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Discussion in 'Work at Home Moms' started by deerynard, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. deerynard

    deerynard New Member

    Looking to find some co-workers that work for west to chat with and maybe ask for help form time to time. Would love to feel like I am not the only one working for west (I know that I am not since I have to fight to get my hours lately LOL). But would love to be able to have others to talk to about the skills...

    Dee Dee- west employee since 11-07
  2. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    There are dedicated sub forums for West elsewhere, check them out
  3. rsoler001

    rsoler001 New Member

    Hi Deerynard,
    I too have been wrkng for west since May 07 I WOULD love to share info with you and others. I know how it feels to feel like I'm the only one that wrks for wst. anyway there was another forum with wst employees but it recently, closed hopefully will start one here lol.
  4. candlesms

    candlesms New Member

    HI Dee Dee.

    1 year with West for the 2nd time. You are not alone[​IMG]

    Nice to meet you.
  5. tressasmith7654

    tressasmith7654 New Member

    Does any one know the status on getting a new skill...I unfortuantely failed the DR skill trainig and been waiting since 01/29 for a new skill...anyone been issued one recently?
  6. mcapers27

    mcapers27 New Member

    I have done my test and sent my notarize documents in as of 01/27/08. How long does it take for west to contact you for employment. Also do they have any work available in South Carolina? Are there any other at home jobs out there?:[​IMG]
  7. reese30

    reese30 New Member

  8. StormyDawn

    StormyDawn New Member

    I just did my first shift for West taking calls. I think I did terrible. I was so nervous and felt like I didn't know my way around the order screen. Is the first time always so stressful. Any pointers to help me out? I really want to do good at the job.
  9. tucker6

    tucker6 New Member

    I applied to West @ Home on 1/23, got hired, and completed the paperwork, but haven't heard anything else from them. Is this normal? Is there a someone I can call? Thanks!!
  10. kimberleyj

    kimberleyj New Member

    HELP!!!! I've passed training back in the middle of January and here it is Feb. and every time I log in Citrix doesn't recognize me. Well,last week I finally reset my password and passed that. Now,when I log in it says it doesn't recognize me. I have contacted my SearsHR pals everytime. Now,I recieve an email that my production is down. What can I do to resolve this???? I really want to continue/get started but I can't keep scheduling work time and then not being able to log on.
  11. StormyDawn

    StormyDawn New Member

    Hi tucker6. Have you went back to the site where you apply and checked the status of you application yet?
  12. candlesms

    candlesms New Member

    Quoting: tressasmith7654.I unfortuantely failed the DR skill trainig and been waiting since 01/29 for a new skill

    Hi Tressa,

    At this point, I'd consider yourself lucky that you failed the DR training. The HR gets back to everyone generally to invite to take a new skill as long as you sent the email to them to request another try. DR isn't paying what it used to and there really isn't much going on with DR these days. Lucky to get hours and rather then the per minute rate going up, it went down during this next week.

    Good luck!
  13. Dneeser

    Dneeser New Member

    Hi there!
    I too work with WAH... it is, well, interesting that is for sure. My second call ever was a man NOT wanting to buy anything but was, well... obscene to say the least. Great way to start off eh? The pay isnt great and as one person said, the DR per minute pay went from .17/min to .15/min this week. Its something but not a lot and the hours are not the best.
    I too am unsure how you go about getting into a different skill... any help there would be great as the DR isnt where I want to stay!

  14. tucker6

    tucker6 New Member

    Thanks for responding, StormyDawn. Yes, I check my status everyday and it says I'm hired, all my paperwork has been received, just waiting on HR. As of today, I have sent 4 messages to HR and have not received any response. I don't know what to do. If I didn't see all these people actually working for West, I would think I had been scamed.
  15. rsoler

    rsoler New Member

    To everyone that has the DR SKILL wow! IN the time that I have been working for West (since MAY 07) I have never been offer .15 permin rate! I thank myself that last week I decided to drop DR AND I DIDN'T even try the skill once lol...because I have sears skill which by the way is paying every monday 25 per rate of min and 19-22per rate some hrs during the week. Now I am not relying on west anymore to be my only solid job. I am currently seeking another job with other agency to work from home. and when I FIND it I will be using West as a part time. but if things change with west I DON'T HAVE to have a second job right now yesturday I was introduce to another skill DHL and that is a good/busy skill to work for. aparently, they selected 100 agents FOR a pilot 3month trial and I was lucky to get in. so, I will see how this turns out. now with two skills relatively busy I'LL PROBABLY able to increase my pay working just for west. the trick is to keep yourself at ranking #1 increase your chances of getting more than one skill and make more money.
  16. Dneeser

    Dneeser New Member

    how do you get to even 'try' for other skills? Does West email you or how does that work? I know for me... I dont want to just be stuck with DR.
  17. Dneeser

    Dneeser New Member

    I can relate to you.... I got an acceptance email in Dec. (EARLY like the 3rd or 4th) then nothing again till Jan 2nd and finally got all the other emails at the END of January and thru all that I snet numerous emails and got ONE response... funny... they are a customer service company and yet their customer service to thier own employess isnt all that great.... all I can say is hold tight. They are a real company
  18. rsoler

    rsoler New Member

    west will email you on the gateway site when they select you for a skill you will recieve an invitation to accept the skill/training. requesting by email will not work they do not even bother with it. you have to be selected and the only advice I can give is to strive to stay at rank#1 performance otherwise, you won't recieve an invitation. It use to be that we were able to request by email but recently, they put a stop to that.
  19. beverly0212

    beverly0212 New Member

    Does anyone work the proflowers skill? I just finished training, but haven't started taking calls yet.
  20. jajmj

    jajmj New Member

    I've been working proflowers for a year now. The bulk of their hours will be around holidays - with the next being easter and mother's day. we just finished v-day so the sanity is slowly coming back. be patient and hopefully this isn't your only skill - hard to get hours except when around the holidays!!

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