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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by Nikkbunny, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Nikkbunny

    Nikkbunny New Member

    I do not know what happened to WAH recently. I worked for them last year and was assigned to DR. It was great I finished my training and was able to work. I had plenty of hours, the PALs were friendly and helpful. I recently got re-hired and stuck into C*t*. Webinars are taking forever to get through, they keep canceling them, and they keep adding on webinars to take. They have only given log-ins to very few people and then they turn around and hire almost 550 new agents. This is ridiculous I asked to be put back into DR but they won't do that anymore. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I just want to work so I can pay my bills and it seems as though they just want to jerk us around.
  2. auntee

    auntee New Member

    I share yur pain. Last time I spoke with a pal I was told that logins are requested when you start training. My login was requeated 1/15 so I should receive login by today (supposedly). not holding my breathe. when did you start training?
  3. remyrell

    remyrell New Member

    Last 4 digits of PAL number anyone?
  4. Nikkbunny

    Nikkbunny New Member

    I started training on Jan 28th. I finished on Feb 4th now I am waiting to do webinar 3 which is apparently having major technical difficulties. They use a Citrix client so that's to be expected[​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. Nikkbunny

    Nikkbunny New Member

    For C*t* the last 4 for a PAL are 0358.
  6. Nikkbunny

    Nikkbunny New Member

    I just finished webinar 3 [​IMG]! It is nice to be done with the service part of training. However I may need to take it again b/c SAWGr*** kept messing up on us, but I think I got the jist of it. Hopefully I will get to start my sales training tomorrow.*fingers crossed* The PAL leading our webinar said that west sent an email to C*t* that stated that they should get our logins a little faster in order for us to work more effectively and reliably.( Apparently C*t* is complaining about the lack of reps on the phone) HAHA.
  7. amyg

    amyg New Member

    Hi guys! I totally understand your frustration! I waited awhile for mine, too. Got the logins finally, than when I went to train, the login didnt even work..took 4 days to fix that problem! I have been taking calls for 4 days now, and at first, I think I hung up on about 7 people...OOPS! I too, forgot my own name! [​IMG])) Heres a helpful hint..Make sure you know how to activate a card, make sure you call a PAL before starting work, because they do NOT teach in training how to use the sawgrass softphone, and you will be LOST as I was! There are quite a few things they did not teach us, and I went live, and felt like a FOOL! [​IMG] Anyway I can help, please just ask me, I will do my best to answer any Q's. Also, if you have another webinar, beg for role play...they get distracted, but it is SO needed! Good luck, ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. suni315

    suni315 New Member

    They should be complaining about the # of reps available. I have been done traing since the 27th of January, Got my logins last week signed up for hours and am having tech and password issues and even though I am spending my entire shift trying to get in you dont get paid for it! I also have been calling a P*l for several days now and no P*als are available by phne or chat. Anybody else having these problems?

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