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    I can not say what I do but came upon this forum and started reading some of the post. I felt that I must write in to try to help. On VM & A*S have you noticed that there is some things in the training that are not correct or up to date? Why train someone with old or incorrect information? Why is this not updated ? On activating cell phones the instructions say you will get a message saying Hi etc but VM actually sends a link now that the customer must click on start it up now Why is this not updated ? When working have you noticed lately the way G*tew*y is blinking with messages saying stay logged in get off the phone, wrap your call up ,I see you have been on the phone now more the fifteen minutes wrap it up etc ..Have you ever asked a P*L something and then forgot something else you wanted to ask so you talk to a different P*L and go over same stuff and never get the same answer twice? The feedbacks and pins ..some get a feedback once every few weeks others every other day Why? What about the customers who call and want to activate several phones of course your ALC will be higher and the people who are calling to top up their phone and someone elses ..or the phone will not connect to network so you have to try several times and the customers who know nothing about a cell phone can't find ESN or even know how to get in to menu to find it you have to walk them thru--it that takes extra time Ever notice the names the come up for the people who have done excellent ...and in the Or*cle I am VM its been on May and June why has this not been updated ? Why is there always two of same emails from W*st sent? Fridays in A*S are called the Hellnight thats when you get the drunks the kids calling for their Mamma's , people wanting something for nothing , money back or extra minutes , cuss you out for 20 minutes but you can't hang up ..they won't stop yelling and yet you are to wrap it up HOW ???What about all the calls you get that training did not cover?

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