What's All The Voodoo Hoodoo Over At Squidoo!?

Discussion in 'Squidoo' started by Dave B, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. Dave B

    Dave B New Member

    There's a huge fuss going down in the Wealthy Affilate forum and in loads of other IM forums and blogs about an upcoming Squidoo Slap.

    More details here from the Squids themselves.

    Whole topics (like weight loss) are gonna get canned (apparently). Yep! No matter how good your lens is, no matter how non-spammy you might think it is. Come mid July they'll be gone. Poof!

    So, what to do?

    Well, first check out that lens about the changes and think about how it applies to your own lenses. Do it before the clampdown... and if in doubt pull the lenses. You do NOT want your whole account locked!

    Next... I don't think people should abandon Squidoo, etc... just make sure you create good quality original non-spammy content (but not in the 'banned' topics).

    And remember the bigger picture...

    The thing is, if you are making any kind of sales with Squidoo, you should already have started thinking about branching off, having your own site, getting other traffic sources...

    I mean, Squidoo has got to the point where it's almost as complicated to build lenses and get them indexed as it is to build your own site and SEO it, so start thinking about that.

    Squidoo is certainly good to use in some ways, but to build an entire business and income source around it, is probably NOT a good long time plan anyway.

    These so called 'slaps' have happened before... at Ezine, at Squidoo, at Hubpages... and they'll happen again!

    So start preparing now!

    I have to say that you're better off in the long run creating your own sites and blogs on your own domains.

    It is NOT that hard to do. Even with something like Dreamweaver, if you can do the HTML stuff on a Squidoo lens you'll soon get the hang of it.

    Ditto Wordpress. But with WP make sure you host those on your own domain and use Themes. There are plenty of free ones and some really good paid ones (for a one off fee).

    And before you dismiss the idea of investing in Dreamweaver or some of the better Wordpress Themes consider this...

    How much would it cost you to set up an offline shop (or business)? An awful lot more than the cost of DW or a good WP Theme. And you can set up an unlimited supply of online 'shops' with either.

    Building sites is just another learning curve...

    And if I can do it, anyone can.

    Hell, I've even got a lens on it. [​IMG]

    Dave B
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    I already had two of lenses locked down...that I had done earlier before I knew enough about it all.... [​IMG]

    And I need to go in and clean house this weekend as I have a lot of lenses that just sit there anyways, so it is a great time to get de-cluttered.

    Most of my focus has been on more profitable niches anyways, so I don't think I will be too affected by it... we shall see!

    We have been thru this before with other sites and the reason it happens is because so many folks misuse the system. I have a hunch that the folks building lenses with the OWM may be glad they did. [​IMG]
  3. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Hi Dave (M5 below),

    Glad Squidoo is coming down on that sort of thing. I agree with the policy.

    The said policy lens is by Megan, who is the chief editor over at Squidoo. As far as I know, the only person she answers to is Seth Godin, who is the founder and owner of Squidoo.

    I agree with you when you say to diversify and to create your own sites via paid hosting. Free is great and I'll always use it. I recommend it.

    But paid hosting is something no one can take away from you unless you really test the boundaries by doing something very blackhat or illegal.

    No one should ever get into paid hosting until they are ready, but everyone should work toward it at first opportunity.

    You have control over your content, can do more, and do not have to share profits.

    Squidoo is great. As long as it is around I will probably continue to use it.

    I cringe when someone settles for using a single free site for all of their online income. If things ever get unbearable or if the whole ship sinks, you're S.O.L.

    It's a great place to start and learn, but never bet your bankroll on it indefinitely. I've seen quite a few big ships come and go - the ones people were "sure" would always be around. Titanic-like, many went down with the great ship :)

    Before a person gets into paid hosting, they should study it. Same thing with WordPress via paid hosting. Free WordPress is very simple when compared to hosting it on a paid account. There's a lot more to take into consideration when setting it up.

