Words of Wisdom for Your Next Trip To Las Vegas

Discussion in 'Humor' started by getagrip, May 29, 2006.

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    Words of wisdom for your trip to Las Vegas (Based On Personal Experience):

    1. Always have a limit pre-set on how much you are going to spend on gambling...once you've reached your limit, STOP.

    2. Don't bring your ATM card to the casino. You ATM card easily turn a $100 loss into a $400 loss...its kind of like flushing a diamond down the toilet: BAD IDEA.

    3. Don't stomp through a hotel & casino's flower bed to vent your anger because you lost $100 in a casino, like I did, during a trip back in 1993. As my friend said, "what did the flowers ever do to you?"

    4. Don't get even with the casino you lost money from by stealing a casino glass. No one will buy it from you when you try and sell it on Ebay, and the security guards who catch you might get medieval on you, break the glass over your head, and throw you into the flower bed, which already takes enough abuse from ticked off gamblers...

    5. Don't leave your "boom box" in the back of your car, exposed to the Las Vegas sun, as it might melt, like mine did.

    6. Don't order another free beer from the pretty waitress who keeps on serving you drinks. It doesn't matter if she looks like Halle Berry...don't order another drink!!! You'll find that it is more profitable to sell a picture of Halle Barry on ebay for a $5 loss, rather than gamble in a Casino when you are drunk.

    7. Order a digital product online on ways to beat the casinos, and read it before you take your trip...you just might come out a winner....if you play your cards right, so to speak.
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    [​IMG] Amazing sense of humor Keith!

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