Why I started a Home Based Business

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by successful2008, May 22, 2008.

  1. successful2008

    successful2008 New Member

    There are so many reasons why people start their home based businesses. Mine will hit hom to some. I have been thinking about doing something on the internet for quite some time. I was in Real Estate Processing not making great money. I loved my job, but the money was just OK. I would go on line and see all those Ad's about people making so much money on the internet. I thought "Yeah, I would like to do that". Well, I sort of forgot about it. In July 2007 my husband had a heart attack. It almost killed him. I was so scared. My husband's doctor told him that he wanted him out of his job in 2 years because it is wear & tear on his body. My husband and I did so much talking about the "What If". Man, if that didn't send a big message. If my husband were to die, I would loose everything. Our savings account was scary, we were just getting by paying the mortgage, credit cards and everyday living. I had to do something. I searched & searched for a good legit home based businesses. I found a few that I was interested in & looked into them. They were not for me. Then, I saw Carboncopy Pro. I gave my e-mail address requesting more information. I really liked what I was reading. I showed my husband and we got started. I knew nothing about marketing, blogging none of that. All I knew was I had to make a move. We were not rich, but we started. This was one of the best decisions that I have made. For the first time, I am able to take our daughter to school & pick her up. The family time that we didn't have before because of us both working, we have now. The message here is, don't wait till something happens to change your life, do it now. To date, my husband is doing great. We're doing great. I thank God every day to have my husband here & I thank CarbonCopy Pro for being 100% legit. Do what you feel is best for you, but just do it. Don't wait. Thank you for reading my story. God Bless & Good Luck.

    To your success,
  2. Rob Chrin

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    I guess the reasons for starting a home based business is different for almost everyone, but there are probably some common characteristics. For some people it's because they might be in an industry that doesn't pay well and they are looking at a way to either supplement their current income or to actually change careers. Some people want the flexibility that a home based business can give them to spend more time with their family and friends. I agree with you though that you need to do something now if you want to make a change. Don't wait to later. Most of the time getting started is the hardest part, normally because they don't know what to do. However, there is a wealth of information out there, you just have to look.

    For me it was first a way to supplement my income, but second it was a way to look toward the future and find an opportunity to continue to make money as I get older. I wanted to have something that I could continue to make money even after I reach "retirement" age (whatever that means). And of course, I love the flexibility of an online business that I can do no matter where I am as long as I have a connection to the internet [​IMG]
  3. successful2008

    successful2008 New Member

    Well said Rob & Very true. Again, one should not wait. Thank you for the reply & I wish you many years of success.

    To your success,
  4. Cakmmes

    Cakmmes New Member

    I started my foray into this because I got laid off. The only problem so far is that I haven't really seen the profits I would like. I'm grateful for what I have, though. It keeps me encouraged and I'm not stopping. All of the searching that I have done has taught me one thing,
    Such a simple concept yet out of reach for alot of people. I guess to much of the I want it now mentality.
    One thing I would like to know, Michelle, since you never had been into marketing, how easy was it to get going in CCP?
    It's the one program that I have a feeling more than any other that would work, but I just don't know.
  5. successful2008

    successful2008 New Member


    Thank you for the reply. It was very easy to get into CCP. For me, this was the only business that was right for me. You can make as much or as little as you want. It all depends what you want. With that being said, with all the training that CCP offers, you get all the help you need to succeed. It's amazing to be on a training call and see how many people made $1,000 to $10,000 in ten days. Keep in mind, you get out as much as you put in. If you want more information on CCP, just log onto my site, put in your e-mail on the capture page and you'll get a whole lot of info. Move forward from there or not, it's your choice, but just take a look. I think you'll be very pleased. Again, thank you for the reply. I wish you the best success that life has to offer.

    To your success,
  6. freecashhappens

    freecashhappens New Member

    I really feel that in the U.S. we as a country are going to be in for a huge shock and very soon. Everything is going up except wages and at an alarming rate. We are on the edge of a real recession and a depression is very realistic. I think if you don't have some sort of home based venture you are going to be in trouble.

    There are a ton of great programs out there. CCP is good, but what I thought was lacking was they have a professional closer close the deals for you in some instances. That is why I declined.

    I personally chose The Prosperity Cast Network. It's like an PHD in marketing. While I loved the CCP idea, I felt PCN was a better fit for me. I would never discourage anybody's program, it just wasn't for me.

    I started a home based business for the time and the money freedom that they provided. Plus I love a challenge. But if the economy keeps heading south, the only people who will be left standing are the people who have home based business.
  7. successful2008

    successful2008 New Member

    Thank you for the honest reply. I don't mind someone else closing the deals for me. It free's up so much time for me to market. If I choose, I will talk to anyone. If that person wants more information about CCP, on a personal level, I will talk to them always. Again, thank you & I wish you the best success that life has to offer.

    To your success,
  8. freepaidsurveys

    freepaidsurveys New Member

    Good post. Thanks for sharing
  9. westfam11

    westfam11 Member


    I started my home business because I want to quit my J-O-B and have more time freedom. I already work at home as a medical transcriptionist but it has so many ups and downs. Sometimes you don't have work, sometimes there is so much that the owner is constantly sending e-mails wanting us to work 7 days a week. And then last year the one company I worked for outsourced my work without any notice, just one day no work without warning.

    Right then I decided I was going to find something to replace the income, something that I would be responsible for. If I make money it is my fault, if I don't make money it is my fault. I didn't want to have to rely on a J-O-B ever again. I wanted FREEDOM!

