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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by IAmAdamIAm, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. IAmAdamIAm

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    Hello all,

    After trolling these boards for a few days I finally got a login of my own because I was so fascinated with the concept of working at home. I'm looking for a little advice for my particular scenario. Here goes:

    I am a recent college grad with a BFA in acting. I'm moving to NYC at the end of the week. The goal is to secure an income that will allow me to live in this most expensive city comfortably. (If not frugally.) To that end, I've signed on with a few temp agencies. Temping is conducive to the acting business because it allows the scheduling flexibility I need to audition on a regular basis. But temping alone will not provide the income I require, not to mention it's an unreliable gig.

    I applied to West at Home and was told that they were not currently in need of agents in my area. (Which confused me, as my geographic location has little to do with such a job.) Although they did say they would keep my application on file. Would it be a good idea to call them and pursue the matter further? And what other companies could I apply to? (I am not opposed to data entry either.)

    I should mention that I have previous experience with telemarketing. I used to work for MBNA America before it was bought out by Bank of America. I sold credit to unsuspecting victims.

    One final question: I don't own a PC and don't have any experience with Vista. While I am proficient with Windows XP, I stopped using it 3 years ago in favor of Macintosh. I'll never go back. Never. Is this a major hindrance to working at home?

  2. IAmAdamIAm

    IAmAdamIAm New Member

    I forgot to add that I'm not afraid to put in a lot of hard work and time.

  3. Hi there
    I am very successful entrepreneur . I work out of my home and I have access to more than one opportunity.
    I would love to see if whay I do is a match for what you are looking for. Drop me a quick email with a number and I can call you on my dime and see if we have a fit.
    Look forward to hearing from you

    Sean Keely
  4. IAmAdamIAm

    IAmAdamIAm New Member

    Well, so far I've gotten a couple of job offers (or what looked like a job offer) from Coastal Vacations. After doing some research on this board regarding the company, not to mention Better Business, it SEEMS legit. But everyone who's approached me and all the websites I've seen skeeve me out a bit. They look like they're SELLING you a job. Any thoughts?

  5. decker2006

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    Those involved with Coastal vacations sell travel memberhips as well as offer a business opportunity for you to do the same. I have a retail site which just promotes the travel memberships and how you can use them for the rest of your life. If you would like to see that, let me know and I will send you the link. I would obviously promote that in different way than I promote the business opportunity.

    Also, let's be clear here. If you were to become involved with Coastal Vacations, it is not a job, it is a business and you would be in charge of your own business. Although there are plenty of resources around for you to become successful, it is not suited for the employee mentality. It is not a job offer and it is not for everyone.

    Hope this clears it up a bit for you!

  6. talfighel

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    Hi Adam,

    If I were you, I would really look into being your own boss rather then looking for a job.

    There are many possibilities for you. You can go into Real Estate. You can buy into franchising.

    You can also get into the MLM/Network marketing arena. This is a great business and a lot of people are succeeding. It is true that many have failed but the only reason for that is because they didn't work the business.

    It is also important to make that mental change if you choose to start your own home based business.

    You have got to do this for yourself.

    What I recommend you read is a good book called:

    Think And Grow rich By Napoleon Hill.

    Good luck Adam.

  7. IAmAdamIAm

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    Must be a good read, every library in the area has it checked out. I intend to go get my copy at Borders. If I were to start an online business, the startup costs would have to be as little as possible. Any pointers in that direction?

  8. cherie27

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    Besides startup costs, you will need to put some money aside for advertising.

    Online business have low/little startup cost, it is the advertising budget that most people neglect.

    Of course you can use free advertising methods, it will take time to start earning.
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    Sent you a PM. [​IMG]

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