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Discussion in 'Paid Surveys' started by Matt, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. Matt

    Matt New Member

    Hi all, I recent signed up with a free survey taking web company.

    Basically they give you a list of surveys to take and they show you how much each one pays...anywhere from $2-$75.

    Its not even really a survey....each one has about 10 really basic questions, and when you are done it takes you the company that wanted the survey. These companies include Google , Ebay, and other well known and not so well known companies.

    Heres the trick. In order to earn the money, you have to use your credit card to sign up for the free trial offer that the company is offering. Then you cancel the trial offer. In the case with ebay, all you had to do was open a new free ebay account.

    Then they say it takes up to 8 weeks to recieve your money.

    Is anyone familiar with this survey thing? Is it legit?

    Thanks, Matt

  2. johnwill65

    johnwill65 New Member

    There are a lot of sites like that but there are also lots more site that you don't have to pay or use a credit card and you get payed just for doing surveys try Global test marketers
  3. happygal

    happygal Member

    Nope, those are not surveys...they are get paid to try offers. I personally would recommend skipping them and focusing on real surveys that pay with no strings attached.
  4. jlcurtis

    jlcurtis New Member

    I agree with happygal. I would stay away from paid to try offers. There are a ton 100% free offers out there.

    PM me if you would like me to suggest a few that I have had success with.
  5. Dragon

    Dragon New Member

    I agree with happygal and jlcurtis avoid these offers and concentrate on the real surveys that pay you for your time and thoughts.
  6. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Many people get paid to do offers, but you have to be very systematic and cancel in time, otherwise you could lose money.
  7. kfree2006

    kfree2006 New Member

    Hi I'm New to this forum I would like to put my two cents in
    like they said surveys is a waste of time and you will get no where
    with them.
  8. biggles

    biggles New Member

    I think it's been mentioned but Global Test Markets is a good free to join site.
  9. Quoting: MattIts not even really a survey....

    The OP (Original Poster) said it himself this is not a survey. This is a GPT (Get Paid To....) Site where you get paid to complete orders.

    You should go ahead and look for sites that pay you to complete real surveys. A survey is a series of questions that you have to answer. You get compinsated (Paid) for answering these questions.
  10. roseliabubakar

    roseliabubakar New Member

    Hey Matt,

    Skip that one, there are a lot of free & legitimate survey sites out there that you could earn some extra money from [​IMG]
  11. Put in more time and research each company carefully, you will find many good sites like the rest of us. It is a big shame that these shady sites call themselves "paid survey" sites and loom a bad reputation on the legit sites out there.

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