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    Being around the home based industry you might hear a question about what is your "WHY" over and over again. It is a valid question and something you should have a firm grasp upon. Before anyone does anything in this world they must have a reason or a why to do it.

    So how can you find your why, put it in front of yourself on a daily basis and stay motivated to follow it? For me finding my why was as easy as looking myself in the mirror each and everyday b4 I used to go to my 9-5 job. That job was in sales which was a career I loved but doing sales for someone other than myself didnt motivate me. As I saw how much money I was making the company I worked for and seeing the percentage they gave me I saw that the ratio wasnt to my liking. They make 90% of the profit and I make 10%. Going at that pace id have to work forever to just fall behind. I was never going to get ahead in that scenario.

    So for me getting involved in a home based business only made sense. Who better to work for than myself. Now for many this is a difficult transition as we are never trained to be our own bosses. But my "WHY" was big enough to try anything. I was willing to do whatever it took to succeed. My desire to be my own boss outweighed any fear I had of failing.

    So why are you in your business? Do you know the reason. Do you think about it constantly? Is it written down so you can study it over and over? I have become very familiar with my why and I suggest you do the same.
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    Great post! I think this is so important. Selling things is great, but if there's nothing behind it that matters to you personally, it's hard to stay focused. And I want my life to have meaning and not just be about results.

    My "why" is wanting to have the freedom to be with my family friends when I want to. I want to be able to have kids and stay home with them. I also want to develop a network that supports others in achieving their goals. I hope that people can learn from my mistakes and successes. I really believe in community and people supporting one another.

    Good luck as you continue reaching your goals and living a purposeful life!
  3. cherie27

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    Great post. Whenever i feel like giving up, i will think of my "why".
    After thinking, i will continue to work hard for my "why". It is a way to motivate myself.
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    Definitely a great post ! I find myself having different levels of motivation every single day. Some days, like most of you I'm sure, I feel like just giving up and I ask myself what I'm doing trying to make money at home, especially on the Internet where I'm basically an ant in the ocean! It's hard, I tell ya, I just keep thinking of others who have been so successful with their online businesses and that helps me get by for one more day ! [​IMG]
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    You pose a great question. I believe working from home for me gives me the psycological satisfaction of being more in control of my own destiny. I have long envied our forefather's entrepreneurial spirit and drive as many of them would not hesitate to risk all for "fame and fortune". The beauty of a work at home business, aside from the obvious is that you can operate on your own terms for your own goals. I also appreciate the fact that we have the opportunity, and should be continually seeking to meet others needs, and in that way our needs are met. I hope I never have to quit!
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    That's a great post, I have worked in the service sector all my life, keeping customers happy and making money for the company. I got to the stage where I thought, why don't you try something different in your spare time but something which you enjoy.

    That is why I started as an Internet Marketer because it gives me the buzz and the focus but more than that my 'Why' is the big 'R' which means I want to have a residual income and some fun into my retirement as the public and private sector plans here in the UK are getting more unpredictable every year and I want to be in control of my lifestyle and income if possible by the time I retire.


  7. writerros

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    This is a great post. They 'Why' question is very important when entering into any business. You need to keep it in mind to keep you motivated on days when you are feeling 'what's the point?!'

    For me, I want to earn enough money so I don't have to worry about how I'm going to pay for my writing career!

    Oh, and there's that lovely big house in the country too....

  8. truby

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    Very good post!
    For me, I decided my WHY was the fact that I didn't want to grow old worrying how I'm gonna pay my bills and etc. I am reminded of this almost daily as I see the elderly struggling trying to make ends meet. I try to help out every chance I get by volunteering to do tasks or giving a few dollars.

  9. themonkeygirl

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    Thank you! I ALWAYS have to keep reminding myself about my WHY. My WHY is so good that it really motivates me when I think about it. I'm going to make a Vision Board with my WHY so it's in my face all the time! WHY WHY WHY!!!!
  10. Newbie Shield

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    Hi Adam,

    Good post.

    I have a list for you. Feel free to use it on your site.

    1. Because I love internet marketing.
    2. I love Information Technology.
    3. I love to write.
    4. I love to help others
    5. I love to teach.
    6. I love to interact online.
    7. I refuse to be an "employee".
    8. Last on purpose - I love the earning potential.

    I didn't have to pause for a second. That was quick and easy. Though I may come up with new reasons, those listed will probably always remain true.

    ~Newbie Shield~
  11. margiefranklin

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    Advising Newbies, and reminding Veterans (Oldies? LOL), of the importance of staying focused on our "why's" will help us achieve our goals and motivate us when faced with adversity.

    Many of the great motivators of all time such as Zig Ziglar, Norman Vincent Peale, Napoleon Hill, and W. Clement Stone strongly advocated writing down our "why's" (or goals) and placing them in strategic places around our home, office, car, briefcase, etc.

    Just writing down our "why" isn't enough. It's also important to read them out loud several times per day. You might ask, what is the purpose in doing this? Well, Napoleon Hill said it best. "What the mind can conceive and believe, it will achieve."

    Bill Bartmann, a billionaire, refers to his "why's" as his promises to himself. He carries a list of his promises in his pocket every day and recommends that we do the same.

    I've made some promises to myself, as well. One of my promises is to help fund housing for people living with HIV/Aids and contribute in the battle against that horrific disease.

    Stay focused and you will succeed!

    Margie Franklin, The Home Biz Diva
  12. HomeBasedIncome

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    I'm an Internet Marketer because of the competition level and I control what I do. Very exhilarating!

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