What is your why? What's your dream?

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  1. jnapier

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    Let's share why we are with Coastal and why we own the membership.

    For me, the foundation starts with the product. I've loved traveling every since I took my first solo trip to Nashville. I got out of high school on Friday and off to Nashville to visit with my friends. I always enjoyed seeing new things. I love theme parks and watching musical shows at the parks...one reason I do travel often to Pigeon Forge for DollyWood.

    When I bought the Coastal membership, I bougt it as a business owner looking to use the bonus vacations as an incentive and recognition program for my soy candle company. As luck had it, three weeks after I got my membership, the company that made my candles went out of business and I made a decision to get into the travel business. I upgraded to L2 and had my L2 release in 2 weeks.

    My original income goal was $5000 per month. That would take care of all my family expenses and allow extra for fun as well. Today, the goals are alot larger. My focus has changed as well. I no longer care as much asbout the income and focus more on training and supporting my team.

    Your why's will change as you begin to grow in your business. You'll find that things that meant alot before...mean nothing as your progress in your business.

    Family is my main priority in this busines. I have my immediate family and my coastal family. I've adopted several who I've grown to know as friends and we speak often about Coastal and how to be successful with Coastal. I spend time with my Coastal Family at events and do make trips from time to time to see my team members.

    Experience is something that helps as well. I remember a team member who was doing some of his own marketing got a call from someone who wanted to put him in front of his computer and sell internet services. The investment was only $3000...and he made the investment and got 0. I could have saved him that $3000, but I was too late.

    This years goals have been simple. Balance my life by not being so scheduled that I can't break my schedule. Sell off old cars I didn't drive (done). Buy new ones....Just bought a new van. I've got a Jeep Grand Cherokee that I've got to replace the engine on.....that's been fun. And I'm in the market for a truck or something classic that catches my eye. I'm looking to increase the number of reps who make Coastal their full time income.

    By the end of the year I'm looking to have 3 maybe even 4 homes. One in the Great Smokey Mountains is a must and might just be the first I buy.

    What is your why?? What motivates you to get up early and stay late??

    Jay NaPier
  2. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    Wow...I'm really surprised that more have not shared why they are a part of Coastal Vacations and what they are currently looking to attain.

    Jay NaPier
  3. screamingeagle

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    My why or definite major purpose is that I will contribute to my Alaska Native Culture. I will establish scholarships to enable Alaska Native to go to school to learn Alaska Native Art and to provide funds to buy/make their tools/materials need to practice their art.

    I will fund a center where Alaska Natives could practice their artwork as well as have a place to sell their artwork.
  4. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    Thanks for sharing Screamingeagle. I know because of how you feel about making this possible for Native Alaska, you'll be successful.

    Jay NaPier
  5. screamingeagle

    screamingeagle New Member

    You're quite welcome [​IMG]

    Anybody else want to share their why/definite major purpose?

    Take Care,

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