Which e-book format do you prefer, PDF or EXE?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by A8ch, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    I'm curious to find out which e-book format you prefer to read and why.

    Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) and the HTML EXEcutable file format are the two most familiar forms for publishing e-books. If you read e-books please share which type you prefer and why. And if you write e-books, I'd like to hear from you too.

  2. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    My vote goes to PDF files. From a reader's point of view I prefer PDF files as they are smaller in size. From a publishers poijnt of view I like them as I can reach a wider audience because of it's compatibility with most operating systems.

    The only setback I feel is the huge initial cost of Adobe Acrobat software. Although there are some free PDF document creators, they lack the professional look of documents created by Adobe Acrobat.
  3. coreyjroman

    coreyjroman Silver Member

    I also prefer pdf... but only when it comes to files to be transfered via electronic format. It saves on the bandwidth usage for a given month. I prefer .exe files when used with an HTML compiler when I am saving them to disc and sending them to someone for presentational purposes. The html compilers for .exe ebooks are more user friendly for adding flash presentations, pop-up menus, inner ebook java components and interactive program integration from within the e-book. Another reason I like .exe files (again only when created with an html compiler) is I like the ease of adding audio and video as well as powerpoint presentations to my information. In my opinion... as long as the operational compatibility issues are disclosed before sending them to someone( as is done with any purchasable software) then an HTML compiler e-book can have a much more professional look with much less time invested in their production. However for manuals, actual books, and informational materials I feel .pdf is much more effective like vishal said simply because of the smaller file size and their unlimited compatibility with virtually any operating system. I use both but I prefer creating .exe files.
  4. agoodsaid

    agoodsaid New Member

    Absolutely 100% .pdf

    I'm a 'need to print 'em out and read offline' kinda gal.

  5. sdefiore

    sdefiore New Member

    Ditto to the PDF version, much easier to read, and much easier to set up and sell both by email and on CD.

    [Link removed - Admin]
  6. mpkeith

    mpkeith New Member

    Absolutely .pdf - .exe files can be infected with viruses, and many people won't open them because of this.
  7. dummkopf

    dummkopf New Member

    I have four PC's at home and more at my business. None of them runs on MS Windows (I need reliability, not the blue screen of death and viruses). I think it says it all. exe files are just useless for me.
  8. bayaba

    bayaba New Member

    I also prefer PDF files maybe i'm just biased but i get nervouse about anything with .exe behind it if i don't know the person well. Also there easier to send to people because there usually not blocked from peoples spam blockers and virus protectors in there e-mail applications
  9. twnuck

    twnuck New Member

    I prefer PDF files everytime. I actually get a little nervous when I see the .exe on a file. I always wonder if it is legit.

  10. WhitePhoenix

    WhitePhoenix New Member

    I used to provide book reviews. I will go with PDF any time. I tried once (and only once) to access an .exe version. My computer froze. Then I discovered I had a virus, which cost me to have repaired because this was one fix I couldn't accomplish with my own limited computer know-how.

    PDF is more popular authors and the docs are easy to share and send.
  11. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    I prefer PDF rather than exe file.

    PDF is supported in most of the OS platforms.
    As for exe, it has limitations and may cause the pc to infect with virus.
  12. Singapoor

    Singapoor New Member

    [​IMG] to agoodsaid about pdf readability (though for a slightly different reason) and what a few others said about virus fears.

    I've never written an ebook, so this view is from the user side of things. I would be more hesitant to download an .exe file than .pdf. If I am thinking about downloading an ebook on a topic and have narrowed things down to two books - one that I can ONLY get in an .exe format and one that can ONLY be gotten in a .pdf format, the .pdf would get it even if the content is of a slightly lower quality in the end.

    In a day and age where you can catch a virus by merely navigating to a site, I am extra cautious about executable files.

    Secondly, the way I read isn't by printing things out (gotta save the trees); what I do is actually convert things to a document reader on my PDA and read it off of the device if I'm on the go and can't sit in front of a computer. This habit of reading makes .exe files not an option.

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