What can we learn from your failures

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    I read all the time about people saying get into this or get into that because you will make a fortune. But I want to know what people out their can teach us from failed experiances. Lets us know what you did and what went wrong, dont say the name of the company because that will not be legal. But give us an overview of what it was, like insurance or health and wellness etc.

    I learnt the hard way from a few ventures I went into, I joined a few mlm companies in the past in the health and wellness and personal development industry. What I learnt was that it was'nt the product, service or opportunity (unless it is a scam or get rich quick scheme), that brought me to my knees it was my lack of knowledge on marketing. I fonud out that these companys know that 8 out of 10 people will drop out so they teach you a method known as 'power marketing' by telling you to sell your product, services or opportunity to friends and family. They do this because it is cheaper, easier and quicker for the company to make money, they know that it takes time to learn the science of marketing a product, service or opportunity. So thoes that join up that have no idea how to go about marketing will be out of business within a year or so. They tell you when you join that if you sell to your friends and family you will be rich, when in reality that could not be further from the truth, all that does it get you uninvited to thoes bbq's. To sum up what I learnt the hard way is to forget what the company teaches you and take the time to learn the science behind effective marketing if you want to build a long lasting and successful business.

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    I also face this situation before and also fail in all the opportunities i joined/invest.

    Only by learning the correct and effective marketing will help you to succeed.
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    I have been involved with several MLMs-Scrapbooking, Stamping, Jewelry, Health, Skincare, Photo Technology, Identity Theft, etc. I followed everything they told me to do to be successful. I passed out magazines, fliers, send out postcards, called up to 500 leads a day for months, did years of Franchise shows and events, attended all the meetings etc. All of these expenses were mine and I didn't make any money. I followed their plans for success. I don't count it all as loss. Each opportunity has taught me something and brought me closer to where I am today. Have I lost losts of money? You bet? Have my friends thought I was nuts? Of course! But, I know so much more today than I knew then. All I have to say about MLM's is that I put a lot of money and hard work into them and got zero financially in return! The problem I see is that when you get into those companies, all your work benefits someone higher up than you. If you can't keep up with the quota's, etc. you lose your downline and everything. I'm done with MLM's. I'm going to put my hard work and dedication into something that I will have in the future, regardless of if a company fails, I don't meet a quota, etc.

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