What is the best affiliate marketing programs

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by bbll, Feb 1, 2008.

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    affiliate marketing programs
  2. Marktech

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    I have made the most personally from Clickbank. Clickbank is a collection of ebook writers and product vendors so it's not just one product or service, most offers are for ebooks. The affiliate linking system is very easy, perfect for beginners. There are a lot of reputable affiliate programs out there - Commission Junction, Performics, Amazon, but I think Clickbank is great for beginners.

    I haven't got rich from clickbank - I made about $500 dollars in six months last year. Not much but I didn't know what I was doing to some extent and didn't apply myself to the fullest. I hope to do better this year. There's much to learn, it's not easy but some people really do make good money.
  3. happywife

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    For digital products (e-books, etc.) Clickbank is the most popular as already mentioned.

    If you are looking for affiliate programs for specific niche products, you can just google your topic + affiliate and you are likely to come up with a selection related to the niche you want to market toward.

    If you can find affiliate programs that offer lifetime cookies, they are the best, obviously. That means you will get a commission any time that customer purchases no matter how long into the future or how often, etc. Those are lovely little gems.

    Otherwise, look for programs that offer lengthy cookies, at least 30 days but sometimes 45 or 90 days. You have a better chance of getting a commission because many people don't purchase on their first visit. They'll think about it for a little while then come back and buy. If they go directly to the site, you will still get the commission if your "cookie" is still on their computer.

    Not sure exactly what you were looking for, but hope that helps.
  4. dmitch31

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    ClickBank's commissions are the highest as well...
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    Clickbank has a lot of products, but something which interests your visitors will also pay well
  6. biggles

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    Yes, undoubtedly digital products such as those sold by Clickbank can be the most profitable simple because it's not 'tangible' objects being sold that require packaging and posting etc. Because of this, commission rates on some of the best products are 75% of the product price! Also look at Paydotcom.com - a growing competitor to Clickbank.

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