Winning With Your Unique Opportunities

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    Ok so a lot of people are probably wondering "What in the world is winning with your unique opportunities?" Well it's just that, winning or taking advantage of the very unique opportunities that surround you each and every day. Every single one of us living on this planet has been given something special every single day of our lives. Let me paint a picture real fast. Every day we wake up eat our breakfast, take our shower, put on our clothes, and rush off to our wonderful nine to five job, RIGHT! And a lot of the time we even have night jobs or other part-time jobs just to make ends meet. Well you see the problem with that is that we have all been programmed to function this way. I mean we have totally forgotten what it means to create our own financial future for ourselves and/or our families. Well I'm here to reprogram your brains into the right mindset! Ok, so uncover your eyes and let's get started with the principles.

    1st Principle

    It's time to ACT! That's right act. Instead of just going through the motions each and every day tell yourself that today is going to be different. Today I chose to be positive, today I chose to have the right attitude, and today I chose to take advantage of the unique opportunities that surround me. Today I chose to have a purpose.

    2nd Principle

    Ok so here is the really good part. After you have made that decisive promise to yourself "To Act" you simply do it, get an idea do a little brainstorming and ACT ON IT! Let me explain, I remember not too long ago I came up with this idea. I am currently living in some student housing while studying at a local university, and the landlord of the apartment complex I'm living in is a big enforcer of cleanliness and I mean BIG! So every single month he does a monthly cleaning check to see if our apartments are clean. He always give us two chances to get our apartments up to his standard before he charges us $25.00 to have it cleaned for us. So I had the idea to create a simple flyer informing people that I or someone that I could hire would clean their apartments for $10.00 or $15.00. Then I would distribute this flyer to the 60 apartments in our complex and WHALA!!! I could take advantage of this unique opportunity, and believe me this could work because most college students are very busy and have very little time. They would gladly pay someone $10.00 or $15.00 to clean their small apartments. The only reason that I have not taken advantage of this opportunity is because right now I am focused on other unique opportunities that surround me, but the idea is always there.

    Another example, let's say that you are currently working as a roofer for a roofing company. Well, people are always re-roofing their homes, and most likely you can find someone that will hire you to do it for them, or they will find you if you advertise. You could even turn this into your own little side business.

    Ok, one more example just to make sure you've got the idea. There are many places in the U.S. that you can find old battered junky cars. In fields, old farms, neighbor's driveway, basically a whole bunch of places where people just want those old battered cars gone! You could offer to relieve them of those old battered cars and salvage them. Take the old parts off and sell them, sell the car to someone that wants a project car or who wants to restore it, take it to the shredder and get paid. Basically it doesn't matter who you are, there is always an opportunity if you pay attention to your unique surroundings.

    3rd Principle

    Great you're on the 3rd principle, and please tell me that you're starting to get the picture! The third principle is to incorporate this same pattern over and over again. Remember you have certain unique opportunities that surround you every single day. Matter of fact, you have unique opportunities that I don't have. Just remember that the key here is to do a little brainstorming and a little planning then ACT! The more opportunities that you take advantage of the more ideas you'll have and so on and so forth.

    4th Principle

    This is the last principle that I am going to teach you. You literally have the power in your hands to create a difference in your life, your family's life, and in the lives of others. Remember you have the ability to create and build many multiple streams of income. Like I said do a little bit of brainstorming and planning, review your unique talents, abilities, opportunities and blessings that God has given you. You could even build a stream of income from one of your hobbies or passions. Get your friends and family to help you and I promise that if you will focus, pay attention, and work hard, you too will have great success.

    P.S. One more tip! Don't forget that you can also pay attention to the many "Saving Opportunities" that surround you each and every day, but just remember to be wise, pay attention, and ACT!

    P.S.S. Sorry that this post was so long. I just wanted to spread prosperity.
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    So, tell me what do you think of my post? Did you learn anything new?
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    It is a good post. There are often opportunities offline that we don't take advantage of because we don't think of them. We used to have brainstorming sessions in college for particular projects.

    It was amazing how much more we were able to accomplish when we were all tossing out ideas and building on each others thoughts. Sometimes I wish I had a brainstorming team like that on hand.

    You can use the same basic principles to apply to online work, but it takes a different perspective if you aren't used to the online world. It was all like a foreign language to me when I started - a lot of it still is even now. [​IMG]
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    I just want to wish you all a very happy holidays and I hope everyone has already done there holiday shopping, Christmas is almost here!
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    Great post netbiz. You are so right opportunities are all around us. Its about expanding your mind to see them. I applaud you for bringing true content to the forum. I look forward to more post from you as time passes. I also hope to do some networking with you as im in the midst of putting a new opt together and always looking for people that will continue to push me to my creative limits.

    If you get a chance check out my post in the Coastal Vacations thread under Adam's Advantage. Lets talk soon.

    Adam Frederick
    Founder of the A-Team CV Apprentice Program
    302 327 6263
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    Thank You Ateamfuntimer for the kind words and yes I would love to learn more about your new opt. I'm always looking for multiple streams of income, and great ideas!

    Happy Holidays,

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    Well I just wanted to wish everyone here a very Marry Christmas!
    One week to go! And remember be save out there getting all the rest of your shopping done.

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