What is and do you use Linkedin?

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    I read some on the linkedin site that it is yet another social networking site but am not clear on the benefits of using the site. In the past week I got to invitations to join others but I don't have an account there and don't understand how I got an invitiation if I don't have an account.

    If you use this service, have you found any benefit and if so what, from using this service?

    Thank you
    Karen Umstattd
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    I have just joined the forum, so my response is a bit tardy. However, I am begining to use LinkedIn on my site, and I have high hopes for its utility. It is basically a trusted network site. Used properly, you provide referrals to third parties based on your relationship with the trusted person.

    For example:

    My friend Joe I know is a good accountant.

    I ask Joe to be part of my trusted network at LinkedIn.

    Betty, who I do not know, needs an accountant.

    Betty is a friend of Bill who is also my friend. Bill is also in my network.

    Betty asks me to introduce her to Joe the accountant because of my relationship with Bill.

    I intend using LinkedIn to create a network of trusted Network Marketers who run their own Website. Check out my blog at http://usana-opportunity.com/[url] ...d partners. Happy Networking! Doug Robinson
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    It's really just business networking. Which in itself has value, but I don't know that I would use it to try to get traffic to a website or to push an affiliate program. If you're selling your own services it might help your revenue.

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