What do New Coastal Members have to know about Marketing?

Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by hsimpsonjr, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. hsimpsonjr

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    That is one of the most common questions that prospects ask me. "Will I have to take a class on marketing to make money with Coastal Vacations?"

    Thank Goodness, the answer is NO! You won't have to take a class about marketing. This is where your choice of director will make a huge difference in the success of your business.

    Should you do strictly internet marketing? Should you simply call purchased leads? Should you use classified advertising? Should you do home parties? These are questions that you and your director should find the answers to together.

    You might not find the best way for you immediately. It will take some trial and error to discover the method that works best for you. Just because one certain way is working for one person doesn't mean that it will work the same way for another.

    Just because calling leads is working for one person doesn't mean that it will work for everyone. Just because PayPerClick advertising is working for others doesn't mean it will work for you. You need to find you best method of advertising and marketing and use what works best for you and your director should be willing to help you do that.

    This business is about working together. Helping eachother helps our business grow.
  2. ateamfuntimer

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    Great post. This is the beauty of Coastal. It fits with everyone and their skills. If you are great on the phone then get on the phone. If you know internet marketing then do that. You dont have to be an expert and if you are then all the better for you. Learn what fits and works for you and as Nike says "Just Do it"!

    I appreciate great directors like Harold that come on and share their knowledge on Coastal. If you are new then get back to the person that referred you to Coastal and get started asap.

    Adam Frederick
    Level III Director
    302 476 2753- Direct
    866 500 3418 option 301 - product presentation
  3. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    Wow, this is interesting. I've never had someone ask me that question and with over 650 people on my team, it goes to show you that what you do can make a difference in the type of questions that you get.

    Every Tuesday evening at 9PM EST we have our new associate training call. I've been on TONS of calls for Coastal from various groups and directors and this call...it's the call that REALLY makes the difference between success and failure.

    We have a TON of methods of marketing. The new video email system is awsome and it's a tool that allows you to share testimonies from successful director who have recorded a message that is generic for us.

    Your goal should be to be a MASTER at marketing. I've studies marketing since I was 17. I have a HUGE library of books, cds and dvd that have helped me be successful in EVERY ENVIRONMENT.

    Some won't get this, but I choose to market in EVERY way possible. I just finished a $980 order for several types of marketing material that I'll be using to introduce people to Coastal.

    I use Car Magnets - Full Color that say "Money Travel Time Freedom if you didn't earn $3000 last week call...."

    Use everything, but know that it won't all work. I've invested over $60K last year on things that didn't work and guess who benefits from that...my team.

    I ONLY recommend what works. Leads Work...and for those who are willing to be coachable, trainable and dependable will benefit. One thing I learned years ago from Tony Robbins is that fear can be a motivator or a jailor. MOST will use fear as a jailor and no use this Very Successful method of marketing. Myself and MANY top income earners with Coastal have built 6 and 7 figure incomes using leads - I personally prefer wholesale leads.

    Do you have to master marketing? No, but it's important to your business that you pick 6-12 ways that you want to market your business and do it.

    I mentored with a guy 7 years ago who earned over $350,000 per month in the mlm industry. He's a pioneer in internet based network marketing. He uses the internet as a tool...that's what I do.

    Internet marketing is packed full of pot holes that can drain your wallet. I've made money being on the internet, but I've also lost alot of money. I did some ppc advertising and the company I did it with made a change and it cost me $3000 over a 2 week period. I learned the hard way.

    I'm on a training call right now. I attend regularly because this is how I get my game face on for the day, but not only that...it allows me to continue to grow in my knowledge about marketing.

    Jay NaPier
  4. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    "How do I get sales?" Maybe I should have worded it like that. They ask how I get my sales and I say "various ways." The ones I mentioned above seem to be the most common.

    My sales have been split between Pay Per Click advertising and free advertising like posting on this forum. It's a great feeling when someone emails me and says "I saw your posts on the forum. Can I ask you some questions?"

    My first 5 sales were from PayPerClick advertising on Google. It's VERY competitive but you get VERY targeted leads. The Prospect has to already at least know a little about Coastal because they are typing in those keywords into the search bar which is a great thing but it can get pricey.

    Posting in forums and on sites like Craigs list is another way to get people the information they need to make an educated decision on whether Coastal is right for them. It doesn't cost any money but it does take time so everyone should keep that in mind.

    Classifieds can work very well if you place ads in the right city. I spent over $1,000 in the Charlotte Observer or "Disturber" as us locals call it. I got tons of calls but they were all from people who were looking for JOB and not a business. Charlotte, NC= bad place to run classified for Coastal. There are other cities that work great for Classifieds but you must be consistant because it usually takes more than one look at your ad to sell a person with a classified.

    Calling leads is something I am doing more often now more than ever because I want to get better at it. I never use a script but I do use an outline sometimes. This method definitely works if you have the time to make the calls hence my reason for focusing on the other methods that direct prospects to call our call center. It doesn't totally eliminate the need to talk to prospects but it does make it easier if you work a fulltime job and someone wants the info while you are at work.

    Again, the best thing about Coastal is the fact that we can choose a marketing method that fits our personality and schedule so we are not locked into something that we aren't comfortable with.
  5. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member


    What do New Coastal Members have to know about Marketing?

