Work at home: In your free time or as a serious business

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by raballest, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. raballest

    raballest New Member

    Work at home or home based business have two differences:
    Have you wondering if have a business in your compueter working in the comfort of your home could be so.. part-time jog or free time job or serious job?
    In my experience these two differencess depends of the interest and if the person take the business serious or not and in not matter of hours in front of your computer have more to see with strategie that we have for our ocupation.
    If you take your Internet Marketing Business as a Free Time Business, take for sure that you won??t be capable to ear thousends of dollar, the most people fail in his efforts but only the people that is consistent and work hard become all the business in profitable, there is not business and a great incomes without efforts althought some programs tell you that you will be millionarie without almost nothing
    Take action, Take action and implement all are in your hands and in the net if you would like to be successfull, but take the right decisions to spend as less as you can, but with a opportinity cost convinient and that you actions leave you all free incomes possible.


  2. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    Yes. i agree.
    For me, i can only operate my business after office hours. It will take me around 2 -4 hours per day. I am putting the effort to build my business. I want the business to be successful so i can full concentrate on it.
  3. Tammy Tung

    Tammy Tung Guest

    Of course as a beginner you wouldn't want to risk quitting your 9 to 5 job when you haven't start earning money online yet. Starts with few hours a day and once the money start to come in your pocket then shift to full time working online
  4. plcbase

    plcbase New Member

    I agree also, I put in between 2 to 4 hours during the week and 6 to 8 on weekends. I always say you get out what you put in. TT you are right only quit when you are sure and i mean SURE you have X amount of income to get by on.
  5. seeyalater72

    seeyalater72 New Member

    Unfortunately at this point I still need a 9 to 5 to survive so I have to work my business around that as well as raising two young kids. So as you can imagine time is limited but I do find 2-3 hours usually during the day to work it. I'm committed to doing something to promote my business each and everyday as this is the only way to succeed.
  6. GregPierson

    GregPierson New Member

    Take action is the most important aspect of it all. I firmly believe that if you take action, for 1 hour or 8, you will really be able to change the way you live (if that's what you want).

    I have not taken the plunge to a full-time venture just yet, but I know it will happen one of these days, sooner rather than later.

    Never let the dream die!
  7. raballest

    raballest New Member

    Dear Friends:
    I??ll tell you something... i??m not married so i have not to carry with kids but i??ve responsabilities and debts and bills to pay, i started i one website and now i??ve 8 business and i??m not millionaire but i earn some money, please don??t hesistate because at the begining is frustating that you have your web site or business, your puted all your willing in obtain results and pass the first, the second and the third month and you think that aren??t result but you should??ve not to forget that a short time of implementation and be constant become in results, as more difficult would be the process, your results will be to a long term

    There are so-much business that promess a lot $ in a few months but these kind of business will end shortly, but if you take a good choice of business and you THINK IN CERTAIN WAY (that??s the clue) at the end will be a profitable business

    Let me tell you that i don??t see any money until the 6?° month but now is quite different i had learn a lot of things and i??ve other business, long and continuisly effort will become in long ther5m incomes.

    When i start i used to use three or four hours dairly for one business, now two or three for 8 business and that??s all, i repeat i earn no so much more as you can think but i??ve no doubt that is a long therm goal, tomorrow maybe 3,000 or 4,000 per month in al business.

    i had not to quit my job it was part of the Crisis now i??m only dedicated to my business and my hopes are high

    Your Friend

    Ralph Ballester

    Internet Business Apassionate

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  8. OzSurveys

    OzSurveys New Member

    Im with you Chrie,

    I have not been able to quite my day job yet, even though I would like to be able to[​IMG] Patience, persistance and keeping the dream alive are all good qualities for the internet marketer to have!

    For those who want to earn a little bit extra, without the stress of any extra costs, then I recommend Paid Surveys! This kicked me off and I manage to earn an extra $20-50 a week.

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