What if someone tries selling the director release?

Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by savannah, May 22, 2007.

  1. savannah

    savannah New Member

    I recently found someone selling all three of the director releases for only $400 they dont include the packages but after you purchase the releases you supposedly can buy the packages for yourself directly from NB MANAGEMENT. Cant this guy loose his directorship by doing this? Why shouldnt a new comer in the biz attempt to by the releases and make $ immediately?
  2. PT Dude

    PT Dude New Member

    Without the back offices and lead/ training and the extensive info i wouldnt expect very much success.
  3. DanielPayne

    DanielPayne New Member

    yeah, I wouldn't trust him. Join a club like the CWB or CSG that has extensive training and support and even if your director is a flake, you still get trained. Its ridiculous to expect success w/out proper training, a back office, etc.
  4. decker2006

    decker2006 New Member

    Do not buy directors releases from eBay or any other "off the street" method. First of all, these releases may not even be honored by NB Management so there is no guarantee.

    Secondly, just because you buy a director's release, how do you expect to start making money immediately without the training, website, or any other of the methods already in place to make your business a success? There is a proven track to success. Follow it. Do not try to go around the system, because your chances of success are slim to none.

    You are getting ripped off if you go about purchasing a directors release like that.

  5. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    To add to what Noreen just said, when you market Coastal you will be an example to them on what level to come in at and how to market the business yourself. If you tell, "well, I just bought the releases on ebay" then you will never make those huge commissions because they will see no reason to buy from you. It's shooting yourself in the foot on top of being against Coastal rules of running your business.
  6. matiasmommy

    matiasmommy New Member

    Its sad.. but I know it happens to good people. I have had several people approach me about this.. some of them are team members of mine now. I'm willing to show them the way to do it right and help them be successful.

    What I have heard is that the certs are not honoured or in one case, she paid but NEVER got it!

    I say, Coastal is a good thing- but be wary of the credibility of someone trying to short cut the system. How successful can they really be in coastal, if they have to sell releases? What can this person teach you, except how to NOT make at least $1000 each and EVERY time?

    Not to mention.. how can you in your heart then turn around and market the products to others ethically at the BOD prices, let alone TRAIN them- if you have not gone through that process yourself?

    If it looks like a fish, smells like a fish and swims like a fish.. chances are IT IS a fish, not a cow!


    Jani Teeter
    L3 Director, CSG
  7. luvtravel

    luvtravel New Member

    Quoting: DanielPayneJoin a club like the CWB or CSG that has extensive training and support and even if your director is a flake, you still get trained.

    Add to this list of groups (they aren't "clubs")
    WeCloseYourSales for more extensive training than CSG (I know I was with that group briefly).

  8. matiasmommy

    matiasmommy New Member

    Terri- you actually found there was LESS training and back office materials with the CSG then with WCYS? How so?

    I have WCYS people on my team, who say the exact opposite! They are stunned by the training and support materials provided, not to mention the automated system that presents all the information for them. I've also seen both systems myself- I have to say that while telemarketers is a great marketing strategy upfront- its pretty hard for me to justify the extra costs when I really have seen the reality from the inside of the business.

    You are right though... they are all coastal groups. Coastal Vacations is actually Coastal "Club" though!


    Jani Teeter
    L3 Director, CSG
  9. Lanna

    Lanna New Member

    When my husband and I were looking at the Coastal Vacations business opportunities we found all sorts of things like ones selling director's release. Upon our research we found that we would not be getting all of the training, etc. with this. We did not research it further to see if it would even be honored by NB Management.

    Quoting: luvtravelQuoting: DanielPayne
    Join a club like the CWB or CSG that has extensive training and support and even if your director is a flake, you still get trained.

    I do not know about the CSG but we are directors with the CWB and the WeCloseYourSales (WCYS) groups. From our own experience we found that the WCYS group offers the best training and an awesome automated system. We found that most of the team members that you get in the CWB get tired of "smiling and dialing" with little results. We also found out that just because you or your director is a great salesperson does not mean that your team members will be great salespeople too. We are very grateful that we found the WCYS group. They are a great group of people.


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  10. savannah

    savannah New Member

    Quoting: matiasmommyWhat I have heard is that the certs are not honoured or in one case, she paid but NEVER got it!

    I really appreciate everyone's response and dedication to the Coastal business.
    But how is it that the certs are not honored though? And who denies the certs, is it the shipping center?
  11. matiasmommy

    matiasmommy New Member

    The shipping centre keeps records, yes!


    Jani Teeter
    L3 Director, CSG
  12. ibizniz

    ibizniz New Member

    Hello Savannah

    the shipping center is aware of everyone in Coastal, who they purchased the packages from, who is the upline etc, and if you are trying to purchase a package without having a valid coastal ID.

    If you lose your director, you can write to the shipping center and they will give you the contact details of your upline....so you do not become an orphan.

    Bottom line, coastal is a business. You get what you pay for. If you purchase a package and release for next to nothing, that is what you should expect, next to nothing....

    Hope this helps


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