What business would be booming 10 yrs after now?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by sriz, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. sriz

    sriz New Member

    Friends can anyone make any prediction about the business that would be in a boom 10 years after now?
    The business that could really be used to reap maximum benefits?
  2. payment proof

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  3. happywife

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    It's hard to predict what the latest technology will be as things change so quickly and products become almost obsolete (or at least tired) in no time at all.

    I would imagine that something health related is always going to be in vogue as health affects quality of life and that is ALWAYS in fashion. ;)

  4. George87

    George87 New Member

    I think There's a knew industrial revolution coming soon with The knew 3D printing technology, so everything is gonna be super accessible. Their might be a huge decline in some aspects of consumerism in the future. Although, I think the entertainment business alway gonna be booming, also, along with the device used to to spectate it!
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  5. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    HOME BUSINESS network marketing or affiliate marketing. You name it, networkers and affiliates sell it!
    Money and Health would be my categories!

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Good question,

    The best recession proof business are funeral homes, booming as the baby boomers start dying off by the millions. With 70 million falling into this category, no doubt over the next ten years business will only get better. A friend is in the business and he has to take reservations now, expanded three times with more viewing rooms, etc. and he is still booked solid. Of course, cemetaries are also exploding, so in my opinion, this is a win win business opportunity.

    Of course that is a traditional business, but most here are in the home business or internet marketing business, so as I see it, any business where value is product, saving people time money and hassle is booming. Just look at Amazon and eBay to see how millions are looking to save money with online shopping. A new how to sell on both Amazon and eBay using a unique arbitrage system is hot new business as I see it, also recession proof and ideal for everyone since most are already using both, but the secret to making big incomes is not known by most.

    Another business which should be hot for the next ten years is gold and silver dealerships which are also booming with the world economic situation in dire straights with many countries about to go under, including the U.S.. Just look at markets to see the wild swings, and once interest rates rise and inflation kicks in, one by one countries will go bankrupt just like Detroit recently did. You can only kick the can down the road for so long, so gold and silver is only way to weather this worldwide meltdown.

    Another hot industry is the entertainment market where a new streaming technology is opening up even more opportunities. No one likes paying cable and satellite bills which keep going up, so as I see it, getting paid to watch TV and movies is a hot new entry into the market place where you can stream every show and movie and get paid at the same time. Very interesting new venture.

    Simply put, what worked yesterday does not mean it will work tomorrow. Look at all the businesses which are going under in last few years as technology improves on all fronts. When I purchased my first 3D printer a couple years ago it cost over $5K, and now they are under $2K, and soon a 4D printer will be introduced making it possible for anyone to bring a product idea to market instantly saving tens of thousands over traditional methods or prototype production and the high related costs involved with patents.

    Good luck to all,
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  7. drknlvly6781

    drknlvly6781 Active Member

    The advertising industry will be around for many MANY years to come. People will need to know about products, and companies will always need new and better ideas on how to get the product in front of the customer's face and then into their home. As long as there is a free enterprise system, there will always be a need for advertising.
  8. Anders J

    Anders J Member

    Something everyone needs and that is financial education unless they trust where their savings and so forth are being placed during these times of world wide economy crisis.

    So many people are searching for make money online and how to build a home based business or home based business ideas and that is how it is. You can only trust yourself when it comes to finance these days.

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    As one who researches all recession proof businesses, and if you ever hope to have a business which will be around in ten years, you better do your research carefully for you never know just how long this recession is going to last. We are all in un-chartered waters and no one can see the future in this muddy water.

    The key to success is finding a business which helps other businesses succeed. Business solutions industry is secure as I see it, and with all the new marketing strategies which utilize the exploding smart phone industry is a good place to start your search. Smart phones are eating into PC market big time, and in time, you will be able to do everything you now do with PC on your smart phone or tablet.

    Text marketing is growing big time as you can target your customers at the point of sale. GPS applications can send you a text of a discount coupon as you walk or drive past a restaurant or any other retail business. Just as you shop you can pull up best prices instantly by scanning barcode on product, then go to register and say, I want this item at this price, and since most stores offer match pricing, I have saved a ton of money and time with my smart phone over the years I have had it.

    What will we have in ten years? Good question, but one thing for sure, smart phones will be getting smarter as technology advances. I am already using my smart phone in place of cable and satellite TV, simply amazing what these little devices can do with streaming video apps. Text advertising is exploding, and soon video advertising will take over from text marketing. Send video clips promoting your business is the future in mobile marketing.

    What does every business owner need? Simply, prospects, which convert to customer sales and profits. Without website traffic you have nothing, especially if you operate an online business like most here on this forum. Any business which supports other businesses who are struggling with having enough traffic and sales needs assistance in most cases, so look for businesses which can solve marketing issues for other business owners. Think back in time and how well yellowpage sales people did. I knew a few having been in traditional businesses for years who made six figures year after year, how, by helping other businesses with their advertising.

    Simply put, the best recession proof businesses in a recession as long and deep as this one is to focus on business opportunities which help other businesses survive this recession, if not thrive through it. Everyone is looking to save money and earn more money in a recession, so combining these vital ingredients when choosing a business of your own. It is all about saving people money, time and hassle of learning all the latest marketing strategies. As I have always said, what worked yesterday, like yellowpages, does not mean it will work today or certainly not tomorrow.

