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    I would like some advice about working from home.I was injured at work on 11-10-06 and am currently only recieving 2/3 of my pay from workers comp.I have tried online surveys for about 6wks. without much success.I am not looking for any get rich quick stuff just something to make an extra $300-$400 per month.Any comments would be greatly apreciated.
  2. Vishal P. Rao

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  3. champion

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    When looking for an opportunity to generate an income from home there are several things to consider. I believe that one of the most important is the price point of the product or service that you are selling. It doesn't matter what you are involved with as your "product" or "service", if you have to promote a web site there will be advertising costs involved. The cost to get a prospect to look at what you are promoting is the same whether your product or service is $20 or $4000. However you will get more prospects that can afford a $20 price point than you will get prospects that can afford a $4000 price point, but the cost of getting the prospect remains the same. So, price point is very important. In my personal experiences I have found a good price point for a product or service to be around $1000. This will enable you to make money in order to be able to afford to promote your web site.
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    Try freelance writing, forum posting, writing reviews, you will get paid for it.
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    Online surverys are usually a waste of time and the minute few that are actually making a little money with it.. on average have to join more than 200 of such surveys plus they have to be actively engaging in focus groups and stuff of that nature... to put it simply if you are to make money with surveys you need a 30 hr. kinda schedule..
    you demograhics also play a vital role in surveys...a pakistani just won't make a dime with them.....
    As far as income is concerned the best and perhaps the most reliable way of making money is by doing actual work.. writing articles if you are good with english and have some spare time is perhaps the way to go.... you write and get paid for your work...
    freelance writing is good... .try freelance writing.... associated content... elance... among others...
    good luck to you.
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    From my own experiences as well as some friends, it seems the majority of online surveys just aren't worth bothering with in the end. (Some people may have positive experiences however)... I gave up even trying to find a legit site to do surveys on a while ago...

    If you like writing then I would say try some freelance writing or articles, you'll be surprised the $$ you can make as well as the knowledge![​IMG]
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    I would suggest picking up a customer service position if you have access to High speed internet and usually unlimited long distance. There are lots of positions out there for customer service at home, and they usually don't pay too badly, $10-$12/hour.
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    I think that you should look in the mirror and ask yourself what your skills are. Obviously, you need to do something that you understand and are good at. What do you excel at? What do you have experience at?

    I have been in business for about 15 years and can tell you that the business is irrelevant. Once you understand business basics, you can make money in any business that you understand. I would start with your skillset and go from there.

    Good Luck,

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    Online surveys take more than 6 weeks to really get rolling with but someone mentioned if you are Pakistani you probably won't get many opportunities and I can't validate that but he is probably right. I love taking surveys and make decent money but I live in the US and have a young daughter so my demographics probably play a role in that.

    I also don't know how well you can do with the telecommuting jobs being in Pakistan.

    One thing you CAN do and have control over would be blogging. If you can start a few blogs and spend some good time on them and make them worth visiting you can make some pretty decent money from affiliate advertising on them, by using payperpost and blogitive and there are a few more companies that will pay for your posts as well.
  10. Anna

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    I would give blogging a try... I am not sure on the information some others have provided but I am sure they know more than me.. blogging can be fun so go forth with it if it interests you at all!! good luck xcleatus!
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    If you have items at home to sell, attics, garages, etc, E-Bay can get you that kind of income quickly, you only need a camera and some time on the computer.

    If you want to start a work at home business, there are online jobs and businesses to look at. It s really up to you and your interests, the amount of time you have and what level of investment you want to make.

    best of luck

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    I am surprised no one has responded to you sooner. Do you enjoy travel? I have a home business travel affiliated and I market a couple of home business opportunities, one in which you can become a certified travel agent, and the other two a home based business opportunity working from home using your computer and telephone. I am a busy mother of four little children, and still have the flexibility to do the business on my own schedule. If you wish, send me your email and we can discuss it if it interests you.


    C Michon
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    In additon to associated content, ehow pays well and once the article is written you get paid every month from the article earnings.

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