What incentives do any of you use to get prospects to sign up

Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by ateamfuntimer, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    For thousands of years incentives have been a great way to entice customers to purchase products. It would stand to reason the same would be true with Coastal Vacations. I have been researching various leaders in Coastal ( as a writer I have a great book idea) and seen many that use incentives. Whether its their own training tapes and material, computers, leads, vacation vouchers or any of the other options id love to learn some of the strategies used. My biggest question is whether or not this process lends itself to be duplicated? Can the new person compete in such a market? Are some of the incentives just gimmicks and marketing strategies or do they add value to the Coastal business? I would love to hear back from as many of you as possible and have you answer a few questions.

    1- Do you use incentives?
    2- If so what incentives?
    3- How much of a budget do you have for these incentives?
    4- Do you offer better incentives for the different level packages?
    5- Do you see added business because of incentives?
    6- Do you or can you teach a new member to use incentives?

    I hope this topic sparks some great conversation and a great exchange of ideas.

  2. griffiths

    griffiths New Member

    I believe it was Jeff that offers a laptop to anyone who signs up with the platinum package (around a $900 value).

    I would love to hear from him how successful he feels that his incentives work!

    If it would seal the deal on an upgrade from premier to platinum, I would do it in a heart beat!

    I personally dont currently offer incentives, just honest to goodness 110% directors help and assistance on anything my team needs. But if incentives are working...my eyes and ears are open for advice [​IMG]

  3. luvtravel

    luvtravel New Member

    Quoting: ateamfuntimerAre some of the incentives just gimmicks and marketing strategies or do they add value to the Coastal business?

    "Add Value to the Coastal Package" ?
    No, I see offering high dollar items like an IPod or a LapTop as a marketing strategy, HOWEVER, the laptop could lend value to the BUSINESS side for anyone just starting, to be able to give presentations etc.

    Would adding a laptop get someone to fork over $11,000? If you think about it, getting the Coastal Platinum Package should be incentive enough especially for those who can see the value of the package such as those who were thinking of buying a timeshare, for that they would have to pay $25,000 PLUS and get much less for their money.

    Businesses are always adding incentives and it is a smart way to run a business as long as there is a time limit placed on the incentive.

    I will gladly give a Laptop to anyone who will purchase a Platinum pkg!

    Now giving a complimentary vacation as an incentive especially for Realtors and the crunch that is starting , is BRILLIANT strategy.

    It depends on the urgency you want to create , it's all in timing, plus what is happening in the marketplace , and that is where a good marketing expert comes in, know your customer!

  4. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    I don't know that I'd call it incentives, but adding value to what we do.

    I add alot of extra value to the membership when I add a new team member. I have training cds, Books, a manual, shirts and brief cases that I've added to the membership. I've also included cameras, video presentation equipment and notebook computers as well.

    It's not about an incentive, but about providing a complete expierience. I just got an order of embroidered brief cases that I've added to the premier and platinum memberships. I don't promote most of these bonuses on my website - its' what I call underpromise - OVER DELIVER!!

    Last year I invested $1500 to win a silent auction for a coastal manual. I didn't have to do it, but it was an investment for a good cause AND I wanted to see if there was any value in the manual. Long story short...I over paid for something that was of little value.

    I own alot of Coastal training material and MOST of what I've paid for was worthless!! Providing Value is what we do. I'm constantly looking for ways to add value to what I do. When I find something, I try it...IF IT WORKS...I share it with my team.

    I'm on a training call RIGHT NOW. I attend Official Coastal Vacations trainings and calls each day. Every day I learn something new and I apply what I've learned.

    Jay NaPier
    Platinum Director
    Coastal Vacations
  5. ibizniz

    ibizniz New Member


    I do offer incentives and the bottom line is they work.

    The incentive that works best for me is free leads or free advertising done on another persons behalf.

    I either purchase coastal specific leads or do ezine/PPC/Online advertising (geared to a new members specific needs) and it works two fold, the new member gets prospects to talk to and I have a happy team member (plus of course I receive the training sales and the new members becomes qualified).

    Like Jay, I offer a lot of training materials, manuals free website etc, but I think most new members are particularly impressed with my team training website.

    You do not have to re-invent the wheel, but make sure that you have the materials and access to tools to ensure that your new members get the best start possible and even more important, that you are really there for them. Lack of support is probably the #1 fear all new coastal members have.

    The official coastal system and officialcoastaltraining dot com is a great place to start for those who have joined coastal and did not inherit extra marketing tools and resources.

    Hope this helps
  6. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    Maria makes a great point. Leads make a great incentive. I provide 2500 leads for my new team member, but not only that...I use my ContactTalk to get the ball rolling while my new associate is getting started with their training.

    Jay NaPier
    Platinum Director
    Coastal Vacations
  7. ibizniz

    ibizniz New Member

    Hello Jay

    what ever happened to contactmate dot com?

    So you prefer contacttalk over other systems?

  8. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    Hi Maria,

    The name contactmate was changed to ContactTalk.

    I do prefer ContactTalk. It's a great system. It's simply to use and it's customized to Coastal.

    Jay NaPier
  9. goldmills

    goldmills New Member

    Yes incentives do work, here is why I use them and why you should too...


    You could buy a Coastal Vacations Package from ANYONE on the internet, and it would be the same package from who ever you buy from.

    But then... that's all you get.

    I learned a long time ago, that differentiation in the market place is key.

    That is why I developed the "WHO IS PAGE" system where people get to know, like and trust me before they ever spend money with me.

    DIFFERENTIATION also provides value and separates me from the rest of the pack. By offering something of greater value than anyone else, that makes me stand out and it focuses the lead to look at my offer, as the best offer and if there are 5-10 directors to choose from, I might then, get the sale cause I have the best offer.

    That is the freedom of making sales that Coastal provides. You can incentivize people with Leads, Laptops, Manuals, Tools, and all... just make sure they are good.

    Make sure your people USE THEM.

    You DON'T have to offer bonuses and incentives, but I can tell you 8 people I sign up out of 10 join TO GET THE BONUSES.

    Learn from that. Come up with your own bonus packages, your sales WILL increase.

    From time to time, mix it up with a special ONE TIME OFFER that will never be repeated, people go for that stuff, but be real, don't ever offer that offer again, so it is a true ONE TIME OFFER and is special.

    These are the secrets that have led me to become one of the top selling Coastal Directors.

    ANYONE can do this. APPLY and SUCCEED!

  10. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    I really appreciate the answers so far. They have ignited a bunch of great ideas. My follow up question for you all that answered is how can we duplicate any of this in our teams. I have tons of my own training material to give out as ive been around a while, as well as I can afford to buy them leads or with my new marketing company I can give them tools I usually sell as they are now teammates. But for the new guy that just did his 2 training sales what can we teach them so they can duplicate our success? any ideas would be welcome.

  11. goldmills

    goldmills New Member

    The secret is not DUPLICATION. as most think it is...

    DELEGATION is the secret.

    You have to train your people to think independent of you. I know everyone wants a "duplicateable tool and system" but if they all worked, everyone in Coastal would be millionaires right? Cause they duplicated the system.

    But that is certainly NOT the case. The BIG money makers I see online, especially in Coastal, took their own path, made their own tools, marched to a different drummer, (whatever cliche saying here).

    We all get milk from the same cow.... Just churn your own butter.

  12. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    Hey Jeff,

    You have just turned the light bulb on in my head. Thank you so so so much. I love the delegation idea. I appreciate all that you have done in paving the way in my learning about Coastal. Thanks again for all you do.


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