    I have finally found something that is working and I expect to
    quit my J-O-B at the latest by the end of 2008. I had my ups and downs but it was all worth it. I am glad I didn't give up.

  10. Cakmmes

    Cakmmes New Member


    With so many people involved in CCP, do you find it difficult to get signups? I thought it would be difficult, especially with the cost of WMI.
  11. RayvinAndRob

    RayvinAndRob New Member

    One word:


    Rob Nyte
  12. pjworker

    pjworker New Member

    I started working from home part-time last year with two goals in mind. First I wanted to try to earn some extra cash to pay off our debts faster. Second, I was hoping to eventually replace my day job and give me the freedom I craved.

    Well, I lost my job a few weeks ago so it's now sink or swim time. I decided to work full time from home and so far have increased my earnings each week. If it keeps going at this rate, I will be making more than I was before by the end of June or sooner.
  13. Freedom

    Freedom New Member

    Michelle ,

    Congrats on your new venture. It sounds like it is working out. There is nothing like the feeling of independence. Not that you don't need your husband of course, but I bet it is a lot of stress off of him as well.
  14. Homeboy

    Homeboy New Member

    Well, the money is the reason we're all doing it, no need to beat around the bush, lol.

    I think it's not so much the money itself, though, but as others have mentioned, the freedom and security that comes with it.

    I've worked a lot of really awful jobs in the past, being screamed at all day by angry customers for things that weren't even my fault. I was miserable and angry and depressed, and knew that this was not the kind of life I wanted.

    I have goals and dreams for my life, and they weren't gonna happen unless I took steps to do something about it, so I took the plunge into IM, and haven't looked back (though I've made plenty of mistakes along the way, but learned a lot because of them...)
  15. successful2008

    successful2008 New Member

    Hi Chris, I don't find it hard at all to get sign ups. Yes, the price of WMI is a lot, but I know it's worth it. The information alone from WMI is huge. CCPro is amazing. Don't look at the cost, look at the future for you financial freedom.

    To your massive success,
  16. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    Why I started a home based business.

    TheGuild: One word: FREEDOM!
    My sentiments exactly!

  17. successful2008

    successful2008 New Member

    Hermas, thank you for the reply. I wish you nothing but the best success that life has to offer.

    To your massive success,
  18. PMHayes

    PMHayes New Member

    This is a very inspiring thread. If i may, i will tell a little of my story. I am a Respiratory Therapist, work in a Pediatric ICU and Peds Floor in a hospital near Charlotte, NC. I have been a therapist for 34 years. I LOVE what i do, nothing beats the inner joy of making a difference in the life of some little one and their family. BUT, I'm 54 years old, don't have much set aside for retirement, due to a number of reasons, some of which were my own fault. I'm getting tired, need to slow down, retire and be with my family, travel, go on mission trips with my church, etc.

    My wife, the love of my life, also an RT was injured on the job a couple of years ago. She cannot do the job she used to do, it requires so much time on your feet, 12 hour shift after 12 hour shift. Her knee and ankle just cannot take it. After a long battle with Workers Comp, she finally received a settlement. Not much, but it at least paid off some debt. She was looking for something she could do at home and we found The Berry Tree and Nutronix. All i can say is this was a "God send." We jumped in with both feet, about 8 months ago, and it has proven to be one of the best decisions we have ever made.

    Our business is doing well enough that we don't miss her income and i will be able to retire in another year to year and a half. This would not have been possible otherwise, and more than likely I would be working well into my 70's probably as a Wal Mart greeter, or in a grocery store bagging groceries. I have heard so many stories like ours, and am amazed at all the wonderful Home Business Opportunities that are out there. There is someting for anyone who has the desire and the drive to go for it.

    If your "why" is powerful enough, and if you are willing to put in the work and education needed to do it, anyone can succeed in this industry. Not everyone will do that, of course, and not everyone can make the paradigm shift necessary to be their own boss, own their own business, get out of the punch a clock, Rat Race mentality. But for those that can, the skies the limit! Someone said it in one word, FREEDOM. That's what it means to me. Freedom, secure retirement, long term passive income, family time, time for me, time to serve my church, and the list goes on. I say, "lets celebrate life, and live it to the fullest!"

    Another driving force for me is the desire to help others. I have something in my products that can make their life better. I have a business opportunity that can set them FREE from the grind, FREE from the paycheck to paycheck life, FREE from the worry of how they will ever make it when they are too old and too tired to go to work. OH YEAH! What an honor, what a pleasure, knowing i can make darn good money while helping others and making thier lives better.

    Respectfully submitted,

    CSGWAHM New Member

    Michelle.....Congratulations on doing well, thanks for sharing!

    Mitch....Loved your story and glad you found something that you and your wife enjoy!

    I started my home based business for the FREEDOM as well. I want my husband to be able to retire from the city police force in 5 yrs at the young age of 43. He wants to put in his 20 yrs for various reasons, but would like to move into the private sector of sniper instructing when he leaves the force. He's a sniper with the swat team here, plus a sniper instructor so he has alot on his resume and alot of things he could do. I want to make that possible for him, I want him to do what he wants once he serves his 20 yrs, it's been a long road. We've been through alot as a family and he's been through alot on the job. The way it's going now, he'll retire when he wants to and that gives me great job. [​IMG]
  20. successful2008

    successful2008 New Member


    Your story is very uplifting to all. One way or another, we're helping those who need it. I can't wait to help even more. Come join what I have, come join what someone else has, but just join something and jump start your life!!

    To your massive success,

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