What happen to StormPay?

Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by taityl, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. taityl

    taityl New Member

    Dear members,
    Do you encounter any problem with StormPay recently?

    I have an account with StormPay since last two years, and using it quite often. It's been a while, about 6 months time I never use the account, also didn't log in to my account.

    Recently I try to log in again, but seems like the password is always incorrect, so I click on the link to retrieve my password, after verifying, a webpage appeared and said an email just sent to me, but I never received any email! I tried it 3 times for 3 days, same thing happen!

    So I submit a ticket to ask to retrive my password, I did it 3 times in another 3days, but I still not received any response from them!

    Anyone know what happen there? or anyone having the same problem here?

  2. philena30

    philena30 New Member

    Did you try calling them too?
  3. taityl

    taityl New Member

    No, I didn't. I think it's too costly to call from Malaysia here.
  4. taityl

    taityl New Member

    Hi guys,
    Finally, I manage to log into my account again [​IMG]

    Thank you,
  5. made51k2005

    made51k2005 New Member

    I've had no problems...glad you got it!![​IMG]
  6. taityl

    taityl New Member

    I think maybe it's because my email account have some problems previously, I'm now having no problem with stormpay, and I'm a NetIBA certified member now [​IMG]

  7. Bellegalla

    Bellegalla New Member

    The problems were caused by an overload of data in their support system it would seem. People keep sending claims to Stormpay and Stormpay just is not responsible for how you spend your money. Too many people expect to get their money back. That is why it is written in red above your account when you go to pay something. Many People just do not understand english it would seem.
    Everything is find now. They just trashed thousands of complaints that have absolutely nothing to do with them I guess.
  8. fiberoptical

    fiberoptical New Member

    Quoting: BellegallaThat is why it is written in red above your account when you go to pay something.

    StormPay does not guarantee in any way the product or services advertised by our suppliers. You hereby agree to thoroughly investigate any product or service advertised by our suppliers and further agree that all sales are final. The only exceptions are refunds at the suppliers sole discretion.

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