Why Can't I Focus? - Please Help!

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by ssamekul, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. ssamekul

    ssamekul New Member

    I think one of by biggest obstacles to my internet marketing is my poor focus. I get distracted very easily, sometimes flustered and always rushed worrying about what else I should be doing or why I should be doing this faster.

    Can anyone offer suggestions on how to fix this?

    Yeah I think I have ADD - attention deficit disorder. Sometimes I wonder if what I'm doing at the moment is worth my time or could I be doing something more efficient instead.

    You probably get the picture, that's why I can't focus.
    The funny thing is I've heard others say they have a similar problem so I know I'm not alone.

    Any suggested techniques for maintaining focus or suggested resources if possible would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
  2. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    There are just too many things to cause distractions. I found it difficult to tune out all the internet "noise" when I first started. But you have to learn to do just that.

    By that I mean, you can't chase every little rabbit trail and promise of great money making opportunities. You need to decide what path you are going to take and then pursue it step by step. If you run in too many directions at once, you won't accomplish anything well.

    The program that I use to host, build, and maintain my sites has a really great step-by-step action guide that helps me stay on track. I still sometimes find myself being lured away by interesting emails and newsletters, etc., but I have learned to quickly get back into my "rut" and proceed down the well ordered path I need to trod.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member


    The reason most people cannot focus on a particular task is because there is lot of clutter in the mind. Meditation helps to de-clutter the mind and helps bring clarity and focus. Once you get that, things start becoming clearer and you'll know what is right and what is wrong. Whether what you are pursuing in worth it or not.

    My suggestion: forget everything, take a short vacation, come back and re-analyze the situation. It works every time!

    Actually, its not the place that works magic, but the mind. Vacation cannot work its magic unless you drop down all your worries and deadlines back at home. Once you learn the knack of meditation, you can re-create the same magic everyday by meditating for 1/2 to one hour. But for now, take a vacation [​IMG]
  4. RayvinAndRob

    RayvinAndRob New Member

    Quoting: ssamekulSometimes I wonder if what I'm doing at the moment is worth my time or could I be doing something more efficient instead.

    Hi Luke,

    That is a very important question because if what you are doing is, in fact, a waste of valuable time and energy, then you must not keep doing it.

    How much do you value your time and energy? Are you willing to learn a few effective skills in order to maximize them? Take some R&R time to think about this.

    Follow Vishal's suggestion and begin a regular meditation program. Spend 10 minutes to 30 minutes in meditation each day before you start your online activities, and you will see a definite increase in your personal effectiveness and concentration.

    To Your Success!

    Rob Nyte
  5. homelydad

    homelydad New Member

    learn to focus on one thing at a time. find a quiet place and bring along pen and paper... spend about 5 minutes for a start & increase the timeframe when you're better at it...

    here's the process:
    focus on just one thought or a sound. example, the sound of water dripping or just the sound of a word of your choice. when your distractions come, allow them to come and do not push them away, acknowledge each distraction and then try to re-focus. at the end of the session, pen down your distractions and acknowledge them as your distractions.

    you'll be able to focus better after some time & your distractions will lose their stronghold on your mind.
  6. opendomain

    opendomain New Member

    I have this problem and have been diagnosed with adult add.

    What i had todo was write down all the little things I was chasing. The traffic generators, the article writting, the posting, the affiliate programs etc, etc.

    Then I said OK i'm only going to pick 5 items to work and WORK HARD. When i finished writting what I had been doing there was something like 10 traffic generators, 3 article sites, a slew of message boards, several and I mean 20 or so affiliate programs. I wrote down just 5 to work hard and it has been working for me. I don't let the "promise of riches" distract me from the 5 task I do daily.

    It has helped me focus greatly since then. I would highly recommend it.
  7. ssamekul

    ssamekul New Member

    WOW thanks for all the helpful suggestions. I really appreciate it!
    I guess there's a real need to just slow down and relax. I'll write down all my daily objectives in a to do list.
  8. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Actually it depends on how interested you are in the particular activity, if you enjoy it you have no problem focussing
  9. asebf

    asebf New Member

    Luke - there is an old home remedy that has slowed people down for decades in one mix or another. Mix one cup JD with a 1 liter bottle of DietCoke. Add some ice, and take your time sipping the mixture until gone - should take you about an hour.

    You should be able to find JD (Jack Daniels) at your local grocery store.

  10. asebf

    asebf New Member

    Luke et al -- this was a joke!!!
  11. opendomain

    opendomain New Member

    ... I wsih I hadd readd the seconnd pots spooner.
  12. Servant Leader

    Servant Leader New Member


    What's up? I'm glad you started this thread, It'll provide some great
    guidance to many who read here.

