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    Why did I choose Smart Media?

    I have been with Smart Media for a little over a month. My team is growing and even started a team in India within a month.

    The online marketplace has a market of more than 2 Billion people. I wanted to go after a market with a HUGE potential.

    I thoroughly enjoy the compensation plan. It has multiple streams of income within the system. It has about 8 right now, and it could get as high as 25 - 30. I can get paid when people Learn Online, Watch Movies and Videos Online, Play Video Games Online, Listen to Music Online, Shop Online and Participate in Social Networking.

    Since I have been with the company, they have introduced their own Web Browser. It is up to 5 times faster than all of the others like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

    David Martin the owner built the security platform for most if not all of the major banks worldwide. His experience also makes the browser more secure than the others. They also created Visual Bookmarking for the browser with is a revolutionary idea.

    The best part for me is I can give this away for free and promote my other business while building a second stream of income (Plan B).

    They will be introducing a PPC (click) and a PPI (Impression) program within the web browser in about a week which create yet another stream of income.

    I have also went to businesses with this viral marketing tool. I am helping small businesses that are struggling like a daycare using their database to network with other businesses while at the same time growing my team using other people's database. I am also looking into using this as a fundraiser for non profit organizations.

    I know 2 people who have direct access with the owner and a developer for the company. I am really excited where they are planning to go with the company including bringing the 500 million people who use Smart Phones.

    Go to www.smartmediatechnologies.com for more information. There is so much more than what this review has, but I will be glad to give more information to anyone with an interest.

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    Update: We have officially released the PPC and PPI. Now our Web Browser and SMD systems pay you when the people who receive your free gift Click on an advertising banner AND if it just shows up as an Impression. It should be coming out on Smart Phones within the month of March. I can now say that my Web Browser pays me.

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