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  1. klo289

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    I just recieved an email to complete some new hire forms, but the certificates do not match.....should I be concerned? Also, I keep seeing posts about faxing notorized forms....what is this about? Thanks.
  2. tweb

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    Candlesms, I actually applied for LiveOps during the process of waiting for West to finally hire me. I received an email from them last Friday stating that if I wanted to continue with the process to submit paperwork and $30 within 14 days. I haven't seen too much about them and wanted to hear more info from people who actually work/worked there but haven't been abe to find anything like the forum here so I am a little skeptical, and I haven't sent anything back as of yet. I figured if I decided to try them I could always apply and do the interview again.

    For everyone that is doing DR, it seems that during training if you do all the upsells you will be on the phone with one order for quite some time. Is this an accurate perception or do the calls happen a lot quicker?
  3. georgiagin

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    to Tweb:
    The upsells seem to take forever...if they're letting you read them. And then sometimes they say, "I'm confused...I dont know what you just said!" And then you have to read it again.

    I was on one call for about 15 minutes full of upsells...But hey, that's what they pay us for huh?
  4. WorkingGR

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    Does anyone experience a struggle with West trying to receive a prompt and courteous response? I have left vm's - no respone, emails - with delivery failure due to westathome.com server not responding and West Help Desk line - 45 minutes and counting last attempt with no answer. It is like the phone system is on dryloop.

    Is this the norm that others have experienced with this company or is the company not doing so well? I have to say for a company that was recommend by a radio talk show consumer advocate, I am extremely disapponted.
  5. sarahb2007

    sarahb2007 New Member

    What happened to our old forum?? How come we can't log onto that any more?

    Started work this week, I love it! I can't wait to see what this paycheck looks like!

  6. mlhatl

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    Quoting: sarahb2007What happened to our old forum?? How come we can't log onto that any more?
    Hi Sarahb2007. Did you start with Sears Repair. I am still waiting for them to setup my logins.
  7. stacy6681

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    Okay, newbie here about to apply to West. I have a few questions after reading all the previous posts. First does Direct Response, just do upsells? Is the others like Sears & VM better to work at? I just want to work part time, is there a min. hours you have to work to keep being an employee? From what I read on all the previous post, you sign up for your schedule, so there is no permanent schedule that you always have?

  8. stacy6681

    stacy6681 New Member

    oh, one more question, is there any other message boards for West?
  9. sarahb2007

    sarahb2007 New Member

    mlhatl - I called a pal to give me my log in! Yes I have started and I love it! I worked this entire week!

    Stacy - From what I have heard DR is a lot of upsell, but with Sears there isn't at all really. I love working and it is easy once you catch on! I don't know of any other West message boards other then the work from home moms sites.

  10. mlhatl

    mlhatl New Member

    Thanks for the info. I emailed them and they told me within 5 business days. I will try calling the PAL today. Did you get confused with the screens?
  11. kntrygurl83

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    I was working for west at home, however i failed a test in training and after that they fired me because i failed one test. No chance to retake or anything
  12. kntrygurl83

    kntrygurl83 New Member

    Has anyone tried westat? Just applied and wanted to know a little bit about it. Thanks
  13. skosha

    skosha Guest

    I applied for west on Jan 19 and got an email saying I would hear back within a few weeks. The next day I got an email asking me to complete forms online and email my work auth. docs and ID's which I had to get notarized. I completed all that and was taken to a screen that said I was hired and to expect communication within 3 days with further instructions.

    That was 12 days ago. I have emailed about 5 times and got 1 response. All it said was that my documents were received. I have left a voicemail as well asking when I will start the training process and no reply. I have seen people on here that say it takes 3 weeks to finally get a reply and others 1 day. It's very frustrating to say the least. I have emailed WAHnewhire@west.com, Humanresources@west.com and called (800) 755-9303. Does anyone else have any other email or phone number to communicate with west?
  14. mothermart

    mothermart New Member

    I actually worked for West. The upsells are the reason I quit. That, and I actually found another part time job closer to home. You have to read all the upsells to the caller, even if he/she says no in the middle of the script. And West can determine if you are or are not reading the upsells. Note: I was not doing this from home.
  15. BigMomma

    BigMomma New Member

    I currently work for West, Direct Response.
    The upsells and APO's are terrible and confuse the callers. If you do a good job, you get no "atta-girl's" but if you fail to read everything on the script word for word, you get "coaching" messages that are in my opinion rude. It has a place for them to add your strong points (none of the PALS do) but the weak points, oh boy, they will write a book about everything your doing wrong.

