What is the purpose of this scam?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by vagabond, May 15, 2008.

  1. vagabond

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    While I have been on the internet for many years I have always been skeptical enough to avoid any scams. I guess I must be getting old and stupid because recently I replied to an ad on craigslist (never do that again) for a work from home position. Thank God I didn't send them anything too personal, like SS# or DOB but I did send my name address and phone number, only to discover that the "position" was posting the same scam ad I answered.

    Other than getting people's personal info and e-mail I don't really see the purpose of this scam. Of course the possibilities scare me, what do they do with this info? Use it to rob you? Does anyone know anything about how this "fake ad" works?
  2. mountainmom5

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    If it's the same thing I had tried - they call it all kinds of things like data entry, typing at home, etc...and the way most of them work is you pay them a small fee to get the instructions on how to place the same ads that you just responded to, so that others can now pay you for the instructions , so they can place ads,,etc,etc...

    It's a scam - but evidently it works as there are a lot of them out there - lol[​IMG]
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    I know what you mean because about 7 months ago I replied to the same ad and they wanted me to send them $15 for training materials. That's crazy because they're sending it through email and it doesn't cost anything. My friend tried it before and told me all about it.
  4. vagabond

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    This one had you go to a website and watch a video of how to place the fake ad on craigslist, you were supposed to then place an ad that they had given you and when people responded you were to reply to them and give them a URL (that they had supplied) to respond to. They were supposed to see how many responses you got and then decide how much they would pay you per hour. they never asked for any money from me, but maybe I hadn't got to that point yet, the next step would have been to place the ad and I wasn't about to do that.

    That's why I can't figure out what the scam was, cause they didn't as for money.
  5. opendomain

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    Interesting. I'd be interested in seeing that link.

    Based on that 1 of 2 things is happening.

    1. The company is testing you for something great and is checking how well you market by tracking your success..

    ...I doubt this is what's going on.

    2. (and far more likely)
    The link send people to a site that ads spyware or a key logger or something....especially if it's a video. I would run a spyware program just to play it safe.
  6. vagabond

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  7. aplina

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    l would be very carefull with scams that ask you for your presonnal details. if you want to know more about the program, create a free email account just for that.

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