just finished training and there were several men in the class so I'm sure it's not that. It's almost impossible to get a hold of anyone by email. Maybe try to reapply with another email addy.
  3. crasher

    crasher New Member

    Thanks for your reply..[​IMG]
  4. djdeqFL

    djdeqFL New Member

    From the time I did my on-line application, I was hired within 10 business days. I never spoke with anybody. Everything was handled by email and mail. Don't give up and good luck!
  5. jbythewood

    jbythewood New Member

    I think I was in the webinar with Shawn and they don't have issues with men. They are very strict and non-responsive if you don't 'fit'. I failed one section for the second phase due to being logged out too early and they won't speak to me. I'm out and have banged on their door for two weeks.
  6. lmcharles99

    lmcharles99 New Member

    Well, I'm a female but I HIGHLY doubt that they would discriminate against men since that's illegal. Crasher, did u ever rcv the email that gives ur required docs to fill out? If so, u only have 3 days 2 fill thoses out b4 they withdraw u from the process. If its been this long, I would just reapply.
  7. crasher

    crasher New Member

    Ok i should have thought about the man vs woman thing before posting. I wasnt suggesting they descrimate in the illegal sense. Anyway, I still havent received anything from them.. no documents.. no nothing. We are going on 3 months with no reply.

    I may try another app with different email.
  8. LadyPzaz

    LadyPzaz New Member

    Hi crasher! Try to keep emailing them...that's what I had to do. First applied on 9/13/08 and didn't hear anything until I emailed them 3 times - 3 times' the charm, I guess! LOL

    Started working on 12/10/08 so good luck to you and let us know how you do!

    Hugs, [​IMG]
  9. sbrina

    sbrina New Member

    my experience was that i applied in june of 08 and didnt hear anything till october when i got the your hired email. you have to accept then send all the required stuff. didnt take to long after that. maybe a week or two before i started training. i was surprised to hear from the so long after applying
  10. energy4142

    energy4142 New Member

    It took almost 5 months for me to hear from them after I filled out application and my husband applied in May 2008 but did not hear until September, 2008. It depends I think, on how many people they need at a given time.
  11. Westie

    Westie New Member

    I just received an email Friday after my assessments congratulating me. Then, I was instructed to complete the paperwork. It is now Wednesday and I faxed my identification and notarized forms. Does anyone know what I can expect the turn over time to be? I am a WAH newbie.
  12. mariav6

    mariav6 New Member

    Westie? Have you received your Welcome e-mail yet? If not, go to www.westathome.com and click on become an agent. From here, you can check the status of your application.
  13. Nora001

    Nora001 New Member

    Westie, I suggest you email west notifiying them of your faxed forms and that you want a confirmation. That's what I did and about 2-3 days later from faxing my forms I received my welcome email. Understand that they have hundreds of people just like you trying to get in as quick as possible, so what you should do is stand out of the bunch and send them an email notifying them that you faxed your paperwork.

    Hope this helps.
  14. ranman

    ranman New Member

    Nora001 - I applied on 2/3/09, sent email and submitted an online ticket through their website to verify receipt of documents and also get an application status.

    On 2/11/09, I received a response confirming they received the documents but that due to an overwhelming response, it may be several weeks before my paperwork is processed.

    I'm crossing my fingers that this was just a generic response and that I'll hear something much sooner. I'm sure they really are extremely busy. I can only imagine trying to verify hundreds of applicant's background information.

    Thanks for the helpful tip!
  15. ranman

    ranman New Member

    update: was put into hired status today. So applied 2/3/09 - hired status 2/25/09. Now just waiting on the official welcome email. Web says 1 business day and an email I received said 48-72 hours. I'm happy I'm at least at hired status. Thanks everyone for the tips on contacting W*ST.
  16. Scarlett2761

    Scarlett2761 New Member

    I'm considering West. I've been reading all these posts for a month now... Some make me very nervous! And another question... Not that I care, but does West require a drug test on every applicant? Or is it just certain companies through West that require it AND WHY? THANKS FOR ANY ADVICE, COMMENTS, ETC.
  17. ShawnFL

    ShawnFL New Member

    Depends on the skill you are hired for. I did not have to take one.
  18. Scarlett2761

    Scarlett2761 New Member

    I applied @ West, live in Indianapolis, and got turned down - no jobs here? what's up w/that??? THX

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