When is enough, enough?

Discussion in 'Productivity and Motivation' started by successful2008, Jun 8, 2008.

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    I'm asking this question because I really want to know. I was at a party today, and the owner and I were talking about their home. They just had their driveway partially put in. The owner said that they have to wait a year to finish the rest of the driveway because they just can't afford it. The owner went on to say, that if the gas prices, food prices and everyday living keeps going up, they will have to walk away from their home they just built and rent.

    It doesn't have to be this way. When is enough enough?? So many people are making so much money on the internet today, and living the american dream. They can turn their financial drowning debt around. They really can. They're not in thier own home business. That's OK. I know this is a motivational site, and I promise I am getting there. Ok, now back to what I was saying. Yes, they both work out of the home. They both have so many bills that they're drowing in a thick layer of debt. If they would just take a step back and really look at their life, they can make the changes necessary to remain in their home. It's all a matter of what they really want.

    The rising prices, are driving us all crazy. Really, what goes up, must come down. This is a hard time for so many people. It is what it is. What will you do to help you? You won't get yourself down. You will push even more for the brighter future. It's yours for the taking. Will you take it? Say "Yes" I will. I will wake up tomorrow and say that it's a new day. A day for positive change. Take action and don't take no for an answer.

    You have the power to change within you. You have the power to create your empire. I have one book that sits on my coffee table. It's they "Key" I really believe in the power of positive thinking. I know, that if you walk with an air of positiveness, you project that in others. I also know, that if you walk around in a negitive state day in and day out, that's all you're going to get.

    Make today the first day of the rest of your life. You deserve the best that life has to offer. Money may not grow on trees, but you can create you're own money tree!

    To your massive success,
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    Inflation stinks, doesn't it? It definately helps to have an additional income...
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    successful2008: You have the power to change within you. You have the power to create your empire.

    There's an important clue in the first sentence... within you.

    Too often we allow EXTERNAL circumstances to dictate our choices, and we fail to realize we can shape those circumstances by our INTERNAL beliefs and subsequent actions.

    We have become too accustomed to reacting to situations rather than responding to them. And this is not a play on words, but an age old truth.

    When we react, our behavior tends to be fueled more by emotion and reflex than by thought. But when we respond, we use careful, rational, deliberate thought, without the intoxicating influence of emotions. We become the captain of our sail boat, steadfastly plotting our own course, regardless of which direction the wind is blowing.

    We can "respond" only when we operate from a place of quiet confidence in our ability, and an understanding that God helps those who help themselves.

    And when we truly understand that we do possess the power to create our empire, there are no challenges that we can't surmount.

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    Hermas. I like it when you reply to my posts. The power is within all of us. Do we really see it & understand it to change within us? No. We are programmed to think the opposite. Changing the way one thinks is challenging, but it is done everyday. So may times, one thinks of the negitive instead of the positive because it's easier. When you change on how you think & feel, you creat a better world for you and the people you surround!

    To your massive success,
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    successful2008: Hermas. I like it when you reply to my posts.

    I'm happy that my contributions to your posts leave you with a good feeling. [​IMG]

    successful2008: So may times, one thinks of the negative instead of the positive because it's easier.
    That's true! And we can learn how to reverse that automatic tendency to think of the negative, by conditioning ourselves through effort, to naturally focus on the positive. This can only be achieved through practice, and as you put it, changing how we "think & feel", which will help us to create "a better world" for ourselves and those around us.

    It means fighting the urge to be lazy and complacent with the status quo, and designing a new paradigm of behavior that will advance us towards our goals faster than we could ever imagine.

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    Motivational trainer and speaker Jack Zufelt has built his whole career around helping people find their "Why" for doing something. I personally believe in this because it's been a motivating factor for me in building a successful Internet business.

    Goal setting generally doesn't work until you really understand why you want to do something. Certainly positive thinking is a large part of this as well.
  7. successful2008

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    Jeff, thank you for sharing.

    To your massive success,
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    It is great to listen words from Motivational trainer.

    They really inspire me.

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