what am i doing wrong?

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by rsty1, Mar 28, 2006.

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    I am triing to find free advertising and I keep ending up at google or other places that end up wanting money. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    Yep, now google adwords is the highly valuable advertising to get good targeted traffic for websites... and its also pretty much low cost advertising comparing to other way of advertisements and also you are going to pay only for clicks and not for impressions... so its a good option for everybody...

    for Free Advertising for traffic:

    try Free Classifieds, Signatures in Forums, Link Exchange with relevant sites and keepup good keywords for your site and that could help also to place in good positions in SE's...

    Happy Earnings...[​IMG]
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    Hi there Rusty -

    The first thing I see isn't related to finding free advertising it's about where you're sending them once you do find the traffic sources that suit you. You have to have a lead capture page at the other end of your ads or you will have no idea who's been there who would really like to talk to you.

    You also have to have some plan of how to begin to build a relationship with them, especially with the company that you're pointing to since you can't advertise openly online with them ... getting on the phone is imperative.

    Forums, websites that build know like and trust and article writing would be my top three choices.

    I have a free eBook download that you can navigate to if you want. The link looks like an affiliate link (though it's not) so it won't sit well putting it into this post.

    This eBook called "Success in 10 Steps" may really resonate with you. It's about why building NWM companies 'the old way' doesn't work.

    The group (Mentoring For Free) teaches you how to generate your own leads. By 'opting in' to receive this eBook, I receive your information and it becomes my responsibility to answer any questions you may have about the group ... there is no compensation for this, it's just a way for a bunch of like-minded people to find their way to each other.

    See my picture on my website?
    The link is at the bottom of 'My Success Story'

    I'll go track down another post that I have tucked away here somewhere about getting traffic to your site [​IMG]

    Have a good one!
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    Me again [​IMG]

    I got this from Jennifer Clason over on www.mommyjobs.com.


    How Do I Get Traffic?

    The biggest question site owners are asking these days is "how do I get traffic?" It is definitely much harder with the growth spurt of the Internet, however it's not impossible!

    There are TONS of ways to build up your traffic. Here are some of the most common methods.

    1. Learn Search Engine Optimization - this is probably the most important way that you want to get traffic and probably the hardest too. Search engine traffic is highly targetted traffic of people who are searching the web for a specific item. If they get to your site after searching for it, you're almost guaranteed a sale or at least a "bookmark for later".

    2. Trade links with other sites - It's important to get your site name out there. So trade links with several other sites, even your competitors! People really do look at those links pages and they will find their way to your site from another site.

    3. Post on message boards - When you post on highly trafficked message boards, BE SURE to put your site link in your signature! This is a highly effective form of marketing, especially if the message board you are posting at is relative to your site content.

    4. Use email signatures - Make it easy for your customers to contact you! When they write to you and ask for more information, be sure that you are using a signature with your site URL and name inside of it. That way if they want to retrieve it later, it's easier for them than having to memorize your URL and open a web browser.

    5. Join Yahoo Groups - This is pretty much the same as message boards. Join groups that pertain to your site's content and advertise (but don't spam!!) your site there.

    6. Post on free classifieds sites - Sites like Craig's List or other free advertising classifieds sites will accept your site for free! Just do a Google search for "free classifieds" and you'll see a ton of sites come up where you can promote your site!

    7. Buy ad space - If your monthly budget allows, you can buy some ad space for your site. Find another site that pertains to your site's content and ask them what their advertising prices are.

    8. Hold auctions - Ebay gets TONS of traffic a day, while you're not allowed to post your site URL within your auction listings, you are allowed to put it in your "about me" page. So think about listing some of your products as auctions and advertise your URL.

    9. Offline advertising - Get custom t-shirts, bumper stickers, car decals, etc made for your site URL. Then whenever you are out in public, you are passively advertising yourself!

    10. Submit your site to directories - If your site is a site about "fishing" for instance, do a Google search for "fishing directories" and see how many directories are out there that pertain to your subject matter. Most of these directories will allow free submissions.

    11. Write articles - Writing articles that pertain to your site is another excellent way to get your site out there. Just write a short, informative article of 5-6 paragraphs and submit it to any site that accepts article submissions and make sure that your article includes a link back to your site in your "author biography".

