Where do you see yourself going with a negitive mind?

Discussion in 'Productivity and Motivation' started by successful2008, Jun 22, 2008.

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    How many of you saw either your neighbor or co-worker making money; and asking yourself how are they doing it ? Why can't I do that? Did you resige yourself to that fact that making money is for someone else and not you? The difference between the person making the money and you is how they think. Plain and simple. There is no trick to the trade on this one. The power of positive thinking is extremely strong. You create a sense of empowerment when you think positive. Do you think Donald Trump got where he is today from thinking negatively? No. he saw what he wanted and he did create his empire. You will get no where in your business, if you do not change the way you think. Each and everyday, think positive and you will create a better living.

    To your massive success,
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    Good advise.

    Whether you are success or failure, it's all about how's your thinking to the business/program.

    Positive thinking will give you more motivation and the strength to move forward. Although you will feel disappointed with the result, continue your hard work and you will reap your success.
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    Wonderfully put successful[​IMG] Negative thinking will get you no where fast! there's a lot of opportunity out there. If you set out and have a smart online business strategy then you will see success and your confidence will build but if you let negativity get in your way than you will lose site of the goal.

    When an issue arises don't let it discourage you because that is the name of the game. The people who make money are coming across the same issues as you but the difference in successful people is that they are persistent and rise above it.
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    Really good stuff here, guys. Kudos! I have another take on this. It's nothing new, certainly not a new revelation, but it's true none the less. Negative people are "dream killers!" Don't surround yourself with negative people, don't hang out with them, avoid them like the plague! It's simple, really. If you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful people. Successful people are NEVER negative.

    It's not that they don't see problems or obstacles along the way, they do, but it's the way they see those problems that makes them different. Successful people see problems and challenges as opportunities to grow. They see failures as opportunities to get better, to improve, to do something differently. Thomas Edison, when working on the Light Bulb experienced failure after failure, as does any inventor or researcher.

    The story goes that after one such "failure" one of his lab assistants said, "we've failed again, why do we not give up?" To this Mr. Edison replied, "we haven't failed, at all, we have simply found one more way that doesn't work!" Both men were looking at the same set of data, the same result, but through different eyes, through a different perspective. One saw failure, the other saw opportunity to improve.

    Positive thinking doesn't put blinders on and ignore what is going on. Positive thinking doesn't pretend there is nothing wrong. Positive thinking assesses the situation, considers all the evidence and concludes that another opportunity for growth or improvement has arisen. In that frame of mind, a person can then learn and adapt, grow and ultimately achieve.

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