    Best of success to all,
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  10. elizabeta

    elizabeta Banned

    i say the advertising and investment is the future of now and 10 years from now.
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  11. AllanJames

    AllanJames New Member

    Maybe so, but the survey reports show that mobile marketing (especially when you tie SMS and targeted sales funnels in) will be part of the mix.

    Most people don't seem to know (yet) that the effectiveness of of one of the biggest money earners, be in in affiliate marketing or MLM, email is reducing while sms and mobile is on the rise.

    Those who have realized it and jumped on the new technology are making a fortune.
  12. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    I can tell you that online MLM and offline MLM will dominate and will always be prosperous.

    Markets for new people will never saturate because think how many babies are born today who will look for some sort of a home business in 18-21 years from today.

    It will never saturate.

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Good question,

    This is the age old question of what businesses are recession proof, for if you think about the past ten years, it is a pretty good indicator of the next five years. Yes, the markets are changing faster than ever, and just like the yellow pages being put out of business by the internet, so too are traditional advertising mediums like newspapers, most have gone belly up over past ten years, so who predicted this?

    Simply put, no one knows what the future holds, but I keep researching the best recession proof long term business opportunities for I have seen far too many businesses go belly up over past ten years. I use to own a travel agency, now with internet, anyone can book online at lowest prices now, so I am glad I saw the future and sold agency. Look at the business card industry, we use to go to local print shop and pay $100. for 500 cards, now with online business cards, you can get 250 for free. Same with signage, and the list goes on and on about businesses who have been changed by the internet.

    So think about it, what has not changed since Edison capitalized on producing electricity? What does everyone have to pay for every day, every week, every month and every year, FOREVER? That is what got my attention, and I am sure most will be able to answer this question. First is food, then electric power is second answer I heard most when testing the market for long term recession proof businesses to start.

    Most people pay electric and utility bills, whether in their own home, owned or rented, as well as those who live in apartments and condo or town homes or who own traditional brick and mortar businesses. No one likes to pay for utilities, so when looking at long term, 10 years and FOREVER, I look for value and savings first and foremost. We will all have to pay for utilities and since everyone is a prospect, this is a business which is recession proof as I saw it. Long term residual income with zero sales ability is what I look for. And when company offers savings at no cost, plus as an incentive, you get $50.00 to $100.00 just to evaluate savings, so when evaluating any business, I look for these attributes to determine long term results well beyond the ten years.

    Good luck to all,
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  14. ibuzzmentor

    ibuzzmentor Member

    I would want to be the owner of a service type of company where you are helping the customer excel in their business.Lead generation, call center services, sms marketing, are all where it is at. Many people are not successful creating leads or closing sales. Having cost effective services to market towards them is a great idea.
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  15. GairyAmeriplan

    GairyAmeriplan New Member

    Online and Offline MLM will be booming and remain on top. Especially marketing networks that are in the health arena. The power of residual income is amazing!
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  16. JTGMarketing

    JTGMarketing Member

    I would agree that MLM companies that sell health and wellness products, like Herbalife and others, will always be doing well, as more people are becoming health conscious. And the insurance business is, and always has been, very profitable as well. There are prosperous businesses out there, even in these difficult times. You just have to find them.
  17. Jefferson9

    Jefferson9 New Member

    My opinion would be The Total Takeover.Its packed with top of the line training that gurus didn't want people to know.The software tools allow you to make great fast money without recruiting a soul.It also has a affiliate program that allows you to creat residual income.$50 per referral.This is perfect for anybody.Updated software every month.Matthew Mcmills show people how to take over anybusiness out there home and local.The YouTube tool allows you to rank your video at the top for those into video marketing.I been a member for about 2 weeks now and have alread added an extra $600 to my residual with out recruiting a soul.Perfect for anybody that wants to work from home because with the training thats packed in it your downline will be set and good to go.
    Just wana help as many people as possible.
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  18. Marlese

    Marlese New Member

    I believe that any type of business that is online without having much overhead will be in much demand. In the US anything that has to do with elder services will also continue to be in high demand due to the huge baby boomer population that we have.
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  19. Noelle Pachao

    Noelle Pachao New Member

    As the "industrial age" comes to an end we are entering a new era. The economy doesn't show much promise and as large corporations continually downsize people are starting home businesses.
    In 2012 it was reported that 38 million people had home businesses. We are deciding to take control of our financial future and start living the lives WE want. Last year I joined Empower Network which is a viral blogging system and has business development products; it was the best decision I've ever made.
    They have really paved the way of what the "future" of network marketing will be.
    People are on their phones all the time; so why not make money while your on that phone; is what I think.
    I wish you all the best.
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  20. SmittynMichelle

    SmittynMichelle New Member

    In ten years from now, Virtual Assistants are going to be replacing CSA's. Trends are starting to show individuals are beginning to favor working from home. With video conferencing, and the advances in technology, home based businesses are becoming a viable option. Simply not taking the bus or subway will save you $50-$100 per month without worrying about being late, traffic jams or the weather.
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