    12. Submit press releases - Even if your site is a small work from home site (i.e. "Susie's Candles") it IS newsworthy! Let's say your candle site released a new candle called "Vanilla Cream". Submit a press release about it, I'm serious!! A good place to start is called http://www.prweb.com Or you can do a Google search for "submit press release" and a zillion other sites will come up.

    13. Have great interactive content - People will bookmark your site if you have interactive and dynamic content. Have polls, message boards, interactive games, news items, guest books, item of the day....whatever! Just make the site relevant and have good SUBSTANCE in your site content. Don't overload it with silly animated graphics, sounds, etc. That just makes it look like you had nothing else to fill your site up with but this annoying stuff. And Flash intros are only good if you are two years old and need to see flashing lights and colors. Most of all they are slow loading, and people generally click away if they see Flash.
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    Thank you andrea,

    You have provided a large amount of information to me!

    thank you,
  6. Xperior

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    Don't forget blogger.com, it's free and is a great way to get additional traffic for your website. Just remember to submit it to the search engines and keep it updated with new info every few days.
  7. driver

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    Don,t rule out offline methods to get traffic to your site, one cheap way is drop cards, they are like a business card with a catchy short message and your site address, you can print them off on your own computer for next to nothing, use a good quality paper, business card grade and in colour,drop these cards every where you go, gas station, resturants, any store your in, I am sure you get the idea, you may get less traffic but those that take the time to pick up the card take it home an enter your site tend to be a little more serious than someone just clicking links,any method free or paid takes time, stick it out and success will come
  8. WhitePhoenix

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    Don't forget to add your signature/website addy to all your mail. After all, we get ads in with our bills every month, while not send them yours??

    You can also print out flyers fairly cheaply from your own computer - go to a parking lot and slip them in windshield wipers. Many of them end up on the asphalt, but I've seen many end up in the vehicles as well.
  9. Quoting: XperiorDon't forget blogger.com, it's free and is a great way to get additional traffic for your website. Just remember to submit it to the search engines and keep it updated with new info every few days.
    Hey Rusty,

    This is a good way to get free advertising. Also, you can promote special interest, show some of what's inside of your website in the form of posts... The list of ways to self-promote by blogging are endless.

    You can also get a couple of extra bucks by using things like AdSense, Chitika or lots of other advertisers at no cost to you.

    (Just make sure there are no competitors in your affiliate ads).

    And don't forget to cross link your website and blog.

    Good Luck,

  10. bigpip

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    Quoting: agoodsaid8. Hold auctions - Ebay gets TONS of traffic a day, while you're not allowed to post your site URL within your auction listings, you are allowed to put it in your "about me" page. So think about listing some of your products as auctions and advertise your URL.

    I've heard good things about the "about me" page. Anyone doing this?
  11. WhitePhoenix

    WhitePhoenix New Member

    I used to have that up, and it brought in a lot of feedback and dialog that isn't possible through the 'normal' route when buying or purchasing on eBay.

    About Me pages also give you the opportunity to go into more detail about your products, your store, or something else you want to 'get out there'. I don't know how many times I've been on eBay just browsing and end up clicking into numbers of About Me pages to see more offerings and the stories behind them... great fun... and useful!



  13. WhitePhoenix

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    I don't know about someone else, but I don't understand what you are wanting to do. To optimize your site for search engines, you need to zero in on words or phrases that apply to what it is you're trying to sell/market.

    Those keywords need to match your Meta tag keywords.

    Is this helpful and/or what you are seeking to do?
  14. Vishal P. Rao

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    Get a copy of Make Your Site Sell! It's an amazing manual for beginners and it should keep you busy for a long time.
  15. ellenjharris

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    I have not seen any place to get free ads. If anyone does find a place doing free ads, I would love to know.
  16. lickhau

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    Great information man...

    Besides, remember to add write articles and submit them into directories. Besides create your website with articles on it..

    Good Luck

  17. kyfernung

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    free advertising works, but it takes a lot of work from you. It is free to go to forums and such. Other then that, the best bet and a more successful approach is to pay for advertising
  18. woodridge

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    After you write an article and it is published in an article directory, submit the URL, title and description of the same in digg.com, netscape.com, del.icio.us, reddit.com, etc.
  19. cherie27

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    kyfernung: free advertising works, but it takes a lot of work from you.

    I agree with you. Free advertising works, but it requires a lot of hard work from you. But it will stay there for a long time e.g you submit an article to a article directory and the article directory publish your article, it will stay as long as the article directory existed.
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