Women solopreneurs of mompreneurs: what has been your main struggle running your business?

Discussion in 'Work at Home Moms' started by diana kelsen, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. diana kelsen

    diana kelsen New Member

    We all have our homes to run, but many of us have our own home-businesses and start-ups too. What has been the main struggle? in what area does creep up over and over again?
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  2. ftrammell

    ftrammell New Member

    Well I actually run two business that I run from home while working full time. I have started a VA business and I am also with Primerica. I would say my main issue is really marketing and getting in front of people to show them what I do.
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  3. Chanera

    Chanera New Member

    I just started my own business that offers marketing and online services. I'm almost two months into this now so yes, I'm extremely new to being my own boss but I'm excited about the journey I'm embarking on. Right now I am struggling in knowing how to reach out and gain customers online without having a website built. It's a work in progress but just within these weeks i have already obtained two clients by word of mouth and have them setup in a six month agreement already. Not so bad right? But in order to really start this off and reach customers I can't, I'm searching for advice on how to go about getting my business name out and gaining customers. My fear is people not giving me a chance because I am new. Any advice?
  4. Ron Scott Jr |

    Ron Scott Jr | New Member

    I think you should have some sort of web presence like a blog or at least a website. It makes you look more professional, you can engage with your prospects, and they can get to know you better. With a blog, you can write content that answers your target markets questions, then if they have a question, refer them to a blog post that you made.
    This make you look like an authority in their eyes, and should help you draw even more customers. Creating new content also allows you to reach more people searching for the products that you have. If someone is searching for products or services that you have, and you can rank on the first page of google, you will get tons of traffic to your website. Now this is not easy to do, especially in the beginning. But new content just helps your potential customers read about your services and you can refer them to your blog, instead of having to explain your product/ services.
    Keep reaching out word of mouth, but get your name out there with a blog, social media, and youtube. I hope this advice helps :]
  5. adamv

    adamv New Member

    Personally I am a big fan of Google Adwords. You are able to target not only keywords, but locations as well and get right in front of the customer at the time they are searching for a solution that your business offers. If you tell me more about the kind of business you are running I might be able to give you some more specific ideas.
  6. adamv

    adamv New Member

    Have you looked at sites like UpWork, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc.. for the PA business?

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