What does it take to make a great sales letter?

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    Being still relatively new, ok new, to online marketing, I am still trying to learn the ropes. One thing I am doing is reading and listening to everyone I can. I had the privilege of listening to Mr. David Garfinkle, and in his lecture he proposed eleven parts to a great sales letter.

    You must start out with a headline that gives enough of the story to get your reader interested and your subheads should be just as catchy as your headline.

    The opener of the story must contain a hook, a story, a claim, or get the readers empathy. This is where you grab the reader.

    The story develops the world of the copy. It should have a beginning, a middle, an end, and character or characters to develop an emotional place for the buyer to buy.

    The subheads should be short, punchy headlines between paragraphs. They should draw people into the story and make them want to read the copy.

    The proof of your product is hard work. It may take a lot of research, testimonials or research, but you should provide the reader with the proof that your product does what you say it does.

    The offer is what you are selling. You want to surround your offer with benefits or feelings. If you have bonuses to offer, mention them here, they will help drive the sale.

    Bullets or numbered points should be used to point out benefits of the product, not scientific facts. Examples would be what problem the product will solve, what benefit they will gain, or what it will accomplish.

    The guarantee is most important, for if you live up to your promises not many people will take advantage of your guarantee, but it builds in security. The conversion rate is much higher when you have a great guarantee.

    The call to action is where you ask for the sale. You want to build up the value of the item and then go for the price. Scarcity, such as offering for a limited time only, also helps sell the product.

    A good sales letter always involves a few good testimonials - a direct story from someone who has used the product. You can have several type testimonials such as conversational, expert or user. Testimonies help conter objections and make the claims real in the readers mind.

    Lastly is the P.S. The P.S. is the second headline, benefit, an offer, or something used to pull them back into the sales letter.

    The sales letters I have seen have pretty much had these elements. Do any of you have any advice on writing sales letters?
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    I'd add = Offer some sort of incentive with the call to action!
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    Here are some things that will help you convert your traffic to leads better:

    Have a pre-headline
    Test different headlines
    Add audio (read the lead capture page)
    Add images (pic of yourself)
    Have the opt-in box in the top right hand corner (converts better)
    Add video (your personal story)
    Use bling (image heavy html)

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