    I love this forum. It is a place to learn and for new prospects to come and learn about the business from successful leaders from all groups. Coastal Vacations is made up of different people. I learned a long time ago if you have two people in a room that means there will be at least 3 opinion on how to do something. Such is the case with Coastal. Whatever group you are with you have something positive to share and give prospect a choice. In America with all of our choices we are so blessed.

    Lets all continue to share our stories and tips and strategies so that prospects and new directors can all learn. Im a well seasoned director and I still come to learn. Lets keep the forum as a place to exchange ideas and not get into the back and forth NONSENSE. If I have offended anyone with anything ive said I apologize and lets get on to the real business at hand.

    Now what does a new person have to know about marketing? Well in my humble opinion you just have to know how to go to where people are. Travel is something everyone likes. We offer is at the best prices. Yes you can learn all the adcopy tricks and the ppc and the blogs and forum posting. But really concentrate in the beginning on getting the word out to your warm market.

    Stephanie of the Coastal Board of Directors had a great training the other day. She said what I have been saying for years now. Tell your warm market that you came across a great travel package and they should check it out so they can save on their travel. No need to talk about you starting a business but rather market on the strength of the package. Remember you warm market knows and trust you and they are a great referral source. Think of all the people they know at church , at work, and all of their friends and families. Those are free leads. Use them wisely.

    So if you are a new prospect and you havent made your decision yet read the forum over and learn. If you have someone that referred you to Coastal get back to them after you have done your due diligence and get your remaining questions answered and get started. If you are brand new and need a director there are a bunch of us on this forum. Im open to a conversation to see if first off you are truly serious about Coastal and secondly to see if we have a good business fit. Let's talk soon.

    Adam Frederick
    Coastal Level III Director
    302 476 2753
  6. victorious

    victorious New Member

    The beauty of this business is that even people who don't know anything about computer can make money with it.

    The opportunities are endless in the offline world as well!
  7. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    WELCOME to the board, Matt! It's always nice to see another successful WCYS member around![​IMG]
  8. JenaV

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    Hi Bob,

    Did you get my text earlier. I tried to send it from my Blackberry...

    Yes, I do it the easy way. I buy leads and call when I have time, or I give them to my Associates. "Employee the efforts of others, to move forward with our (my team's) success."

    I do spend about $300 to $400 a month.

    With my Profit. I'm able to Break it up 3 different ways.

    First, I invest back into my Business (buy more Advertising "Leads")

    Second, put $$ into our Savings (ING Direct is offering 6.10% on Accounts!)

    Third, we (my family) have fun, go shopping for stuff the kids need or want.

    My Husband and I have date night on Friday's (pay for a babysitter, go to Dinner & a Movie or Dinner and Comedy show/ Concert, Boxing or MMA fights) But we have alone time to reconnect after a Crazy week.

    I hope this was useful.
    Write soon,
  9. Judy

    Judy New Member

    Those are exactly the things that want to do with the extra money -reinvest, save, spoil kids more, date nights. It all sounds great.

    Has anyone put ads in seniors publications? We have quite a few in Burlington Ontario where I live. It is an affluent city and so I'm sure a lot of these seniors have computers. I will have to look at pricing and try to get the right feel for the ad but any suggestions would help.
    I thought I would have my website up and running by September but it got so busy with my daycare -now it's slowing down a bit so I have more time for the business.

  10. JenaV

    JenaV New Member

    Hi Judy,

    You are in Canada? And you own a DayCare?

    You know, you should get in touch with Charlotte B. from the CWB. PM me and I'll be happy to give you her info.

    She lives in Canada and I believe she was able to retire from HER DayCare business - using Coastal.

    BTW is this the Judy that was on Freedom Team Call Friday? If so, Hello! It's Jena the Newest Released Level 3 director and glad to meet you! Well, I'm glad to me you even if it's not the Judy from Friday's Team Call. [​IMG]
  11. mountainmom5

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    One thing that drew me to Coastal was the fact that you didn't have to approach family and friends , or do home parties!No products to drag with you all over the place...or stock in your garage...I still have skin care stuff from a business I did 13 years ago!![​IMG]

    I mostly work leads but have done presentations , too, by using the DVD that comes with any of the memberships , (L1,L2 or L3) - it's really quite simple to present the opportunity to someone... with that.

    Anyone can be successful with Coastal Vacations![​IMG]

  12. matiasmommy

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    Quoting: mountainmom5 still have skin care stuff from a business I did 13 years ago!!

    Hi Viola!

    I'm no expert on the topic of beauty or skincare (tomgirl at heart!) but erm.. I do recall reading somewhere some time ago that cosmetic products DO have a shelf life and break down over time.

    I don't know exactly- I suspect that most likely the "active ingredients" or whatever just become less effective- but at any rate you MIGHT want to consider throwing that stuff out now!!! Get the dust out of the closet so to speak- and I would hate to see a bottle of that stuff really go bad on you and get some kind of rash or other, perhaps more unpleasant result!

    Just a THOUGHT! You don't need that stuff anymore (if you ever did!)

    YUP- anyone can be successful with Coastal! I'm living proof!


  13. rhondap

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    Quoting: mountainmom5I mostly work leads


    What leads work best for you?

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