    I plan to search for another at home job that doesn't require so much upsell's and APO's.

    Other than this, West seems to be a good company, I cannot say much good about Direct Response though.

  16. pengworm

    pengworm New Member

    Another newbie here with West questions. I'm going through the process where you click on the link to go the different forms you need to fill out, and I'm having the certificate problem too. Not sure if this was a good idea or not but since I read of so many of you having this problem I went ahead and started filling the forms out anyway.

    Also I know that you have to have dsl interent right? Well right now I only have dial up. I had planned to just get dsl if hired never expecting in a million years for things to move this fast (I just applied late last night). So will I have time to do this still? Also am I going to need a separate dedicated phone line?

    Thanks to everyone for offering their knowledge about this. I am so excited to possibly have the chance to make even a small amount of extra money to supplement our one income family.
  17. pengworm

    pengworm New Member

    Another question for those of you already working for West. Can you tell me if you deal with constant upsells? Is this on every job you do for them or just some. At first I was under the impression this was strictly customer service and not selling. Then I read about the upsells. I went to the rip off report website and there's a lot on there about the upsells and sort of having to confuse people into getting extras they don't need. Now I understand selling but I am not comfortable tricking people into something they don't need. Thing is I've had this same thing done to me with the old "Blah Blah Blah free trial...okay?" Like that's just the way it is and you have no say so.
    I suppose if this isn't something you have to constantly do I wouldn't mind so much. However if this is a huge part of the job I just don't know if I'd feel comfortable with that. Could someone fill me in please before I go any further in the job process? And again thanks a million to all of you for your info!
  18. daphnels

    daphnels New Member

    Hello Everyone. I am new here. Posted this on the last board but thought I would try again. I started looking into West a few months ago, but I was afraid to apply. All your post *the ten whole pages -- talk about reading* have been so helpful. You answered alot of my questions and took away the tiny concerns I had.

    I know that I am not going to get rich on this job, but my husbands job pays well and we just want extra money to save. We have two little ones and I am getting ready to have our third. Plus a few months ago his father passed away and we know have two teenagers. So with a house of seven extra money can always help.

    I did not see if anyone mentioned West hiring in PA. I think they will though cause we have a few call centers local I found out. I am interested in any other tips you have and I will be around from time to time.

    For those of you who have been with WEST for awhile. What do you do to cover yourself with hours and stuff. What about tax deductions for working from home. Any tips about logging and what not would be helpful.

    Thanks so much.
  19. vkin9772

    vkin9772 New Member

    Hey..I've been working for West for a few weeks and yes the upsells are awful. No they are not every single call. Sometimes you just get information to send people brochures. Sometimes you just give people cust. service #. During training you will have to print out some stuff on upsells and apos. This will help you a whole lot. I forgot about them during my first week. The time/life calls are the worst for upsells. The lipozene are the worst for apos..But all in all it is not that bad. My last shift I thought I might get fired for how bad I did with them. I think that it will get easier though. Good luck to you in the future!!
  20. pengworm

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    Okay this is maybe a dumb question but what are apos? And is there any job through west that doesn't have any upsells at all? Lastly what percentage of calls do you have to do the upsells would you say (ballpark figure)?

    Also I'm a bit confused about the pay. Say I'm scheduled to work for three hours in a row but say for whatever reason I only get three phone calls. So then am I only paid for those three phone calls even though I've been sitting there the entire time? Or am I paid at least minimum wage for those three hours?

    Thanks again for your help, it's so so appreciated!

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