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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by HaliesMom28, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. HaliesMom28

    HaliesMom28 New Member

    Hi I was doing some research and someone metioned West at home. I have been doing some reading on here and have a few questions.

    First off a little bit of why I want to apply to West at Home. I used to work for StarTek in Big Spring TX we were a call center we had the following clients AOL, Time Warner Cable (New York only) and T-mobile prepaid cell phones. The only reason why I left was I was laid off for not speaking spanish I was doing Time Warner Cable at the time. I found out I was prego a month after that so I moved in with the babies daddy and we end up getting married etc. He wants me to stay home with her she is now 3. He has been working but with everything going up we need some extra income. I have almost 4 yrs experience on the phone with troubleshooting, billing, seting up accounts for new customers etc. as well as upselling to the Time Warner Customers. Since I have this expiernce working with West at Home shouldnt be too hard right? We did have scripts and there were some things we had to say 100% how it was written but not all of it we were allowed to change it somewhat on how the call was going.

    Does West at Home take taxes out and do you get a w 2 at the end of the yr? I did read that you can basically scedule the times you want 24 hours in advance for that day so if I know my daughter will be napping or be gone I can log on with in that 24 hours and pick up those times ?
  2. snowball

    snowball New Member

    Yes, west does take out taxes / Schedule depends on the skill you work on
  3. HaliesMom28

    HaliesMom28 New Member

    thanks is there any skill that is opened from like 1 am to 6 am
  4. snowball

    snowball New Member

    Direct response skill thats where you take orders from things as seen on TV and you have to do APO'S and upsells /
  5. denver0825

    denver0825 New Member

    VM (Virgin Mobile) activations lets you set your own schedule.
  6. pageli123

    pageli123 New Member

    I recieved an invite to work for West and filled out all of the HR forms on line. They told me to send in notarized copies of work authorization verification form and proof of work authorization, but I didn't see how to print out these forms. Where am I supposed to get them? I sent in a question to West and left a message with the HR department but noone has called me back. When I check my status it tells me that I've done everything and should wait, but I still have not faxed in these two forms.
  7. bizweb

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    I had problem with their link, it would not come up, also I thought they changed procedure of how to get on board!
  8. snowball

    snowball New Member


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