    First of all, understand you're not alone! I think everyone goes through stages where they get distracted.

    Here are a few tips that I've found useful...

    1- Be a "MarketER", NOT a "MarketEE"
    kinda like what 'happywife' posted about. Don't get distracted by other marketers. Don't allow yourself to get sold so easily. They'll always make it sound like what they're offering is "the next big thing" and "what you can't live without". Focus on markeTING to your target market.

    If you're wanting to spend some time studying great marketing from others, then set aside a specific time to do so. But NEVER allow this outside of your scheduled time, this would be surrendering your time to others. Make sense?

    2- Kill the "Email Monstor" once and for all!
    If you randomly check your email, just to see what's there, or clean up your inbox, you're once again allowing others to control your time, and you're opening the door to distraction.

    How to solve this? Batch email, (and stat checking for that matter) to specific times. What I mean by batching is, plan a time for checking and responding to email, and stats...

    Do this one to three times a day MAX! (I personally check email once a day) and set a time limit to it. ONLY check for important, urgent emails you need to take care of right now. Once your scheduled time has passed, close your email, and move on [​IMG]

    Impliment these two suggestions, and watch your productivity
    go through the roof! I know it did for me.

    Take care, and keep me posted on how things go.

    -Travis Tolman
  13. ssamekul

    ssamekul New Member

    Ok Bob, I'll try that remedy [​IMG]
  14. sylviey

    sylviey New Member

    I can't focus because I am scared! I don't know which at home business to join--cash4beginners, cash affiliates??

    advise on how to do research or is it about just taking the plunge!
  15. aldanson

    aldanson New Member

    What I do is plan out my week/day with an agenda. Just like a normal 9-5 job except I pick when and what I need to do. It has helped me a lot. Find your direction first and start giving yourself a check list of jobs and do them one by one. Tune out noise and don't surf the net while working.
  16. Trojan9

    Trojan9 New Member

    It sounds to me like your unsure of your chosen internet marketing plan or you don't have one in place. Procrastination, which is what it is, results from building up patterns. You have done this quite often and now your mind is stuck in a loop. Thats why meditation was recommended, your mind is fighting you. You must break the pattern in order to move forward. A written plan will help keep you on track towards your goals. Like they say, fail to plan, plan to fail. To break the pattern I suggest interval working. You can't quit cold turkey, your mind is more powerful than that, you will regress back. You must do it gradually. Without the neg pattern being changed with a new pos pattern you will most likely find only temporary solution to your focus issue.

    enjoy your vacation, good luck.
  17. ssamekul

    ssamekul New Member

    a vacation. hmmm? interesting thought.
  18. dougster77

    dougster77 New Member

    I write down my monthy goals, then break them down to weekly and finally to daily. The goals for each day that don't get accomplish get put onto the next days list and I always keep a pen and paper with me for new ideas that pop into my head. Some of those ideas have made me some money simply because I write every one down and look at them later.
  19. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    ssamekul: I think one of by biggest obstacles to my internet marketing is my poor focus. I get distracted very easily, sometimes flustered and always rushed worrying about what else I should be doing or why I should be doing this faster.
    You will improve your ability to focus by changing your habits. Developing positive habits is the only way to reprogram any behavior you may want to change. And to achieve that requires a strong sense of discipline.

    Let's say you have 3 important internet marketing tasks to complete. Task #1 is to write an article; task #2 is to send a promotional email to your list, and task #3 is to follow up with your programmer on the new software product you are developing.

    Instead of worrying about task #2 while you are doing task #1, just realize that while all 3 tasks are important, you can only do one at a time, and worrying about the others is not going to speed things along or help you concentrate on the task at hand.

    So, give yourself a specific time frame to complete the first task, and place all your attention on that. Maybe you've got to research the subject, prepare a title, develop an outline and so on. Simply allocate so much time to do your research, and make sure to give it ALL your attention while you are doing it. Then do the same thing for each of the other segments till you complete the task.

    You apply the same concept to the other things on your agenda. The more disciplined you are at implementing this approach, the more of a habit it will become. Your ability to stay focused will improve; the quality and speed of your work will also improve, and that process will eventually become what you do naturally.

  20. eackley

    eackley New Member

    Another thing that I do to help focus is to first, have a "To Do" list, as the other posters have said. Stick to that list! Second, if other thoughts come up, make a "Do Later" list. Refer to your "Do Later" list maybe once every three days or so. Very few of the "Do Later" items will ever survive and make it onto your "To Do" list. Someone once said, "Urgent things are seldom important, Important things are seldom urgent."

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