What is DR like at night?

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by daisyacres, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. daisyacres

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    I've been doing DR during the day so far-just a couple of hours a day. I was thinking of picking up some night hours-what are the calls like? Is it more sales? I seem to be getting about 3/4 of my calls as information ones. Just curious if there is any difference in the shifts.
  2. shamrock

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    I work mostly nights. You'll still get quite a few info only calls, but there tends to be quite a bit of selling. The call volume is usually on the slow side, but it can pick up every now & then. I have never had enough calls to earn the .15 cent per minute rate as opposed to the minimum wage. Since they do air more infomercials overnight, there are a lot sales orders, usually with an upsell & APO list a mile long (especially with Time-Life).

    On the weekends, you'll also have a large number of prank & obscene calls. There are several perverted individuals that call so often you'll be able to recognize their number in the wrapper before even answering the phone. And of course there are the countless children who's idea of a good time is calling 800 #'s and acting like a complete idiots.

    Overall, as long as you ar not easily offended or frustrated, nights aren't that bad.
  3. daisyacres

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    thanks Shamrock! I had a thought that's how it might be. [​IMG]

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