What ever you are selling-Make sure your Product and/or Service Provides True Lasting VALUE

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    Dear WAHMs and WAHDs (dads)-

    I am a new member and first want to applaud everyone for taking the leap of faith-in believing in yourselves for seeking a better life for yourselves and your families by breaking away from the 9-5 daily routine drudgery called a J.O.B. I myself have taken the plunge in June but it will probably be a year or two before I am able to hopefully walk away from my day time job.

    Regardless of what work at home program or system you have found, I still think this forum and (others) out there-needs to do a better job in presenting the opportunities for a "realistic" point of reference. Take a look how many Get Rich Scheme Programs (GRSPs) exist online Or offline ??“when compared to the actual number of real honest to goodness work at home programs (not scam web portals) with a thousand affiliate links all over the place.

    The ever so cautious web-surfer can spell a scam site a mile a mile way. I believe everyone out there on the net needs to be more honest and forthcoming with actual claims of thousands of dollars guaranteed in next 30-60 days. These are outright lies. Maybe this was true 10-15 years ago when the internet as a e-commerce vehicle was still in its infancy and relatively unheard.

    Please-here me out-this is not an "indictment" on any of your programs-but is just an FYI, that with the millions of websites out there, probably half if not more are nothing but scam sites regarding business opportunities. I should know as I was scammed several years ago over 10,000 US. Yes 10K. I am not proud of it but I would like to thank the good Lord that I believe I am at least a bit more wise because of that experience.

    Even after being scammed out of 10K, I kept thinking that there had to be a legitimate way that someone could make an honest living online or offline (if they already have a home business). However I could not find any such sites.

    The Product or Service MUST have Real Value which stands alone

    When you think of an online business or offline business-you have to ask yourself what is the product that you are selling? And most importantly ??“is the product something that you would buy yourself if you were not in business? Ask yourself the same question?

    If you're really honest with yourselves-many of you will answer no. Regardless of your home business system- for any home business of any value, there has to be a product that has value that you can believe in and promote to your potential customers. After all, if you yourself would not purchase and buy the product yourself-how in the world can you expect to sell the product to your potential customers?

    Regardless of the home business program or system your selling, there has to be a legitimate product or service of overwhelming value-otherwise you just have a recruiting system or program which many of these scam home businesses are.

    After you strip away all the monthly fees, advertising and marketing fees, membership fees, drop-shipping fees, merchant account fees, e-mail/auto-responder fees, fax and phone fees; after removing all theses reoccurring fees-does your product still stand alone? If not you really need to consider what is you are selling and move on.

    The Only Legitimate Way for a successful web-business is Using the Content-Traffic-Presell-Monetization Method

    After looking for years it seemed I kept thinking there has to be home business that you could work both online or offline (for those of you who already have conventional brick and mortar home businesses.

    I came across one such company that is unique that emphasizes the Content-Traffic Presell-Monetization method. (CTPM) . This method, in my humble opinion is the only way to make legitimate income both online or offline regardless of your product or service that you are offering. This system works whether you are selling porcelain dolls from China or trying to increase your client base if you're a realtor or a doctor-the CTPM method works for all themed niche sites.

    Think for a moment, you're looking for porcelain dolls, what do you do? You click in Mother-Google Porcelain dolls in Google and VOILA, Mother Google send you pages of Porcelain dolls that reflects your KEY WORD parameters.

    You then scroll down maybe the first page or so of relevance to seek out website owners whose' site themed niche site has what you are seeking..If you alike the site and it matches your key word search criteria, then you check out the site, clicking on relative ads, and possible even purchase something.

    See what you just did-you searched, you entered in key words and landed on their web page (TRAFFIC) . But if you didn't like their site-you clicked right out of the site and searched for other sites. If your site is relevant and provided TRUE VALUE-TRAFFIC will arrive at your site. Google already knows that, the SEOs are doomed because the Google, Yahoo and Bing algorithms are too sophisticated to differentiate VALUE CONTENT sites VS scam gate-way sites with banners and affiliate links all over the place.

    Lastly MONETIZE, if you liked the site, you are already presold to buy what the site has to offer whether it's the porcelain dolls or service.

    The bottom line-make sure your home business whatever it is you are selling (either a product or a serice) provides True Value for the customer and make sure your site follows the CTPM model for optimal exposure and success for your work at home business.



    Remember: "The only Unfulfilled Goals in Your Life are the Ones you Never Attempt"

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