    Learn from what Dave has posted: Don't create "questionable" sites. Not on Squidoo, not anywhere. Always go with what you know and love...unless it's questionable ;)

    A questionable topic might be something unethical, illegal, vulnerable to lawsuits, offensive, etc.

    mountainmom5: We have been thru this before with other sites and the reason it happens is because so many folks misuse the system.
    M5: Excellent point. That's part of the reason why I come down so hard on sleazy practices and topics. Eventually, enough complaints come in and Google, Squidoo, consumer agencies, or the law clamps down on everyone and creates new policies.

    The new policies often make it harder on everyone trying to make a living online. Not only that, but sometimes old policies are hardened.

    Good post Dave,

    ~Newbie Shield~
  4. Dave B

    Dave B New Member

    Just to add something on Wordpress.

    If you use the free version... as I understand it... because I've never used it... they don't allow you to use affiliate links. And can pull your site whenever they feel like it.

    (Blogger blogs are fine with aff links but again, they can pull your site whenever they feel like it.)

    I mean they have to have a good reason.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong about the above.

    Hosting a wordpress blog/site on your domain makes it yours. You are simply using Wordpress as a free Website builder.

    And yes, it's not without it's challenges...

    But let's face it, the days of jumping onto the latest 'one page site thing' like Squidoo and Hub and getting straight on to page #1 of Google (and staying there) are over.

    I can get a WP blog post on to page #1 of Google 20 minutes after it's been posted and it stays there.

    Because it has an authority website behind it.

    That is NOT to put people off in any way or to make new people think they can't do the same.

    Start with the free stuff... articles, lenses, hubs... learn the trade... and eventually you will be building sites... sites that start with only 4 or 5 pages...then grow them...

    Dave B
  5. buckwild

    buckwild New Member

    Thanks for the information. I just started with squidoo and only have a few lenses so wasn't sure how the changes will affect me. I have been doing articles also and will be starting wordpress soon.
    I will still do squidoo but work harder to make sure they are not spammy.
  6. examiner

    examiner New Member


    Thanks for the post. Did not know this about squidoo. They did not send any e-mail informing about their change of terms.

    Checked my lens and its OK till now.
  7. Dave B

    Dave B New Member

    Well, every lensmaster should have got a mail about it. But don't worry about that now.

    Just to reiterate. First, do NOT panic. Do NOT give up on Squidoo. Just be aware of the changes and make sure you are producing good quality informative lenses and stay clear of the 'banned' topics.

    Here's an acid test for ya...

    Strip out the promotional part of your lens...

    Yep! Just look at it again and imagine it without any kind of promotion on it.

    What would be left? If it's nothing... then you have no lens... at least not in Squidoo eyes and I have to say I support that 100% because if you are not adding value yourself to the reader, not only should you not be there but you are doing it wrong.


    Dave B
  8. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    The thing about having no more than 9 links on a lens if I understand it right is you can not have more than 9 links linking to one specific site, why the heck would you have more than that anyways? You can have more than 9 links but they have to be linking to various sites... correct me if I am wrong...[​IMG]
  9. Dave B

    Dave B New Member

    No, that's correct you can have more than 9 outward bound links on your lens as long as you only have a maximum of 9 linking to any ONE domain.

    And I agree... people with more than 9 links to any one domain are way overdoing it anyway.

    I would have thought 3 or 4 would be sufficient for just about anything. So you could argue they have given too much leeway there.

    And I personally wouldn't advise that you increase the number of kinks to any one domain just because you can.

    Dave B
  10. businessworks

    businessworks New Member

    I love Squidoo! and I can kinda understand their point with this, although I don't like it much. I think if you limit your outgoing links you MIGHT be ok. The site is just becoming too commercial and they want to stop it now. I think they should implement a system like Hub Pages, that tells you your lens won't be published unless you remove some links. Hub Pages only allows 2 per Hub, which is ok if you have written good content that makes people want to click on the links you are limited to.

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