What kind of success are you having with TraVerus?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by luvinarizona, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. luvinarizona

    luvinarizona Member

    After leaving YTB in October 2007, we joined TraVerus and have been relatively successful. We have almost 100 people on our team.

    We want to know what kind of success other TraVerus members are having and also share team building ideas.
  2. majorD

    majorD New Member

    Hey marcus,

    I was also a former YTB power team leader that made the switch. I just can't understand why someone wouldn't want to make more money with TraVerus. There are those out there that maybe don't understand or are not aware of the differences. I would love to talk to those people that need more information. I have been with TraVerus for 7mo. now and i have more then 800ppl in my down line more then i had with YTB. I am also receiving a lot more money on a monthly basis then i did with YTB as a power team leader. I am currently a National Executive with TraVerus and am loving every min. off it!..The way I increase my down line was with online promoting. I enjoy talking to people so i promote thru social networks like this. I have also been able to make flyers and give out to my family members. They in turn take them to work and pass them out to the employees. Every where i go i carry my cards and because Traverus is such an easy sell i am able to increase my prospect list. I also have many capture pages that where made by my best friend and that really increased my business..I hope this has helped.
    enjoy your day!...majorD[​IMG]
  3. luvinarizona

    luvinarizona Member


    Thanks for your reply and congratulations on your success with TraVerus. People didn't take Walmart and Microsoft serious when they started and now look at them. TraVerus is going to be the same way.
  4. traverus_travel

    traverus_travel New Member

    Hey Marcus, am I the only one that was positive that we had a folder specifically for Traverus? Oh well, if so, I guess we can all meet up and discuss things here[​IMG]
  5. queenrachel16

    queenrachel16 New Member

    How do you get going?! I've been with them for 8 months now and nothing! Not a single bite, well one but she quit because it was too much work.
    Any tips? Marketing on my end is rough. How do you explain that this is a great opportunity.
    Thanks [​IMG]
  6. Lori Moreno

    Lori Moreno New Member

    Work with your sponsor and upline and see what they have in place to help you.
  7. nomoremlm

    nomoremlm New Member

    I am a founding member who joined traverus in 6/2007. Recently, I terminated my membership after a full year has gone by without gaining more than $50.00. The 'spillover' concept is real, I had people in my downline but the truth is that you will never benefit from them financially. This is a ploy to motivate you to recruit some body.
  8. traverus_travel

    traverus_travel New Member

    Sorry but I have to strongly disagree with you there. I am making money off of spillover in the monthly residual bonuses. The difference with TraVerus is you DO NOT have to recruit, you can make money from the travel alone.

    Rachel, if you need help, come to the trainings, come to the role plays and get plugged in.

    It does work, if you have people to support you, and we are all a big team, it doesn't matter if you aren't one of our personal recruits, we're in it to help each one win it.

    Also, go the the team website that Pastor Brewer has created -

    [Link removed - Admin]

    You'll find people in your area, we just did a whole training blitz, and there are many more to follow.

    You can also pm me and I will call you to get you a personal sponsor, I'm willing to offer my help as well.
  9. greenflash

    greenflash Guest

    I posted on some other Traverus thread - is everyone still in this thing?

    any investor angels willing to help a reformed homeless guy (me) get to Hawaii on $20k / mth with Traverus? (it's my dream - I didn't ask for it..)

    how does everyone's team help people out?

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