Where Did You Start With Network Marketing?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by RaymondRigney, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. RaymondRigney

    RaymondRigney New Member

    I guess my question is where when and how did you start online network marketing?

    I personally started about 6 years ago. It works for me. I have seen people fail simply cause they refused to take action.

    so share your experiance of network marketing online or offline.
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Hmmm... let me see... I think I started about 6 years ago as well with network marketing in the online world. I did Amway about 20 years ago - lol

    But with Affiliate Marketing / Internet Marketing, it's only been a few years.

    I would be lost without it. (and so would my hubby... he depends on my cash!) [​IMG]
  3. jeffathome

    jeffathome New Member

    I started about 15 years ago with ACN. Then some of he top people branched off and started their own company called The Free Network. They went belly up and I just focused on my real estate business until I stumbled on to Beachbody. Now I can say I have truly found a home. If you are into health and fitness then Beachbody is the only smart choice around.
  4. JamesRouse

    JamesRouse New Member

    When where and how! Its been going on 3 years now. Bit of a roller coaster for a while until I figured out that in order to make it in this business you need to find a business leader to follow.

    Someone who you connect with in a special way and trust. Someone who will teach you how to be an attractive marketer. You say failure is the refusal to take action. I agree if you aren't getting into action you will fail.

    In order to get results you need an equal mix of training and action. There's a wealth of information online and you can go nuts learning this system or that.

    Find a business leader who you can trust, learn one skill until you
    have mastered it and move on to the next. Then pick 3 or 4 skills that you are good at and enjoy.

    Works for me.. Now with the social marketing scene as hot as it is I think it should be mandatory that you socialize for business in a social way.

    Add value to the conversations, show people what works for you without spamming, and people will see you as the next business leader and they will follow you.
  5. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    over 15 years ago, but I never really got serious after my first business venture with Primerica Financial Services.

    Now I'm focused and understand that if you want residual income, you must first commit to residual income yourself.

    I've also learned that having something simple that essentially anyone can do is very important for a starter business for many. The concept of network marketing is extremely simple but "we" complicate it so eliminating barriers to success that don't deal with business that have to trigger many senses in order for one to get started in the business and understand what they need to do for success is key.

    Technological advancements in this day and time often allow for viable business opportunities that can eliminate the great need to "feel, taste, & smell" a product in order to first want to get involved and succeed with that business.
  6. gingerva

    gingerva Guest

    Great question Raymond.

    People failing due to lack of aciton happens whether marketing online or offline and throughout all industries.

    If we take action and never quit, we'll be successful.

    I personally believe the best way to start in network marketing is a warm market. There is so much to learn in the beginning, sharing our business with people we know is much easier than learning an online marketing system.

    I think online marketing is better learned after we understand the business, have a few people in our downline and have developed skills that we can leverage online once we have them.

    That's what I did and it's been working pretty well. I can't imagine learning online marketing and network marketing all at the same time.

    Ginger Hogue
  7. drunyan

    drunyan New Member

    I am a newbie in on line marketing. I happened upon a capture page for Mike Dillard and liked what I saw. I am now completely sold out, but don't have the money to go after it like the big guys, so it is starting kind of slow. However, I am committed to making this work. I know it will help me with my other opportunity.
  8. niddy

    niddy New Member

    I started with a blog at blogspot...and...I'm here displaying my siggy with every post. [​IMG]
  9. ShawnCharles

    ShawnCharles New Member

    I got started with my first opportunity, Success University, in late 2007. My sponsor put a cool link in the rich dad forum i clicked it liked what i say and signed up on the spot.

    Before then i had never even heard of network marketing. I thought in order to get rich you had to come from a wealthy family. I thought i was going to have to work a just over broke job for the rest of my life. I'm glad that's not true anymore.

    I've tried offline network marketing and gotta say i don't like that method so i started learning how to do this on the internet a couple of years ago. I've learned a lot since them and I continue to learn everyday so it's only a matter of time before i can quit my job.

    I definatley like not having to bother my family and friends becuase they are a bunch of compalainers anyways. It's much easier getting rejected online than offline.
  10. MarcS

    MarcS New Member

    Well I started in a Wellness Company called Herbalife and its been a while now and i'm making good money .

    I recruit , I sell . Its very Fun [​IMG]
  11. ryanbiddulph

    ryanbiddulph New Member

    About 7 years ago I did Herbalife but I won't count it because I had no idea what I was doing and threw in the towel after 3 months/

    I've had one solid year of experience. All is well so far. My biggest piece of advice is not to play the numbers game or else you'll think that you're doing business with numbers on a screen and not people.

    Attempt to make a connection with every person you meet. Be nice, be kind, and make a positive impression on them. People tend to remember those who make them feel good and even if they aren't interested in what you have to offer they might know hundreds who are. The world is weird/fascinating like that.
  12. aronmills

    aronmills New Member

    I agree with the following recent conversation in regard of Network marketing and its concern process.The concept of network marketing is extremely simple but "we" complicate it so eliminating barriers to success that don't deal with business that have to trigger many senses in order for one to get started in the business and understand what they need to do for success is key.
  13. BruceMiles

    BruceMiles New Member

    Business ideas are all in the order of you. They are lurking in your garage, in your subterranean vault, in your kitchen, and in your children's room. You'll get them in magazine ads, at your neighbor's house, and at work. They are correct there in the vegetables you brought in from the yard . . . in the stack of classification next to your laser copier . . . in the back of your truck . . . and at the back of your mind.
    The first step is to find or build something that makes our business different from others. Find out what is your interior benefit that other businesses cannot provide or will find it hard to provide. Be a specialist in something rather than a generalist. When a customer is looking for exact information, they would often favor to go to a specialist for the answers rather than to a generalist. Someone who specializes in a craft is supposed to know more about it.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. vinnyqua

    vinnyqua New Member

    I actually started with GDI, than I searched around for generating more leads which brought me to MLSP which than brought me to Numis.

    Vincenzo Milanese
  15. BruceMiles

    BruceMiles New Member

    I started my networking marketing with "Nexera", which provides MLM Tools Online, MLM Training Network Marketing Online and much more.
  16. misty rigdon

    misty rigdon New Member

    I just started selling Scentsy candle products and am loving it. The company is fairly new and it's products are unique. I think finding a product that can't be found at a big box retail store is uber-important but connections and mentoring are what keep your business growing!
  17. shaun

    shaun New Member

    I started with Herbalife in 1989.
    fell in love with the concept of leverage.
    fell out of love with deadlines and reps who did nothing and home meetings and flyer drop etc etc etc.
    Next stop ACN.
    I think i outgrew MLM really and gravitated to the GPT model.
    No longer in MLM but still a Network Marketer & Property Investor.
  18. stelajames

    stelajames New Member

    I started with czarnovel
  19. Good question,

    My first experience was with Shaklee, and up until recently was still a customer, but having found equally good nutritional products at real verifiable wholesale prices, I no longer will pay twice the price for my nutritional products.

    Shaklee has good products, but in a recession this severe, we all start to research prices a little more closer these days, and as such, you would be amazed as I was just how much you can save when you research the internet. I found the mark ups so high in the nutritional and health industry that I would never spend twice the price just to have an income opportunity. lol

    Success to all,
  20. mbasa

    mbasa Member

    I started with herbalife 9 years ago and it did not last long and then i moved over to Amway. I still use both products but the marketing methods are not for me.

    affiliate marketing? Well i started two months ago, made two clickbank sales and got lost in the sea of the fancy gadgets being advertised ,but i am now back and i really believe in this business.

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